George W. Bush chose to invade Iraq and while it has been years now he still has no clue to justify putting so men young women and men in harms way. Over 1200 soldiers have died and thousands more injured and psychologically harmed for life. George W. Bush knows about these figures but he cares little and Middle American the Red States care even less. This is a crying shame and justice should be done.

All over Iraq the people are rebelling and there is no way the United States can bring about real Democracy, as we know it in America. In fact while here we tout the Electoral System which was created to empower those in power. We are a Republic and yet very few know the difference. In our last Elections we still have many on going cases.

It is not easy to convince the Sunnis, the Shiites, the Kurds, the Christians, Jews, and the other denominations and Sects to work together to respect puppets that have been put in place by George W. Bush. The formula will not work and the January 30, 2005 date set for Elections is a dream. The people of Iraq are not ready for elections.

Iraq is Babylon the home of civilizations. The Magi, the Three Kings, Abraham, great thinkers and rulers hailed from modern Iraq. When there was civilization supreme in Iraq the West as we know it today was uncivilized and more barbaric then any other place in the world. Today the West with its 5000-pound bombs, sophisticated weapons, cannot kill the will of the people. There is a fundamental difference between Christians such as George W. Bush and any Muslim. The Muslim will not trust a Christian such as George W. Bush never ever - for a moment. Today over 90% of the people of Iraq want the Christians and followers of George W. Bush out - the soon the better. This is a fact.

This invasion of Iraq has created another dilemma - thousand of Muslims all over the Middle East and the World want to go to Iraq to die and meet the 77 maidens promised those Muslim who are determined to die for their faith. It is not easy to understand this stance for the na´ve and illiterate Christian but for the Muslim they do not bother to care what the pagan, infidel Christians think or say. For the Muslim their religion and faith is a way of life. They pray 5 times a day and when they pray everything stops. Unlike the Christian follower of George W. Bush who focus on making money and materialism and pray on occasion on beliefs that are far from the genuine teachings of Jesus Christ. This is the paradox.

As a true student of Philosophy and Theology I know what I am talking about. I often meet stupid and na´ve Christians who quote the Bible and trying explaining it as if they were making some plays on the football field. No leader worth his or her salt will wage war and put young men and women in harms way. Try consoling the parents who have lost their sons and daughters. It is a shame that George W. Bush and other warmongers have learnt nothing much from past wars.

The Muslims all over the world despise George W. Bush and together with him many innocent Americans. World citizens cannot understand why George W. Bush was elected - they cannot figure out the blind confidence Middle America has for George W. Bush. The fact is illiterate and fanatic Middle America has no clue about world history and facts and thinks that George W. Bush is some Savior sent by God to rescue the fanatics from harms way.

I have spoken to many Muslims and they do not like the present situation in the Middle East. The violence that has remained within some boundaries will soon spill all over the world. We cannot blame the Muslim fanatics because on a daily basis George W. Bush is perpetuating violence, killings, intimidation, and humiliation of people who are Citizens of their Land. We have no business being in Iraq.

The January 30, 2005 elections will not take place and if the others win George W. Bush will be sent a clear message - he is a bully and cannot and will not be trusted in the Middle East. One cannot just order the Muslims around and the many puppets the Americans have put in place - will not be in place for long.

It is wrong to kill innocent children, men and women and that is what is happening now. Every day the car bombings, the unconventional war is taking a very heavy psychological toll on American men and women. George W. Bush has no clue about what really is happening in Iraq. Some crooked Shiites may go with the flow but the Sunnis who have the clout in Iraq will never ever be tamed. The Kurds do not trust the Americans. The Shiites also remember the senior Bush promising to help them and then letting them down. Thousands stood up to Sadam Hussein and died in vain. How soon America forgets.

Dick Chenney and others thought that America could tap and steal oil from Iraq. The situation today is that the pipelines are damaged and continue to be attacked on a daily basis. No one is talking about the pollution and the adverse affects on the innocent people in Iraq. It is mockery when oil is imported from Kuwait and sold below cost price to the Iraqi people - just to justify some ploy that Americans are in control when it fact this Iraqi invasion is going no where.

The world is watching the Iraqi Election that will not take place January 30, 2005. This single decision will send a clear signal to Washington DC - George W. Bush is a mistake and his second year term as President of the United States - the biggest blunder in contemporary history. It will take Middle America years to learn the blatant mistakes that the world understands. Middle America mostly poorly educated conservative Christians on real issues. They have no idea of world cultures and lost in a world that is very limited and convoluted with concepts and notions that defy logic. Out to pasture the cows know better.

Middle America put the inept George W. Bush in place and defied the over 505 million voters who wanted change. We will have to live for another 4 years and the moron has no clue how to handle the world situation. Folks in Russia, France, Germany, Britain, India, China, Middle East, and all over the world are aghast that America made such a stupid mistake. Elected a leader who stole the Elections the first time and bluffed the majority of the stupid folks the second time around with media sound bites and lies.

The world was hoping for a change in America and its leadership. This has not happened and it will not happen soon. The world wants peace but some warmongers like Condi Rice and Bush want war. Middle America has challenged the world and sane educated folks all over the world to watch the tragedy of a choice gone astray. The Iraq situation will come to haunt George W. Bush now more then ever. Perhaps that will bring his down fall and he will go down in history as the most inept world leader who ever aspired to do anything sane.

Condi Rice, Rumsfeld, Chenney, and a host of other fanatics think nothing of killing innocent people. They think nothing of the over 1200 American soldiers who have died and more are dying every single day. The Halaburton scandal continues to grow and White House aides continue to interfere with the Department of Defense.

George W. Bush has much to write home - most of it insanity. God save this Caligula.

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