Body bags.


It has been 11 days since November 2, 2004 when 55 million plus said NO to Bush and still no one understands why the Elections went the way they went. America is a Republic and few understand the old feudal Electoral System, which was conceived to give power to the Select, and keep the masses under control.

History and the constitution of the United States kept Blacks out, and treated women like chattel with voting rights, Native Americans could go to war and die for the United States but were given the right to vote only in 1924. The Civil Rights of the 60s and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave Blacks the right to vote after millions had died for this country since the days of the first Civil War.

Closer to San Francisco we have Nancy Pelosi who masquerades as some one who has power in the Democratic Party and spews clichés much like the two old aging power plants we have in the Southeast Sector. There is no doubt the Democratic Party and the Republican Party cannot be distinguished on many fronts and have too many common interests mostly linked with greed and money.

Emphasis has been given to Special Interest Group and the lobbyists have become the central voice in both House and with the Senators in Washington DC. Our representative Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi are as fake as the two inch make up they wear and have nothing of substance and substantial to offer to the educated constituents of San Francisco and the extended Bay Area.

Over 55 million mostly staunch Democrats came out and said no to Bush and his Lies on November 2, 2004. Bush won not only the Electoral Vote but also the Popular Vote and once and for all has silenced his foes for now.

Middle America and all the Red States showed the Blue States that conservatives control this country much as they have before. One must remember that over half the country did not vote and if they did they could have voted for Bush. That would have been a greater shame! Americans are lethargic and most do not keep up with international news and affairs. Many really believe that we have to kill all the Iraqis and that the Iraqis were instrumental in killing so many in New York with the Twin Towers on September 11. American fail to understand that both Sadam and Bin Laden worked with the CIA much before most people knew too much about these two fanatics.

The facts show us the majority of the culprits linked to the Twin Towers were from Saudhi Arabia. America should have bombed and attacked Saudhi Arabia but the false logic was to go after Sadam. The reason was simple George W. Bush wanted to avenge the assassination attempt on his father George Bush Senior. Against the wishes of Senior Military Advisors and Collin Powell the Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, and the Bushes took our country to war. Iraq did not provoke our Nation and there was no preemptive strike of any nature.

Today over 1200 innocent women and men - our beloved service men and women have died. Thousands more injured for life. This is a crying shame. I know first hand how the service men and women are treated and have been treated in recent years in the services.

It is fair to say that the highest authorities in this country lie to the parents of those who have died. History will reveal the truth and even though Elections bring the worst out - time will settle down and etch in the souls of many the truth of this unholy war in Iraq.

Billion of dollars that could be spent on education, health, infrastructure, youth, homes and a host of vital projects and needs have been diverted to Iraq to be squandered by the likes of Halaburton and the cronies of those who make their abode in the White House. This is wrong and the American people the 55 million plus were right in demanding a change.

The world is a worse place today and people all over the world are stunned at the November 2, 2004 election results. When 55 million plus say no to corruption and ineptness of the highest order and are slapped in the face - something is really wrong with the system. Here in California most of the constituents of American voted right. It may not count too much today but it was part of that massive signal that not all is right in Washington DC - those who dwell in that White House have failed America and the world.

Bring our troops home.

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