The Bears at Kezar Stadium.


Mission High under the able guidance of Head Coach Carl Sullivan and offensive coordinator and my good friend John Nauer have been working very hard try to put together a good team to achieve last years results to the finals but this time to bring back the memories of sweet victory.

The Mission Bears with Head Coach Carl Sullivan, John Nauer and Javon Parler, Gary Thompson Defensive Coordinator, and Dean of Mission High and coach Arnold Zelaya have been building a football team and I have been watching the fruits of their endeavor. It is not easy putting together a team at Mission High School; the students favor soccer and other games. However this year as I said the Mission Bears are thirsty and wanting victory.

I said to Head coach Carl Sullivan that the students need the enthusiasm to make good stuff happen. Back came a fast throw: "they have to know what they are doing". "Right coach" I said to myself. The practice sessions are where the Mission Bears have to learn the moves, the plays and remember them but most importantly keep themselves in shape. They have to condition themselves to want to win and work hard to make that happen. They cannot afford to go into hibernation in the middle of a play!

I was impressed by Bobby Edwards who not only has good speed but has the moves of Jerry Rice. Darnell Garret working with Cox and his fellow team mates will carry the ball forward and make the touch downs if the plays are perfected and the ball thrown on cue; the passes completed.

Darnell Garret, Offensive Tackle/Defensive End, David Lufus, Offensive Guard/ Defensive Tackle, Amataga, Full Back/Line Back, and of course the man Quarter Back, DeAngelo Winston will do what it takes to produce. Ellis, Line Back, Tim/Offensive Tackle/Defensive End, JP a fine Line Back with Tristen, Offensive Center/Nose Guard are all a good support team should take Lowell heads on. The big play comes this Friday at Kezar stadium where Lowell High will take on the Bears. I look forward to a good offensive game coming from Mission High. If they can provide a better defensive game then for sure I can see Mission High smiling.

I have been following the practices and I do see a vast improvement. The Bears have to be hungry and focused. As the Head Coach says they have to really know what they are doing to make the game go forward. I watched the Bears play DeAnza in one of the preseason games. I can see a little tweaking here and there bring out the shine in the diamond.

Friday, September 30, 2005 at 3 p.m. at Kezar Stadium the first home of the 49ers and playground of some future football stars. Looking forward to a good football game and to the San Francisco Mission Bears making some headlines to bring cheer to those that have been backing them all these years.

Mission Bears at Mission High.

Coach Sully and Final Tips.

Coach Javon Parler.

Go Mission Bears!

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