When the tsunami hit the region all around Southeast Asia and beyond as far as Tanzania the world was quick to ponder and help. As the weeks have gone there has been healing and the human race is a better place because of the outpouring of help and love.

The major countries of the world especially the European countries fared well in their giving. Kudos to the United States Navy that did so much is so little a time - showing the world that we are indeed a Superpower when it comes to our larger fleet of ships - literally a city within a city. Senior Bush and Bill Clinton will push for more help with their recent visit.

Weeks have gone by and the media has ceased to bombard us with tit bits many relevant but a lot of it repetitions. Today the affected area wants focused help and toward that ends much in being done. We on this site tried to address some of the important facts - and we have stepped up and helped in many ways.

The City and County of San Francisco as a City could have sent some monetary help but it did not. The Asian community sent millions and did the Bayarea and beyond justice. There is more help on the way and we hope and pray that those that need help most get it. The world is small and you never know tomorrow we here in the Bayarea may need the same attention and help.

This tsunami in more ways then can be imagined opened our eyes and taught the world and the United States how frail we are in the sight of Mother Nature.

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