San Francisco has always been on the fore front of concrete change and this has come about because enlightened people from San Francisco took a stand and made good things happened. Voiced their opinions. Many of the changes came about because our leaders at City Hall made it a point to support the constituents of San Francisco and often former Mayors and Supervisors stood at the podium — shoulder to shoulder and supported the constituents of San Francisco.

Today, right at City Hall in the august room 250 that so many know about the present Board of Supervisors with the exception of two are not educated on issues and wag their tongues and what is more prevent the constituents from expressing themselves for the good of the City and County of San Francisco. Public Comment is anathema.

Leading the pack is Aaron Peskin the man suffers from inferiority complex and the name that Willie L. Brown gave him in a heated moment has stuck forever. Hank as he is known to those that look at him and think nothing much of him. As President of the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco he has done almost everything in his limited power to stifle the voice of those that can and should educate the San Francisco Board of Supervisors — the people of San Francisco.

Bevan Dufty cannot make up his mind on any important issue. Recently he chose to back a prospective candidate running for the Elected Post to the City's Assessor's Office. Hardly had he made up his mind when he decided that he had changed his mind. Now, suddenly he wants to back the candidate chosen by Mayor Gavin Newsom. He must have got some butt whipping to change his mind or else his mind is as flimsy and shallow as the diatribe he spews when given an opportunity to talk on many topics that can be expressed in a minute or two. He is NO Harvey Milk and he is no Harry Britt. Sophie Maxwell the inept, ignorant, and very arrogant woman thinks she knows about power plants and transmission lines. She might be an Electrician by trade but cannot differentiate between AC and DC. No one in their right mind would agree to place 3 Combustion Turbines in an already polluted area such as Bayview Hunters Point. This ignorant woman wants the 3 Combustion Turbines and what is more cares not about the fuel prices which will soon reach $65 a barrel. Fossil fuel emits particulates and will kill innocent people. The woman is inept and the sooner she leaves office the better. She never returns telephone calls and cannot accept criticism that should teach her a thing or two.

Fiona Ma wants to replace Leyland Yee and I hope she does realize that she will have to work hard to learn and educate herself on National and International issues when she tries to occupy the seat in Sacramento. Today, she has chosen to target youth when it comes to skateboards and computer games. She will leave her mark as some one who tried to pass petty legislation to show that she has some little potential to replace Leyland Yee. I hope better sense prevails and some one runs for the State Assembly seat and wins.

Michaela Alioto-Pier of late seems to have learned a bit. There was a time when she opened her mouth and what spewed from it was plain diatribe. We have sophisticated people in San Francisco many highly educated to know that Al Gore had nothing much to do with the invention of the Internet. And that his vain attempt to have his own Media Show is yet an attempt for a losing politician to exert some influence in quarters where people discern and will not fall for spin.

Geraldo Sandoval wants to now leave his seat and occupy the seat as the City's Assessor. I do not think this will happen as he will have to fight the forces of evil the ones that he encountered in his own last election bid for office. Mayor Gavin Newsom has chosen to fight the constituents but in this case we really do not have a strong candidate that the people respect. Some think about Mabel Teng and do not want to take on those that will do anything to plot and stress out a good person. Sandoval will remain where he is just because he will not be our next Assessor. I see the Queen has taken a week off. I also see that on some matters the San Francisco Board of Supervisors respects the long service of the Queen. He has made a mark and once did fight for the people but of late he has joined those that lobby and those that helped him in his last campaign - he nearly gave up but then his ardent supporters made it happen. It is so sad to see this Queen today stop so many people and not allow them the 3 minutes allowed at Public Comment.

Ross Mirkarimi tries his best to educate himself but he too from time to time has tried to accommodate the likes of Aaron Peskin and Sophie Maxwell. In time he will learn about the sellouts and the decision taken on Parcel A and Hunters Point. In time he will learn that Aaron Peskin should take all the sewage in the making at the Presidio and have it processed at the Bay Treatment Plant. In time he will learn about Aaron Peskin and his back door deal with developers. In time he will learn to be careful and always ask for a second and third opinion. Ross Mirkarimi has so far accommodated Public Comment for he fears nothing from those in the Public that matter most in any decent working Democracy.

Sean Elsbernd has failed working for all the people of San Francisco. He could have learned some from Tony Hall and more from his Jesuit education but he has learned little. In time the Public will know the truth and when the truth is revealed Sean will repent for the misdeeds that he could have avoided. His stance on Laguna Honda was a bit so late and his prodding to fix roads in his constituency- his tirades against Department of Public Works a battle in vain.

Chris Daly has been on track. He thinks he has seen it all but he will have to be vigilant. He has been lucky that some of us watch his back and will back him as long he backs the people.

Jake McGoldrick says he is a Union Supporter but he lacks the courage to discern and speak the truth. Time and time again he wastes the time of everyone with his long winded illogical statements and says something at the beginning of his talk but nothing much at the end of the speech. He too has tried to stifle the voice of the people and cannot stand for the truth. He has learned less about liberty and even less about freedom. No one worth their salt will go before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and express themselves on issues that matter to the constituents of San Francisco. Certain important issues may force some of us to take a stand but really in all our meetings outside City Hall - no one wants to waste their time — talking or trying to educate the scumbags of contemporary times that ruin the ambiance and glory of Room 250.

Anyone will tell you that in America - anyone that has read the American Constitution - the importance of the freedom of speech. And to the nay Sayers I know what is freedom and what is license — the Board of Supervisor have defied Robert's Rules, Ethics, and plain government governance and decided to act like a bunch of scumbags. Of course the President of Board of Supervisors has the authority to weld that gavel but he fails to understand the authority that comes with it - lies in good governance, the rules and regulations, and respect for the Public.

I visited the august chambers the other day and observed the proceeding they were drab. I know soon the day will come when the likes to Joe O'Donoghue and others will bring themselves to the august room we all know as Room 250. Hank will hear and Hank will listen. The constituents of San Francisco are fed up with the weasel that lives up near Coit Tower.

The constituents of San Francisco are educated and smart — smarter then most of the Board of Supervisors. Most lead meaningful lives and contribute to the City and County of San Francisco. I cannot say that of all the Supervisors — especially the ones that I term scumbags.

I do not respect those that stifle the voice of the people.

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