It does not come as a surprise that Mr. Jed York the owner of the 49ers has chosen Santa Clara to build a state of the art stadium and in one clear swoop ditched San Francisco - the many ploys and machinations - linked to building a stadium on very contaminated Parcel D at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

This is the greatest blow to Lennar - a Rogue Developer, who touted San Francisco backed by Carmen Policy, Gavin Newsom, Willie L. Brown Jr., others - mostly dubious politicians, who were playing bluff. Dr. John York and Mr. Jed York were very well informed and were given all the empirical data - linked to the Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and more Candlestick Point a former garbage dump.

Kofi Bonner who still works for Lennar and others are still trying to push for the sale of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. In reality they have control of one measly parcel that is Parcel A that is contaminated and the other parcels B, C, D, E, F, UCI, UC2, E2 are worse - all prone to liquefaction, flooding, and what is more very contaminated. The other parcels expect Parcel A all come under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy.

It is the U.S. Navy's responsibility to clean up the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to the highest standards, residential standards if possible. Judging from the past sordid history of the United States Navy - they love to do as they please - right now they feel that if they cap the contaminated areas - such as Parcel E2 the worst, contaminated area - all will be well. This will not bode well.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is contaminated with radiological elements, was once used to test Depleted Uranium, radiated animals that participated in the Bikini Island Atomic experiments were brought to Hunters Point and buried all over the place. So were the sand blast piles from the blasting of the contaminated ships that were towed to Hunters Point. The U.S. Navy famous for the word jettison - is well known; for burying contaminated material at Hunters Point and we have witnesses who are alive that have and can testify to this fact.

On another level not one square of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has been archeologically surveyed - this is mandated by the Federal Government, our U.S. Government but the U.S. Navy has chosen to defy the First People of San Francisco, the Muwekma Ohlone. It is just a matter of time when this decision will not only adversely impact the U.S. Navy but the City and County of San Francisco and all those in authority who are committing criminal acts.

Gimmicks such as clear cutting 400 mature trees at Parcel A by Lennar, grading large areas containing Serpentine Rock by Lennar with monitoring, doing a poor job checking and abating radiological elements by Lennar, being fined $515,000 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for failing to abide by the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A, and a host of other Notice of Violations - clearly point that Lennar is a Rogue Developer. Those that want to do business with Lennar are following a path of destruction. No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - no good - what so ever. Aho.

Recently, the U.S. Navy was bold enough to come before the Land Use Committee at SF City Hall in Room 263 - to sell a plan to recap the contaminated areas including Parcel E2. The U.S. Navy was told that the people of Bayview Hunters Point but more the people of San Francisco have given the marching orders to the U.S. Navy to clean up the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to the highest standards. This mandate made clear by Proposition P and voted by eighty seven percent. The U.S. Navy is mandated to follow Proposition P.

Today, Lennar who has changed its name four times and in poised to give up it hold over Parcel A and its proposed plan to build over 10,500 homes on very contaminated soil. Lennar a Rogue Developer misjudged the people of San Francisco but more has blood on its hands. Lennar with intent poisoned and adversely impacted our children and elders. We the people and especially the movement, Stop Lennar Action Movement - will not forget this heinous crime.

The people of San Francisco are poised to use whatever means necessary to fight Lennar and all those that participate in any type of dubious plans, convoluted deals, ploys and machinations, very heinous crimes to develop an area that is very contaminated. Lennar bears more responsibility for having with intent - bombard the community with Asbestos Structures and committed other Notice of Violation all spelled out by the Grand Jury of 2011.

Dr. John York and this son Mr. Jed York who is owner of the 49ers have done well by moving the team to Santa Clara so that the 49er team, can exercise, practice, and play all their games on a site that is clean. This bodes well for all of us that think holistic. Many of us wonder why the 49er Coach Walsh died of cancer. Could it be that he spent an inordinate time at Candlestick Stadium so close to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard a Superfund Site?

The 49ers have lined up a credit of over $1 billion and are poised to do the right thing. We wish them well. More than three quarters of the 49er fans live closer to Santa Clara and will have to commute less. San Francisco is not too far and those ardent fans can take Caltrans, and other modes of transport, may be a ferry boat or even a light rail in the near future closer to the state of the art - Santa Clara 49er stadium. We wish all the partners well and we wish the 49ers well. The last nine years have not bode well for the 49ers but this year they are in the play offs. If lady luck shines - and the 49ers can win the Super Bowl - it will please us all - more the ardent fans of the 49ers.

Grand Jury Adjudication

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