Kids at Bayview Magic Event.


It is always a pleasure to work with Jeff Adachi - I am proud I got him elected. One of my favorite elected officials and one that I can trust to help our youth and their families in San Francisco.

Mark Leno was there too to lend his support to our youth and to the constituents of San Francisco. So was John Nauer and John Burton of the Brown Bombers. There were others - too many to mention but nice to see them giving their love and support to our youth.

The Bayview Opera House was chosen by Mobilization For Adolescent Growth in our Communities (MAGIC) to help our youth. I have attended a couple of MAGIC meetings and they are always very informational.

At the Opera House Jeff Adachi and his team gave away free books. It was a sight to see the light in the eyes of many a child and parent. At another end Kids Computer Kamp an organization that has made its mark - was giving away free computers to those organizations that earned their respect working for the youth.

It was fun seeing so many parents, youth, volunteers, well wishers hang around the stage and listen to Bob Marley songs and enjoy hot dogs and other snacks and soft drinks. There was joy in the air and all this happening in the middle of Bayview at the Ruth Williams Bayview Opera House.

Jeff Adachi runs a program called Clean Slate and these program helps those with certain records - come out clean and contribute to society. At Magic Events such as today April 23, 2005 - youth were invited to play with computers and take home good books to read. Most of all to show our youth love and tell them that we support them.

Jeff Adachi is our man with a plan. With Jeff at the helm of affairs we will see good things happen all over San Francisco. To the volunteers and other that I saw so busy giving their love - Kudos to you all.

Love and Family.

Computers for Kids.

Jeff Adachi, Francisco, and Mark Leno.

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