One would have thought with the blatant pollution that LENNAR, a Rogue Developer forced on the community that other developers and entities would learn to treat the Bayview Hunters Point community - better. Not so. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar thousands of dollars and Lennar paid it.

The John Stewart Company and its contractor continue to defy the community and have bombarded the area with dangerous particulates, toxic dust, and of course Asbestos Friables. Suffice to say again the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has been caught sleeping - again. The community has been suffering untold hardships. Two segments of the population affected the children and our Elders.

It is the same with Pacific Gas and Electric another well known culprit that cares little about the environment and more about making millions and being - greedy. PGE has learned little if nothing from the dangerous natural gas pipe blast that killed many people, injured more, and made hundreds homeless - the famous, San Bruno Natural Gas Leak.

Closer to home and at Hunters Point and a few hundred feet from Middle Point - the fancy new name Huntersview - a gas leak was detected by PG&E but nothing was done for days. The residents are shocked and have no recourse except to listen to the lying PG&E and their nonchalant drab, sordid, behavior. It does not help that the local District 10 Supervisor, Malia Cohen is worse than PG&E when it comes to not caring or listening for the constituents.

PG&E has been cleaning technically abating and mitigating its dirty, contaminated, toxic site ˆ where once stood it's Power Plant spewing particulates, mercury, lead into the air ˆ some 120 tons every year for over 65 years. The entire area including Heron's Head Park is contaminated with these dangerous toxic elements. Yet, our San Francisco Unified School District is allowing our children to visit Heron's Head Park. This was before and more now when the cleanup is going on and no one should be going to this very contaminated area. We must NOT expose our children to the dirty air.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) - pretending to wash the contaminated area down, starting with the nearby roads; hosing the trucks that ply and carry very contaminated soil - outside the site and through the community without any clear warning. Very near the famous White Cap Hardware Store at Hunters Point - with no clear warning to hundreds of customers and those working and living nearby.

It is a shame that the local Supervisor - knows little about facts except to GRIN all the time like a jackass - has not toured the area ˆ and has not demanded strict enforcement and signage considering some very contaminated areas are being abated.

Demand - that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District send her daily report of the Cumulative Pollution; take a survey of how many children, elders, others the workers are suffering from rashes and other respiratory ailments. Have the San Francisco Health Department and one Dr. Rajiv Bhatia looks into the contamination and pollution and the steps taken to do the clean up in a methodical manner. Health and Safety comes first - but, the grinning jackass would not know anything about such pertinent factors.

On the contrary this inept, District 10 Supervisor who name is Malia Cohen - a sellout has the audacity to show case some drab program at Malcolm X that defies logic and linked with the HOPE SF program. Not bothering to check out some facts that I will spell out for the shallow Supervisor of District 10 - Malia Cohen.

Listening to some folks using children as ploys and pretending to do some good when the opposite is true ˆ with adverse impacts for all to see and well know but the local District 10 Supervisor who has been pussyfooting - around. The District Supervisor has little knowledge of cleanup, less hazardous material, the history of the contaminated sites, has not talk to people living nearby, has been pandering to the sellouts and the interim Mayor Ed Lee - and is easily moved by gossip and shallow dog and pony presentations.

This was the same with Sophie Maxwell another well known sell out who has built a cozy nest at the expense of her constituency when she was Supervisor.

Malia Cohen knows little of pollution and adverse impacts to health and safety - in fact the air around Malcolm X school; is very polluted, contaminated and the school not informed of the adverse impacts. Children come to school with rashes, headaches, and other ailments; but this stupid woman is not aware of the situation at hand.

For some reason health and safety does not matter to Malia Cohen - who will join and push for any dog and pony show presentation; without any empirical data, less history linked to dirty politics and the HOPE SF program at Hunterview which is an utter failure. Time will tell.

Residents led by advocates have gone before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and told the entity what truly is happening. Poor Malia Cohen could not care less - pussyfooting and pandering with folks and attending other issues far removed from the constituents that are badly, hurting.

A visit to the area is in order and I am giving her a week. Failing that I will address the issue again. She needs to the talk to the community - take her black ass to Hunterview right by the Police Station that is situated in the Middle of block at Middle Point - now named Huntersview - and find out what really is happening. She must arrange for a meeting with the constituents and if she wants me to be there - I will set the tone and explain the true facts.

The constituents; mostly Public Housing residents are suffering from the environmental adverse impacts and there is NO ONE to address their concerns. The sell outs former Sophie Maxwell got her cut and she is singing the blues. Judging from the nonchalant manner Malia Cohen is acting and behaving - she seems to be cozy pandering to the vile interests of the MACHINE. Perhaps she has been promised something by the John Stewart Company; I know how things work in the political realm of things.

Stop Lennar Action Movement went through the same. Lucky for SLAM advocates and others reported the facts and spelled out the empirical data. There is no one qualified entity, organization, doing that at Huntersview, today.

Sellouts such as Communities Of Opportunity (COO), some entity from New Orleans, other so called consultants ˆ working with our Mayor and the John Stewart Company ˆ the same company that operated the ill-famed Geneva Towers - a few greedy residents are bribed by the John Stewart Company, and they all were promised the world but now are swimming in a cesspool of their own making. Never trust a snake - and the John Stewart Company is one.

Now, when some of these folks were shafted two years ago, they did not listen to advocates such as Espanola Jackson, Francisco Da Costa, the organizers of Stop Lennar Action Movement; now, that these few sell out residents have been shafted badly; they have been forced to go to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District with their grievances. With their tails between their legs they now want our help. Why can these fools not learn from past mistakes; what will it take for them to see the light - why pander to evil people that are RACIST.

In the interim; as I have written before these rogue developers; mostly Whites will come into communities of color and terrorize the innocent people. Prey on Elders and children and get the support from corrupt politicians, the SF Police Department and our Interim Mayor and the crook that preceded him - Mayor Gavin Newsom who set the stage for John Stewart and his crooked company.

Before our State of California was truly broke ˆ the John Stewart received over $200 million from State Community grants and sat on them. Received another $150 million from SF Community Development and sat on them. In the last nine months the John Stewart company has been demolishing old units, grading, and doing a poor job. It has been contaminating the entire area for months - that is before the constituents and some advocates went before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Why?

Over 900 units are planned and a gated-community will be put in place. Those living there now will be hunted out; already most have been evicted. Some of us warned those living there to have a united, strong tenant's organization. Have regular meetings and keep minutes. Have a plan with short and long term goals; come to City Hall and testify. Those on the take have divided the community.

It is not too take to put things in order. The work can be stopped and for one thing fifty percent of the workers could be hired from the community. The local hiring ordinance can be enforced. The SF Redevelopment cannot hide behind the old laws that it stated does not force them to abide by local ordinances. Things have changed and if worse come to worse ˆ the Human Rights Commission, the Labor Department, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the SF City Attorney and the SF District Attorney can look into the numerous infringements. Notice of Violations (NOVs) are in order and has been in order.

The constituents are suffering and there is no one to help them. The many lawyers that took early complaints from the affect tenants have disappeared. The Environmental organizations have been slow to sue the John Stewart Company and Stoppage of Work is in order. The John Stewart Company is a Rogue Developer ˆ a Property Management Company with tentacles at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, all over the Tenderloin, the Northridge Cooperatives next to Huntersview - in control of thousands of rental of units. Visit: www.jsco.net

Some continue to pander; fall for the stale bread crumbs offered by the John Stewart Company, Communities of Opportunity, others like Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Doug Shoemaker (who has since left to join Mercy Housing) - the chickens are coming to roost.

When will our people learn to unite and take control of their destiny? When will we learn not to pander and sellout our community to the weasels and snakes? When?

Who will defend our children and elders and those that need help - most?

God Help Us against these devil politicians and developers who are blood suckers; stay far away from them and take every precaution to protect your rights. Be educated on issues, stay united, and do not be a sellout. This still is the United States of America.

I warned you all before in person visiting Middle Point and now I warn you all again.

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