Mission High at Kezar Stadium.


American football is not my forte but I do have good close friends that love the game. I use to be a good fan of the 49ers but when some one chose to lay off Ronnie Lott that did it. Later I saw many good 49ers leave Jerry Rice and of course when Joe Montana left the 49ers I sort of did not watch too much football.

Recently, I have been paying attention to football attending some games when the Brown Bombers play and have written a small article of this site. Recently I tried for the first time reporting on the Mission High Bears and found it difficult to really get into the core of the game.

Friday, September 30, 2005 the Mission Bears met Lowell High School and I was really looking to a good football game. I was really disappointed. While Mission High made some good moves and threw the ball and made the first touch down; it was boring to see the Lowell High School football team play old fashioned football without one single throw that I saw throughout the game worth mentioning.

There were a number of injuries on the side of the Mission High Bears and I was paying keen attention. I saw Bobby Edwards in pain and finally some one did his hand in. I asked Bobby after the game and he told me that some Lowell football player hit him bad with a helmet contact. The Lowell players were bigger built but the Mission Bears could have handled them if they had the spunk and fire in their eyes.

Amataga, Full Back and Line back had his shoulder come out of the socket and I saw the field doctors try their best to relief the pain. In spite of this injury and acute pain Amataga a true Samoan Warrior went in and played well. It is not easy playing with a serious injury but Amataga gave his best and I hope he gets to play the next game and is in good health. Quarterback DeAngelo Winston is a great player but he admitted for some reason it was not his day. I saw it and thought at one point some one went out their way to jinx the young man. He tried and some of this throws were completed. Then when the time came to make the real plays, the touch down that count, the Lowell football players made some moves and came out victorious.

Lowell High School was boring and anyone would tell you that. In fact there was some one watching the game in the stands that kept yelling so many times that Lowell High School was boring.

Coach Sully, John Nauer, Gary Thomas, and Javon Parler tried their best. I did see the Dean Arnold Zelaya sweating it out too wanting his Bears to win but that was a far cry from reality. I saw the Mission Principal pay a visit much after half time and try to bear the pain of the score of the game.

For some reason the electronic score board was not on. There was no announcer and I could not understand much as far as the real scoring. I knew the Mission Bears were losing and I thought of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice and other too and was na´ve to think that soon all would be well for Mission High Bears. A Hail Mary here a touch down there and all would be well. It was not so. I was just dreaming.

I was so caught up with the injuries as I was sitting and watch not far away from the line where all the coaches stand and try their best. Lowell fans were shouting but the Mission Bears had many fans too; some of them were screaming, others using choice words, and others were commenting on everything possible.

The game ended and I was shocked to find the final score was 53-18 in favor of Lowell High School. I said to my good friend after hearing the score; "that must not be true". The fact is it was. 53-18 in favor of Lowell High School.

Lessons learned the Mission Bear have to some how stand their ground and be thirsty to win. They have good talent but some how freeze when they have to be on the move and attack with a passion to score. Time and time again I saw the Bears watch Lowell zoom by them a couple of time right through the middle and down the line for a touch down.

As I said American Football is not my true game and I learned a lot from watch this first season game between the Mission Bears and Lowell High School that won but it truly was a boooring game.

Lowell High School.

Bobby Edwards.

Quarterback DeAngelo Winston.

Samoan Warrior Amataga, Fullback/Linebacker.

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