The Bayview has the distinction of having over 60% of home owners a fact never mentioned by the Chronicle and the Examiner who use White reporters as a ploy to fabricate sensational news about the Bayview.

I know one White woman journalist working for the Examiner from Australia who gives it up but cannot fathom the working of Blacks and the mostly drug involved murder shootings at Hunters Point. It is at Hunters Point where most of the projects are concentrated and where the City Housing Authority continues to pander to the forces of evil. The projects at Protero Hill and Sunnydale are far apart and a turf separate as Mars is from Venus. No Australian can figure that in a decade much less a dumb blondie from the out back.

This woman sell a too - will talk to one of two community panders and before you know some gossip with little or no facts becomes news that people read all over the City and County of San Francisco and think it is gospel truth. It becomes even worse when she talk on Channel 11 the gossip channel with no substance.

Beware of talking to especially White women who work for the newspapers unless you know them for a long them. Stay away from those with Australian accents that make get you hopping like a kangaroo and asking your mate for one more scrimp on the BBQ.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is young and youth brings with it some dangers of immaturity and lack of wisdom. The Mayor is surrounded by young Turks who think they can turn some long drawn events - over night. Well, as the wise will tell you - gangsters, gang banging, and turf issues will really never be understood by those who are served a shrimp on a BBQ.

Only the brave and those who have gone through the fire can tell and help and bring solace where there is little ray of hope. It is happening but not with the politicians in charge - the people are at the helm.

The Bayview police officers under the baton of Captain Rice Bruce are trying their best to make a difference.

For the first time the police officers can be approached and have befriended our children. Hundreds of youth from Bayview Hunters Point have gone camping, fishing, received free school supplies, learned to play golf and perhaps learned not to listen to the nay sayers that they hear and see trash the police officers who are doing their duty and safe guard the citizens of the City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco has a population of a little over 740,000 - this population increases when thousands come to earn their daily bread in our City. Some say a little over a million and then it returns to the night population of 740,000. Some one must maintain law and order.

Our constituents and police force were once united in an effort to maintain peace, order and provide the maximum safety. At one time in the Bayview the Bayview constituents had a say as to who would work at the Police Station.

Bayview constituents were instrumental in forming the first Human Rights Committee - much before the Human Rights Commission that is not doing their duty under Virginia Harmon.

Bayview constituents initiated the first body of representation that lowered the height limit for police officers - prompting Asians and Fred Lau to become the first Chinese American Chief of Police in San Francisco.

Some where along the line fake journalist who have no history of Bayview and Hunters Point - have focused on the negative and produced yellow journalism that is not worthy to be flushed down the commode.

The recently formed Police Commission with changes initiated by Proposition H pander to the media. These bunches of panders are doing disservice to our community and to the police officers who work hard and long hours.

Recently a transgander was found dead. Had this transgander been White it would have made headlines but being Black brings out the bias among the White journalists and relegates a worthy story to the back burner. Editors could not care less about anyone Black - it is the Whip Cream that matters and tastes good to them.

A couple of times a week Captain Rick Bruce from the Bayview takes time to send some of the educated constituents the standing Incident Reports about what is going on in places under his jurisdiction. It gives us lay persons a good idea of what it means to be a police officer in the Bayview at ground zero.

Those of us that care - love and support our police officers. Those of us that care do not appreciate the nonsense we hear at the Police Commissioners Meeting where ignorant and confused statements are made and generalities lump all the San Francisco Police Officers as not doing their duty. We know better.

Folks from Oakland keep your garbage where it belongs best across the bay. If thugs from Oakland do not venture to come to San Francisco - our City would be a better place. This holds good for those from Alameda County who come to San Francisco to sell drugs and prostitute.

In the last year with the help of the Bayview Hunters Point Police Officers, many worthy organizations, loving and caring constituents have given hundreds of youth and others hope.

We did this by holding meetings and events and bringing the constituents of Bayview and Hunters Point to dialog bring about solutions, loving one another and making good stuff happen.

Infusion One, the Brown Bombers, John Nauer and Chocolate City II, Brothers Against Guns, Peace Keepers, All Islanders Gathering As One, and many others - too many to mention continue to keep the fire of peace and goodness burning. Kudos to you all.

We have over 58 Churches and growing and the vibes from these sites should heal and send cool vibes and bite the silver bullet. Preachers.

We held sport meets and saw our youth shine. We had BBQs , music, and dance, fashion shows, saw the talent, the laugher, and the joy. We took our youth on fishing trips and camping sessions and saw that it did them - good. We brought parents together and formed hundreds of solutions. We have done so much in so short a period.

We dismantled and continue to dismantle the evil and thug trends perpetuated by Willie L. Brown and his cronies. His one time mistress who is now the District Attorney. The evil spread by Sophie Maxwell the most inept, ignorant, and arrogant Supervisor ever to lead any District in San Francisco. We have done it all on our own.

Two Dream Schools in the neighborhood and that is all good. A high school with standards would keep the peace and home and raise the standard of education. Keep crime low and give hope to the youth.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is young and he means well. It will take him years to really understand and more to fathom the roots of thugs who have ruled supreme for years. Since 1996 with the blessing of Willie L. Brown and a host of thugs who still appear now and then and are on the take - which was common place before. It takes time to dismantle evil and it takes even greater time to make good stuff happen.

One element of certainty always prevails in life - TRUTH and GOOD.

Our White journalists have much to learn because they have to meet the standards and time lines of the Editors who are steeped in biases and have no credibility in the eyes of most genuine San Franciscans.

Blogs, cyberspace, web sites rule today. The print media is not worthy to pick up some dog pooh - that is the reality and standard of the average journalists. Next to little investigative reporting. Biased reporting when it comes to people of color.

Bayview Hunters Point will overcome the killings and the devious behavior of some known thugs. The community is coming together and on their own addressing the situation.

The community looks to some help from the San Francisco Police Department as Partners not as Snitches. Once the community ruled supreme and all was good - there was a Supermarket, a Theater, Tailor Shops, good Schools, and Classic Laundry Place.

There were gas stations and fancy restaurants, the Churches were few but the Pastors sincere, crime was low and love high, there were leaders who knew the way, showed the way and most importantly they led the way.

Bayview Hunters Point will not be preyed by Whip Cream and Yellow Journalism.

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