Occupy San Francisco is here to stay and despite some serious problems with the City's Mayor, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Law Enforcement, minions of the City that have no heart and less compassion. The message sent by San Francisco Occupy is loud and clear - "are you with the GREEDY, One Percent or are you with the NINETY NINE PERCENT?"

The majority of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is surely with the Ninety Nine Percent. Even, as the moment has been growing during the last two months - the majority SF Board of Supervisors have shown little interest supporting the Ninety Nine who have sacrificed so much to rightly protest and exercise their First Amendment Rights - fighting daily to survive.

For the first time the politicians en masse have proved what we always knew about them - greedy bastards, pimps and whores who have NO concern what so ever when it comes to the "commons" and less about the ordinary woman, man, and child who are suffering at the hands of Major Banks, Big Corporation, and the so called Representatives who are the scum of the Earth. Most do not have our respect.

When the voices rang at City Hall in Room 250 on October 18, 2011 - those present, the SF Board of Supervisors were put on notice that they are the "Servants of the People" and more that failing to work for the people in a respectful manner they all WILL be removed from office.

Make no bones about it - for too long, have too many hardworking, innocent people suffered because some "thugs" think they can steal, rob, deceive, and use every devious ploy and machination to cheat the people who these devious Representatives are supposed to support and work for.

The blank stare and the abject look of despair on the faces of the SF Board of Supervisors said it all. All sat down and listened and perhaps for the first time got their first 101 lesson - paying attention to the serious comments on death and life issues linked to our failed economy.

The City and County of San Francisco continues to invest in Wells Fargo, Bank of America and other corrupt financial institutions and banks that were bailed by the Government with our tax payers' money. The greedy and corrupt banks - now sit on billions of dollars - and want sixty percent equity to borrow hundred dollars!

The years of untold misery started way before the year 2008 when sub-prime loans, derivatives, algorithms, and other devious ploys by those controlling our failed banking and insurance system - failed. The Government without the tax payers' permission bailed out the Corrupt Banks and Insurance Companies. The Government just gave the crooks all that they wanted and did not hold them accountable. The toxic assets are worthless but our Government did not have a plan and still has not plan - few of these crooks were brought to court and very few of the crooks - sent to jail for long terms.

Today, years latter innocent people have lost millions of homes, over forty million are without jobs, our Nation's population is about 313, 232,044 and live in area that is 3,717,812.8 square miles - we call the United States of America. One in three children goes to bed hungry in America. One in four seniors goes to bed hungry and one in two seniors cannot afford their medication. We say we are a Super Power but are we?

We have about 245,000,000 Internet Subscribers and just as a show of force about 151,350,230 Face Book subscribers more Twitter - the Internet today is our jurisdiction to bring down those that feel and think - they can "think" for us. Our right to "think" and "act" are protected by the Constitution.

However the Courts at all levels are falling prey to the Big Developers who have corrupted the "judicial system" with blood money. There is no money that is clean - all of it is "blood money". Gradually the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch and being bought lock, stock, and barrel. The Legislative Branch has long sold its SOUL to the devil and the many very corrupt - lobbyists.

I spent some quality time in Washington DC and saw it all. Corrupt reigns everywhere and today these vermin do not know how to address and less face the righteous. The "Occupy Movement" is spot right on.

The land all of it belongs to the First People the indigenous people of America. Closer to the home in San Francisco the Ohlone. We must preserve the "commons" and fight for our Rights. The current decision to appoint Representatives from each jurisdiction all over the Nation linked to "Occupy Movement" - and meet in Philadelphia - is moving in the right direction.

There are hundreds of sound models to fight the corrupt and take control of our destiny. No way, should ONE PERCENT control the lives of NINETY NINE. The revolution in the offing is one that points in the direction of the GULLOTINE. History repeats itself.

We have many of the filthy rich cats with fleas here in San Francisco. Among them Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and those minion that listen to these evil people and salivate when they say something that means - nothing. Pathetic!

The Occupy Movement must be distinct and give the Main Media no information as to what is our plan, less mission. Much like the millions of people suffering and lowly dying have thousands of factors that kill them. The Main Media fails when it comes to investigative reporting and supports the filthy rich. I support and have supported the "Occupy Movement" much before it became a movement and plan to support it to very, end. Aho.

No force can defeat the "grassroots movement" and more one that has the love of people united against the forces of EVIL. We the people - do not want shallow, ignorant, and more arrogant, representatives. Much like the SF Board of Supervisors who have not shown their united support for the "Occupy Movement". We desire good leaders - that know the way, show the way, and go the way.


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