Calvin Louie for Treasurer.


Calvin Louie is a native San Franciscan and what is more a honest man who has worked tremendously hard to help thousands of people mostly underprivileged that need help for the last 35 years plus. Calvin is Chinese and what is more a San Franciscan that can stand up and say that he is honest and values Accountability and Transparency.

The Chinese community is strong in San Francisco and should turn up in their thousands to vote for this honest man. So too the thousands of other San Francisco constituents that treasure an honest Treasurer and one that will bring money in and make good stuff happen. We are fed up with dishonest folks that have screwed our City and its fiscal state of affairs in the Treasurer's Office.

Jose Cisneros has been hand picked to replace Susan Leal and both of them have a hidden agenda. The San Francisco Chronicle has revealed to the world that the present Treasurer has been waiting to pay his property taxes. I also know that the present Treasurer has the lowest amount of taxes collected when he could have done better. His days are numbered and we want a good, honest, hard working man like Calvin Louie to bring in the millions of dollars that have not been collected in taxes. We are fed up with excuses but want action and a Treasurer with a vision, intelligence and the will to do what is right.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is playing dirty politics and we want him to stand aside and give a good man with family values a chance to serve San Francisco. Calvin Louie believe me is a trusted professional. He has been a California State Certified Public Accountant and in charge of his CPA firm for over 26 years. He has a lovely wife and two lovely children.

Calvin Louie has served on various Commissions but more he has served the poor and those that did not have bank accounts. Folks that could not balance a check. He is a peoples' person and very sincere. I do not see that type of sincerity in the other candidates. I see cronies and crooks that will do the bidding of those corrupt politicians in power. We need a Treasurer that can invest the City's Assets and have full Fiscal Accountability. More is we need a Treasurer that is not full of Spin and Lies but the Truth and Honesty? I see Calvin Louie doing the City and County of San Francisco proud.

A graduate from University of California Berkeley, Calvin Louie has many years of experience and has audited thousands of individual accounts, the City's accounts and those of large businesses, the San Francisco Airport, BART, the SF City Controller's Office, and the Health Service System are but few of the many large accounts that he has audited.

Calvin Louie has the ability to bring in the money and help get rid of the deficit that our City has today. The other candidates talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Let us vote for Calvin Louie a man for the masses and who has worked with the masses. There is nothing snobbish about this good man. He is very simply but extremely intelligent when it comes to money, accounting, investing, tax recovery and fiscal operations. He has grassroots support where ever he goes.

The time has come for the City and County of San Francisco to have a good man and a knowledgeable Treasurer. We have one is Calvin Louie. Let us be proud that in today's world full of corruption and dishonesty, where family values are down trodden a man like Calvin Louie can stand up and say I will take the reigns and make good stuff happen for all of San Francisco and all San Franciscans.

It is time we have an Asian American to represent the thousands of Asians but more to invest the money that so many Asian and other businesses give to the City and County San Francisco and which is poorly invested. Have a one on one talk with Calvin Louie and I bet you will agree with what I have stated in this article. Ask him the hard questions and watch him answer you with easy and look you straight in the eye.

In recent years folks like Susan Leal, Bevan Dufty, Jose Cisneros, Tom Ammiano, Virginia Harmon and the likes of them have been trying to vie for certain slots in Public Office more so to divert the attention of good government and propagate a false and hidden agenda. Most of them are inept and lack honesty. I have been saying this openly. I have talked to this honest man Calvin Louie and I see him winning but he cannot do that if we sit back and do not work to make good stuff happen. His wife and children love him, we all love him, now is the time to bring this man into the Treasurer's Office and set the fiscal records of our great City straight. For too long have crooks mismanaged the Treasure's Office first it was Susan Leal and now Jose Cisneros.

Vote for a Certified Public Accountant, with over 30 years of experience, a family man with strong values, he is very hard working and will do our Great City proud. Vote for Calvin Louie as Treasurer of San Francisco.

Sandavol, Calvin Louie his wife and children.

An honest Treasurer.

Tony Hall endorsing Calvin Louie.

Lion dancers and lion hearts to vote.

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