This racist City with intent today is adversely impacting thousands of innocent people in and around Huntersview, by Evans Street, and beyond by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Many of those living in Public Housing are bombarded with the most dangerous type of particulates, asbestos structures, and other very toxic elements in very high levels.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the San Francisco Health Department, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, other local, State, and even Federal Agencies know about this devious project that belongs to the John Stewart Company. They all know about the adverse impacts but they all look the other side because those mostly impacted are people of color and blatant discrimination against people of color - is tolerated in this RACIST CITY.

To add fuel to fire the local District 10 Supervisor, Malia Cohen and some other local leaders mostly Black have not been a help to the immediate community and have been bought by the Developers. The local community has been tolerating this nonsense for a long time - and has now reached saturation point.

The John Stewart Company; has a very bad reputation going to the times when it managed the Geneva Towers in Visitation Valley, buildings that were eventually demolished to make room for affordable housing. When the homes were built; less than three percent of the tenants from the former Geneva Towers moved in. I am stating this fact because right now promises have been made to the current tenants living at Hunters view. The promises made will not be kept. Such are the ways of the Palefaces who came to the country named Turtle Island and destroyed all that was good.

Slaves were brought from Africa and other countries to work for these strangers. In recent years some rights have been won for those that were in slavery, but as things stand today at Hunters Point and in some other areas in San Francisco - remnants of the Slave Plantation are alive and well. Look around and you will see it.

Already more than sixty percent of the communities that once lived in and around Huntersview; have been evicted or given money to move. This is called gentrification. Mostly affected are the Samoan community and Black community - the common denominator among these two segments of the population - love and respect for the elderly. The two communities shared a common bond, have lived as good neighbors for years, and as may be expected both segments of the community have deep respect for the elders as I have stated.

Over a year ago many elderly were forced out of their homes to make room for the Phase One of this project. The elderly were put in homes that were not abated. Many of these elders fell prey to respiratory diseases. Other went to hospital to pass their last days. I knew some of these elders and they expressed to me their pain. The Regulatory Agencies know a lot about the situation at hand but as I have reported before and report now - those that are poor, have no clout, are left to perish and die while Big Developers contaminate the area where they have lived for a long time.

The many advocates are paid off, others make a little noise and there is no one entity that fights for the poor and those that need help most, continuously. The local Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi corrupt as she is favors the John Stewart Company. I can say the same as far as Senator Diane Feinstein is concerned and Senator Barbara Boxer too.

Assembly persons Tom Ammiano knows about the situation at hand and can do something more. So can Assembly person Fiona Ma who has a good understanding of the situation, pays lip service to the Samoan community, but in this case sits on the fence and allows innocent Blacks and Samoans to fall prey to Asbestos Structures, dangerous particulates, and other very contaminated materials that those developing this project must mitigate and abate and have not done so - with standards.

How can anyone move the Elderly into homes that have issues with Asbestos and other dangerous elements? How can we possibly do this if we have any conscience? Those that have done this harm must be taken to court and jailed for a long time.

The California Senators Leland Yee and Mark Leno have been apprised of this situation and the adverse impacts. Both of them acknowledge that the community must be protected; none of them have a plan to really serve the community and protect them by noticing the Regulatory Agencies to do the right thing and follow up.

We now have Ed Lee as the Mayor of San Francisco and I know him very well and have known him for over 35 years. I will be sending him this article and he can do some good for the community if he has the balls. At one time he was a whistle blower, and he knows the community, but he also knows that he may have to side with the Developers - if they contributed to his campaign funds.

The San Francisco Supervisors and the President of the SF Board of Supervisor (BOS) all know about the John Stewart Company. Many are beholden to the company just because they have been bought. Those BOS that have NOT been bought have to step up and do well by the people. More the poor people who do not have money to hire attorneys, and rub shoulders with corrupt folks that are behind this project at Huntersview that belongs to the John Stewart Company and is part of HOPESF.

In this case, in this dire economic crises; that the State of California is facing and our City and County of San Francisco too - the John Stewart Company has managed to receive over $400 million from the State Community Funds and the Mayor's Office of Community Development and the SF Redevelopment Agency.

What is a White Developer, devious in nature doing in a community full of minorities? Do we NOT have minorities who can develop any project? We have gone down this road before; but, this time if the John Steward Company the Human Rights Commission, the SF BOS, the SF Mayor's Office - the local, State, and Federal Agencies do not step up and do the right thing and do it on an emergency level - the people will stand up and fight the ongoing corruption and win. For too long, have we the people taken this crap. It is not as if the people have not gone before the SF Health Commission, gone before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, pleaded with those that represent the community they have. You can take the horse to the edge of the water but you cannot force it to drink the water. Enough is enough.

Nearby Pacific Gas and Electric has been cleaning up their sites. Some of the most contaminated sites in the Nation. The Hunters Point Power Plant dropped over 120 tons of dangerous particulates, mercury, lead and other dangerous elements in very high levels for over sixty years - on the nearby houses at Huntersview.

No one is addressing the Cumulative Pollution. No one is addressing the CANCER prevalent in very high numbers, the chronic respiratory diseases, the infantile mortality, still deaths at child birth, the hundreds of early adult deaths and among them once healthy men and women. Not too long ago I heard a Samoan Pastor, who is my very good friend relate this fact at a Town Hall meeting. His name Pastor Alex Toeaina who is well respected by the Samoan Community all over this Nation and many of those political leaders; who once came to him for help used his good services and betrayed his community.

This is a clarion call to all those Brothers and Sisters; you know who I am and you know for how long I have steadfastly worked for the community. These vermin, the most corrupt, the greedy, those that want everything and will do nothing for the poor and those that need help; these vermin must be put on notice. This article serves them that notice.

The John Stewart Company has not helped the community and is poised to take over large areas and gentrify the community at large. The John Stewart Company, Property Management Company already controls the nearby Northridge Apartments, it has jurisdiction of Phase One and Phase Two Area which is very large. It is poised to control a huge area from Evans Street up to and beyond Kiska Road. We know this but we do not know this.

The John Stewart Company controls the rental units at the Presidio of San Francisco and Treasure Island. Thousands of units and still more the Single Residential Occupancy (SROs) in the Tenderloin and wants control of more:

The recent adverse impacts meted out to the Elders cannot be tolerated. The sell outs must be put on notice - now. Our City Elders and those that know the history of our community must speak up. We cannot allow corrupt politicians the likes of Willie L. Brown, Amos Brown, pastors the likes of Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, also the other Poverty Pimp Pastors to slowly kill our people. We will not look the other way while our people are left to die a slow death.

This land, all of it belongs to the Ohlone People. The land was stolen, all of it was once pristine but the strangers contaminated it and continue to contaminate the land. I have their blessing to address what I am addressing now to the decent people at large. The Ohlone, the First People of this area San Francisco - are for the people, those that need help.

The Ohlone are not for the greedy, the corrupt and those that have no spiritual values. We see this today the ONE percent corrupt and the NINETY NINE who live pay check to pay check. On whose side are you all? If you feel strongly than you must stand up and fight. Aho.

Here are some photographs of the area:


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