The Raker Act is in the news a lot and if our City Fathers had followed the intent of the Raker Act we would not be having this discussion. Over the years of City Fathers permitted the sale of electricity that should have been utilized right here in San Francisco.

While the City Energy Plan is out and most do not know how to practically apply it - some City Supervisors think they can go some where with a plan that is - faulty.

The City Energy Plan is just a plan. The plan does not address who will manage the "Grid" and mostly importantly who will maintain the "Grid" and the electrical lines and various sub-stations that belong to Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

At some community meetings the PG&E electricians and the UNION representing them have clearly stated that they do not want to work for the City and County of San Francisco. They prefer working for PG&E since there is some system in place and they are very comfortable with the PG&E organization.

I am going to post some data below that allows the viewer to gauge how best we should address the City Energy Plan and also the plan put out by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

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