Burning Oil.


The Iraq war is not worth dying for
I have been there before
During Desert Shield and Storm
Our soldiers were sent to fight to Kuwait
Lucky for us we ended it soon
But when our soldiers came back home
It was all about Desert Shield Syndrome
Health men and women once
Suffered pains in the joints and more
And no one paid attention
And ten years later
Some one said in a whisper
Maybe it is true that they have been
Exposed to some chemicals biological
But I knew all along and fought to expose
The Truth, but it was not easy
No one suddenly died but the pain they suffered
Was too immense
And then came the Weapons of Mass Destruction
And the Lies from the White House
And again we did not pay attention
What really happened in Vietnam?
The war in Afghanistan and the Russians
The White House chose for reasons
Linked to Oil and Greed
To send our women and men to fight
A war in the Land of the Prophets
Anyone could take down Saddam
But it makes no sense to shed blood
American and Innocent Iraqi
It makes no sense to say one thing
And do another
George Bush lies and keeps lying
We have not learned to respect
Life and innocent lives
To the many Parents and Friends
Of our dead service women and men
I say speak up and tell the truth
No one should die because of a LIE
More coming from the White House
And all those mean politicians
And Companies like Halliburton
I have spoken to the parents
To the sisters and brothers
To the relatives of our beloved dead
It is not easy to see the tears flow
It is not easy to feel the heart pain
But most importantly it is not easy
To fathom the logic that makes no sense
Our young women and men
Come from normal homes
Trained to love and live
No one trains anyone to kill
And this nonsense must stop
Let us not hear the lies
That the world is full of thieves and liars
For a fact; we know some of them
Are in places that Spin and Spread
No soldier should die in vain
No parent, sister, brother, relative
Left to find the TRUTH
The truth is; we all are one
And in humanity we should find humility
And in humility learn to respect
Who will tell the TRUTH?
When all most do is listen to LIES
The media is full of it
And most do not want to hear
That killing begets killing
And Karma will come to get you
Katrina and Rita and more
Are lessons that came home to roost?
Have we learned less then before?
Parent meets parent and share
About death
It is not right that our son died
It is not right that our daughter died
We thought it was for the Nation
But really what happened
Could have been avoided
Here she was in a transportation mode
And a home made bomb
Blew to smatterings the truck and all
My son was in a Humbee
And it was made paper thin
Left to the mercy of some coward
To blow it to pieces
It is blood that has been spilled
Arms and legs missing
Dead bodies of Americans
Who should have been living?
In America
How many Congresspersons have?
Had their sons and daughters sent
To perform a noble deed for the Nation
How many body bags you know
Have been delivered to homes
Of Congresspersons or Senators?
This war in Iraq must stop
And Americans must question
Our validity to stay
Let them come home now that some
Have some sense of stability
No Christian Nation would tolerate
To be ruled by Muslim mandates
Muslim Nations should learn the path
Of tolerance as dictated in the Koran
We cannot spread the Bible with oil
We cannot be greedy and lie
And pretend that will fly?
Our service men and women
Should come home yesterday
Not one life more

Francisco Da Costa

Death all around.

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