Mabel and Francisco.


It is the sign of the times when Mabel Teng Resigns after doing so much good for the City the County of San Francisco. Do not be too shocked when the Mayor of San Francisco decides to choose for the short term - another inept person to run the Assessor's Office. Friday, April 15, 2005.

The fact of the matter is that Mabel Teng brought in millions of dollars - where as the former Assessor Doris Ward gave away millions of dollars by giving huge breaks to the Real Estate Magnets. The ones that minted millions and yet paid little tax - such as the Bank of America Building and so on.

Mabel Teng put up a good fight, the last time she was brought before the inept Civil Service Commission on trumped up charges - none of which could be substantiated. Her supporters were there for her and she genuinely appreciated their support. The Civil Service Commission still want her blood and will never get it.

Mabel Teng went out of her way to accommodate the Queer couples. Spending hundreds of hours of good will and joined by her staff issuing Marriage Certificates and bending backwards to support the wishes of Mayor Gavin Newsom. The Queer couples still love her and some were there to support her at the Civil Service Hearing. I am sure the Queers will be sending her flowers and will remember her long after she has departed.

Mabel Teng gave her best and though she was not perfect - she did what most others did not do at the Assessor Office. Before she came to the Assessor's Office it was a mess. Even the elevator that has a special key was not working - Doris Ward decided to take the key with her. She did that with other stuff - she thought she would be there forever. Doris mostly never worked hard - run the office with lack of leadership - and loved that bottle of hers. Much of the nonsense that Doris Ward help spread unchecked has come to haunt the City and County of San Francisco. Mabel Teng cleaned up the mess - but as luck would have it the fools that we have in certain quarters - lack appreciation.

With Mabel Teng's resignation this City has lost a good person and the Assessor's Office a stalwart leader - one of a kind that turned the mess around. Let us keep our fingers - crossed.

Finally, I wish you Mabel Teng the very best. I was part of your campaign and even though former Mayor Willie L. Brown dised you - we supported you and dised the most corrupt Mayor in San Francisco. Mark Leno supported you and so did others - too may to mention. I would be remiss if I did not mention Kevin Williams and Espanola Jackson.

Mayor Gavin Newsom supported you in a way - time will tell. We know exactly what is happening at City Hall today - it is not at all - pretty. People within the very inner circle are bending backwards and sometimes forwards - but most of all - the inner circle is bent out of shape.

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