The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission continues to hold Dog and Pony shows trying to sell the placement of the 4 Combustible Turbines before the December 2003 dead line. The 4 Combustible Turbines slated to be sited mostly in the Southeast Sector of the City and County of San Francisco - where they do not belong. Nada.

Right now we have the Mirant Power Plant and less then a mile away the Hunters Point Power Plant. Both power plants are fossil fuel operated and pollute the environment around the area. Constituents living around these two power plants has been adversely affected and in some areas 8 out of 10 children suffer from respiratory diseases.

The last dog and pony show linked to the 4 combustible turbines was held at 101 Grove Street. The site was changed at the last minute. The event was scheduled originally at the Main San Francisco Library. This sudden changed pissed off many but the SF PUC organizers seemed not to care, they give a hoot about the City Energy Plan.

Edward Smeloff from the SF PUC continues to explain that it is in our best interest to have the 4 Combustible Turbines. He fails to explain why are we so interested in using fossil fuel when we have always stated that we should stay away from them. He fails to give us a sound explanation as to why the City and County of San Francisco did not address the present situation much before now.

Some how placing the 4 Combustible Turbines has been put on fast track - it more or less ties with the exit of Mayor Brown who has done nothing much to help San Francisco in the Energy Department. I clearly see with the exit of Mayor Willie Brown this plan will be going down the drain. The SF PUC will be halted in its tracks.

Edward Smeloff cannot give anyone a good explanation about the present state of the transmission lines both outside and inside the City and County of San Francisco. He makes some attempt but fails. We have NOT paid much attention to our transmission lines. If we do not have sound transmission lines - we can talk the talk but we cannot walk the walk.

The transmission lines are what makes good stuff happen - it helps to let the energy flow and send the right juice to the right source. What SF PUC and those authorities that control the transmission lines have done is kept the public in the dark by failing to maintain, replace, and repair the transmission lines.

We have two bankrupt power plant operators Mirant and Pacific Gas and Electric. Some how the City wants to zero in on Mirant and have used strong-arm tactics to force them out of business. Some how the City and County of San Francisco have NOT been able to do this with PG&E. Perhaps it is because of the close relation between the filthy rich and PG&E. SF PUC is making a fool of the situation at hand.

Poor performance shows in their presentation before each and every dog and pony show. It shows in their poor understanding of the transmission lines. Poor homework and poorer still out reach to the constituents of San Francisco who are much more informed and educated.

SF PUC tries to control the dog and pony session by limiting the questions one can ask. Limiting the public comment time to 2 minutes. Yet in their presentation - they talk and talk and talk - endlessly.

We have a dumb, ignorant, and arrogant Sophie Maxwell who is the District 10 Supervisor who by trade is an electrician - she has embraced anything and everything that is given on her platter. SF PUC has kept her well informed with information that lacks any credibility.

Sophie Maxwell has NOT attended one single dog and pony show. Some of her cronies try to portray her as some one who knows something about the Energy situation but the truth is far from it. It is fun to hear stupid INTERVENORS who have made money by pretending to help the constituents of the City and County of San Francisco. The Federal Bureau of Investigation should investigate these White parasites. Some of them are on the Potrero Hill Energy Task Force and are making a mockery of the City Energy Plan. They do not serve the people.

SFPUC should be well advised that NO Combustible Turbines should be placed in the Southeast Sector. It is time that the two power plants are shut down. The sooner the better.

We have NOT addressed the Transmission Lines before - we should address them now. Time to replace, repair, and maintain our transmission lines. We have said this many times before and we say it loud and clear - one more time for the world to hear.

Fossil fuel is not the way to go. Natural Gas prices will go up 400% in the near future. We do not have sufficient natural gas to go around - we keep importing natural gas and we keep burning fossil fuel, which adversely impacts our health and that of our children.

The City and County of San Francisco have never addressed the power from Hetch Hetchy in a manner linked to accountability and transparency. Hetch Hetchy is our power, which is owned by San Franciscans. We have yet to use all of it for our consumption.

SFPUC in recent years has never been for San Franciscans. It has messed the delivery of fresh clean water. It now is concentrating more on the other counties outside San Francisco to deliver fresh drinking water and make more money then San Francisco proper. It has totally messed our Raw Sewage Treatment facilities. Thousands upon thousands of homes from Colma, Daly City, Brisbane, and Burlingame send their EXCRETA all the way to Bayview. SF PUC sees nothing wrong with this.

The Bayview Raw Sewage Treatment Plant is the only one that is situated in a residential area in the Bay Area and perhaps in all of California. Some homes are twenty feet away from the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

It is time that the City and County order the Presidio of San Francisco to have their own power. Right now the power we supply the Presidio of San Francisco which is a Federal Entity is subsidized. This is wrong.

The City and County of San Francisco also subsidizes the raw sewage from the Presidio of San Francisco, which flows all the way to Bayview. All this must stop. For the sewage the Presidio pays the City a paltry sum of $100,000. This is not right - it should be more like $10,000,000.

It is time the Presidio of San Francisco has its own Raw Sewage Treatment Plant and generates and operates its own electricity. I am sure Lucas Digital Center and the owners of the new commercial and housing projects that are coming on line will agree with me.

This is not the time to TRUST the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. This is the time for the constituents to say NO to any and all of the 4 Combustible Turbines.

Finally we have stated before and state one more time we request a detail Environmental Impact Report of each site. We also do not want any of the CTs placed in the Southeast Sector.

People who have NO interest in helping the constituents who live and work in San Francisco has led this City that knows how down the wrong path. It is time we get rid of the crooks and monitor very carefully the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, its Director and all those cronies who do the bidding of the Mayor who is a lame duck Mayor and on his way out. Thank God!

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