Lennar a Rogue Developer has earned the City of Vallejo the title of a dying city. The number of foreclosures in Vallejo next to Mare Island is very high and the City of Vallejo, cannot afford any amenities linked to garbage collection, police, fire amenities like it did before. In short Health and Safety issues.

Lennar promised Vallejo to build 10,000 homes and after 10 years had nothing to show. Lennar then declared bankruptcy leaving Vallejo holding an empty bag. Vallejo banked on the tax increment it was promised by Lennar, many of the Vallejo Council members taking bribes from Lennar. Now, Vallejo is swimming in the cesspool of its own creation. Lennar has helped earn Vallejo the title of a "Dying City" with NO tax increment in sight. The same will happen at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard nothing much is happening. The clean up is slow and the present Economic Crisis has brought most talk of any meaningful dialog and development to a grinding halt.

There is NO leadership to challenge the United State Navy linked to any meaningful dialog. Former miscreants have now been hired as "facilitators" and "thugs" that cannot get any jobs are employed by the U.S. Navy to do shabby clean up without any proper Safety gear. It is the same nonsense - mostly Blacks leading the pack and falling for stale, putrid - bread crumbs. Blacks selling out the community and adversely impacting the entire City and County of San Francisco - the likes of Sophie Maxwell, James Bryant, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, Angelo King, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Willie B. Kennedy, Calvin Jones and a host of others that have BLOOD on their hands.

The U.S. Navy continues to have some drab community meetings where no one worth their salt attends them. There use to be a time when astute constituents attended the meetings and among them I wrote about what was happening at these meetings. Now, we have the U.S. Navy putting out some drab minutes filled with generalities and misleading the community at large.

The Navy continues to make available presentation that are lengthy the latest one 33 pages, the minutes with no substance some 13 pages long - it cost to print these materials and on printing them there is nothing - of substance.

The U.S. Navy has now decided to follow the model that has been followed at Fort Ord and the on going clean up there. How about following the model we had at the Presidio of San Francisco? Or the model that made sense linked to Treasure Island? Or, for that matter - Alameda?

There is only so much BS that the community and the astute constituents can take from the U.S. Navy. The Navy says it has spent $774 million so far but can it give as a line item account of the $300 million wasted by International Technology? Of course it cannot because IT folded and went bankrupt and with that that part of history was - jettisoned. How about giving us a line item account of millions given to Tectra Tech and New World Technoloy? It is simply disgusting how these outside vermin come into our community, first divide the community and then steal from them.

The people that attend the meetings today are mostly novices and the ones that were attending the meetings superficially before randomly talk about the same old stuff and mention the same old clichés. None of them have taken the time to read the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report and the amendments to it. None of them have the ability to comprehend the on going Technical Reports. The U.S. Navy could not play those games with the now defunct, Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

As a matter of fact the RAB did not endorse the conveyance of Parcel A. But, the U.S. Navy went ahead and signed the Record of Decision and transferred the parcel to the City and County of San Francisco. Who is turn conveyed it to the corrupt SF Redevelopment Agency. Who is turn wasted no time to convey the contaminated property Lennar, a Rogue Developer.

We are looking forward to participating in the COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT PLAN. I look forward to commenting on this dubious document. I was also interview by Keith Forman and some others at my office at Executive Park on my return from Australia and New Zealand - some time in June, 2010. The comments I made were sincere and I will reveal them a second time around.

Proposition P, P as in Paul, passed by 87% of the voting constituents in the year 2000 clearly mandated the entire Shipyard be cleaned to the highest standards. Then came Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Willie L. Brown, Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson and few others - who pressured the Under Secretary of the U.S. Navy to turn over Parcel A to the City and County of San Francisco.

So, why would anyone in their right senses build 1600 homes on contaminated land - while they are surrounded by a Superfund Site - contaminated with toxic dust, asbestos friables, and what is most disgusting Radiological elements. Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Various atomic tests were conducted at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. An Atomic left for Japan from Hunters Point and was dropped on one City in Japan and killed millions of innocent people. There is Karma that cries to high heaven - but, mostly ignorant people participating in the meetings today first, have no sense of the history of the Shipyard. Secondly when offered money they forget everything, spew lies and diatribe - and most of them are Black and most of them are sell outs.

You would have thought the present Representative of District 10 would attend these meetings and speak out. She is worse then the old one that pretended to represent District 10, was on the take and left with tons of ill gotten wealth.

The present one is fascinated that she has been given a SF Police Department badge. Little does she know what the Police represents in the minds of mostly people of color who have been subjected to atrocities - the hundreds of killings and shootings that went unchecked for years - under the past Representative and nothing much has changed - today.

It is the same old MACHINE that sponsored a number of candidates and other dumb candidates as many as 23 to cause confusion in District 10. One of the candidates had to win from the pack of 23; while most everyone was laughing at the shenanigans. At first, some of us thought some good would come from a young person, young in the sense she is in her thirties - but, it is the same old story pandering to the Labor Union and other vested interests.

The down town thugs and the Pacific Heights Mafia who are behind the divisiveness and the downfall of what was somewhat good but now is ugly and drab. Of course the glue to the various machinations and ploys the consummate "thug" Willie L. Brown Jr. Time will tell.

The present Economy Crisis has hit District 10 and jobs are no where to be found. Some sort of One Stop job center has been created in Visitation Valley, doing nothing at all. Most of the money goes to Administrative fees. In the Bayview Proper some former "jail birds" have formed a Coalition to spend some money given by the Rogue Developer, Lennar. It is business as usual - thugs and more thugs - much like Ali Baba and the forty thieves. Dwayne Jones is now working for Platinum Consultants, is on the Board of Young Community Development, and busy spreading money around - he does not live in the community and was a henchman of former Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Lennar backed Proposition G with Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Sophie Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, James Bryant and others all endorsing Proposition G. Lennar spent over $5 million and have nothing to show today. Lennar is over $400 million in the hole and is looking at Land Banking to jump ship.

For the ignorant - Land Banking is dividing the parcels much as was done by Cattelus at Mission Bay and then selling it to developers - small ones or big ones. The problem at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is that those that buy anything have to sign wavers. You cannot plant anything in the backyard. You cannot go by the beach it is all polluted. Good luck with anyone with any sense buying any homes on Parcel A.

On the Third Street corridor over 800 condominiums cannot be sold. The price has been lowered from high $600,000 to $300,000. Soon, they will be advertized as rental property and no one will rent them. The people have no money and the banks want sixty percent equity to loan you any money. The folks in the Bayview Hunters Point cannot afford these properties. In some spots unemployment is as high as sixty percent in the Bayview Hunters Point and the young Representative is busy admiring her newly given SFPD badge. What a shame!

Crime is on the increase all over District 10 not so much the killings and shootings as before but the assaults on innocent constituents, robberies, and car thefts and so on. Not too long ago we had some miscreants Black youth attack and kill an old Chinese man and harm a Chinese woman. Some so called Ambassadors now patrol some areas and ride on the T Third Street Light Rail, the MUNI 9 and 9L the other Express buses like the 8X, 8AX and so on - but, the crime and graffiti keeps getting worse. More the loud talk, the blatant disregard for decency with brats smoking "weed" and bad mouthing anyone that tells them not to carry such sordid - activities. Littering galore and what I cannot stand spitting on the floor. Pigs!

Truancy is on the increase with youth from District 10 being the most that make up this group. As with incarceration at the Juvenile Center run by William Sifferman and Allen Nance who are at their wits end. It is all about money - they have to do more with less. The youth are getting wilder and using guns as weapons is common. Some of them use Teflon bullets and have AK-47 and challenge any resistance from any quarter - be it the turf issues that the leaders and for sure the present District 10 Supervisor has no clue about, or the difficult task for those maintaining law and order, knowing full well that they armed with inferior weapons. Who is representing and who is screwing around, smiling like a jackass while the District is on ˆ fire?

On any given day at Third and Palou you will find folks sitting down and whiling away their time. Selling all sorts of stuff - some that make you high and other stuff that no one should be buying but why would some not buy a transfer ticket for some little money than pay seventy five percent more if they have no money - in the first place. Drunks and others trash up the so called town center - no one in their right mind would want to pass by and if you are a decent woman - those undesirables will taunt you to death - asking loudly for sexual favors.

It was not like that before but the former Representative and the present one continue to do business as usual. The campaign promises are falling by the way side - in other words they talk the talk but cannot and will not walk the walk. The campaign coffers were filled by ill gotten wealth, the issue with imminent fore closure settled. Now the money has now to the head and of course stupidity reigns and blindness is every where.

The number of cases of men and women in the Bayview Hunters Point having AIDS is enormous - the highest ever. The number inflicted with Sexually Transmitted Diseases so great that I do not want to mention it. This is a Health problem. So as you can plainly see - we have a Health and Safety problem and the District 10 Representative is screwing around. A pandemic is eminent in many areas. Add to that the polluted air and the bombardment of our children and elders by the Rogue Developer - Lennar.

The present District 10 Supervisor has had sufficient time to analyze the situation at hand but has been pandering. I could have pointed this to her a long time ago, but I chose on purpose to permit her to settle down. She has settled down but chooses to pander to those interests that are greedy, she fails to address the needs of the poor and those that need help most.

I have not been going to City Hall and attending the Land Use meetings like before. I have not been attending the other meetings like before - but wait and check me out as and when I approach that podium and look into the eyes of those fake so called Representatives that can grin all they want but cannot represent, less produce.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard belongs to all of San Francisco. Proposition G and F had everyone involved. A meager $5 thousands was spent on Proposition F and backed by decent constituents all over San Francisco. Lennar and the thugs spent over $5 million. Jim Queen and I were the proponents of Proposition F and proud to be so. Lennar will not accomplish anything at Treasure Island or Hunters Point not in this Economy and nor will SF Redevelopment Agency deprived of funds have money to squander, those days are over. Good luck to the sell outs they are scurrying here, there, and every where. The well is dry and the sell outs are dying on the vine.

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