We hear it often that the world has shrunk and most of us really do not pay attention to this concrete fact. Perhaps one of the many realities that will hit us soon is Avian Flu. We really have no barrier that can protect us expect luck and may be a vaccine that is there to tackle the latest mutation of the flu.

In years gone by millions died all over the world. It so happened that those that died in the millions in the past years going back to the Dark Ages were victims in what is today called Europe. We have been fortunate that in the last 80 years we have not had to deal with millions dying but the day may come when we see this reality at our door step.

Here is the Bay Area we have had it good. Having it good has its repercussions because it allow our immune system to rest and does not meet the test of times that previous generations encountered and toughened their immune system. Further our life style prevents most of us in the Bay Area to lead really health lives because of the Cumulative Pollution that the SF Health Department and other State and Federal Agencies have NOY paid attention to.

There is a trend that NO one is paying attention to. Certain corrupt groups and organization are pretending that they can restore wetlands and marshlands and think they are doing most of us justice. This false pride and intent to do well does more harm and what is more creates a health and safety situation that can harm thousands of people.

In the City and County of San Francisco we do not have a good balance between nature and the people that live here. We have a population in San Francisco of about 760,000. This population grows very large and some times reaches over a million and a half. While the stable population may have some protection the extended population can cause havoc not only to San Francisco but to the extended Bay Area and the rest of California and beyond. Many sites like Crissy Field and the Cesspool that is called the Lagoon attract migratory birds that can bring in Avian Flu and also be a source of the dangerous West Nile Virus. In one clean swoop many can be exposed and when that does happen it will take weeks to find out the source of the virus or plague. What makes the situation much more complicated is that in a real wetland or marshland there are checks and balances. Thousands of years of stability gives nature an opportunity to create defenses that fail persons making artificial wetlands, marshland, and cesspools without detail ecological studies.

A similar situation can be created at Pier 98 where children are taken and could be exposed to the most dangerous virus. Of course Mayor Gavin Newsom has NO idea about Ecology and as I have stated most of the agencies Local, State, and Federal do not have any plans in place to deal with thousands of folks being exposed to any killer such as a dangerous mutated Avian Flu.

Our Nation calls itself a Super Power and while we can kill and destroy people and lands with 5000 pound bombs and waste money on million dollar missiles we cannot and do not have the vaccines to be prepared to fight a pandemic. It takes about 18 months to create good vaccines and if the mutation takes places mid stream then imagine the confusion and being caught off guard.

The First People of any country all over the world were protected mostly by being close to Mother Nature and respecting it. Whites love to play with fire and destroying large tracts of forest in the name of greed. Polluting our creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans comes easy for those that cannot see beyond their noses. Look what we have done to our atmosphere and yet those culprits that pollute are the first in line pretending to create fake wetlands, marshlands, and whatever. It is all about money.

Here is the Bay Area most of us take for granted the water we get from Hetch Hetchy. The water from the source that is Hetch Hetchy is Sacred and Pure. How ever a few miles away from the Source the water is mixed with polluted water and all the so called treatment does more injustice then justice to the so called pristine clean drinking water which is a far cry from the source that is Hetch Hetchy water. Chloramines! Inept and corrupt folks like Susan Leal, Tony Irons, and the various so called Assistant General Manager including William Carlin think they have some clue about the Clean and Waste water projects. These folks are inept and it will be impossible to build, repair and maintain the Hetch Hetchy system with the $4.6 billion dollar Bond Measure which to date is going some where at a snail space.

The Hetch Hetchy system is frail. Within 3 years there will be a huge Earth quake on the Hayward Fault. There will also be huge tragedy at the Calaveras Dam. Huge areas around Fremont will be flooded. What is tragic it does not matter how strong any infrastructure is in place it will fall prey to Mother Nature. What will complicate the situation is the ineptness coming from person like Susan Leal that will be responsible for the death of thousands.

We have been lucky that for the last 99 years not to have encountered a major earthquake barring the one we experienced in 1989 but nothing compared to the 1906 Big One.

When we experience the next one shortly is will deal a heavy blow because millions more live closer to the faults. Stupid engineers did not have the guts to take on politicians and inept folks like Tony Irons and Susan Leal and those that sit on the fence like Harlan Kelly and fight for the truth. These folks have no clue and have not even evaluated the latest technology in many countries where huge pipes have been built to stand major shakes. What most of these folks want is their pay check.

The SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has made many concessions following the dictates from Unions and compromising on quality of materials to build our water pipes. We have not evaluated the molds used to have these pipes in place. It does make a difference as to the type of engineering that goes into the planning. So far the structural engineers that the SFPUC have hired and the consultants that I often see are mediocre.

At ground zero consultants have been hired that are as ignorant and these vermin do injustice to humanity. It is amazing to see Tony Winnicker play one community against the other trying to protect his mentor the lesbian Susan Leal who is a known man hater and very inept as far as being the Manager of the SFPUC. The SFPUC system is prone to disaster and one of the primary factors that should be evaluated is a pandemic. The SFPUC is looking at mundane factors and have hired my friend Gregory Suhr. Security should be stepped up but a more critical issue is a pandemic that is waiting to happen and if it hits the Hetch Hetchy system we do not have any logistics and Standard Operating Procedures to control the situation. I know for a fact that Gregory Suhr may know some about a pandemic but he is no Scientist.

Our Office of Emergency Services and the inept AnneMarie Conroy is not qualified to address any Pandemic. At this time she is learning on the job and with the encouragement of Mayor Gavin Newsom she will go some where but as things stand she should NOT have anything much to do with the OES. Remember she messed things at Treasure Island.

Let us NOT kid ourselves when it comes to a Pandemic. A Pandemic goes with any major calamity and that includes a Big One.

There a number of issues that all of us have to deal with. Two are very clear cut. The first is the birth of any person and the second the death of all of us. In between we make say taxes and a host of other factors but these two are clear and agreed upon factors. Death is one of them.

We all should face Death the natural Death that is. It is our ability to fine tune logistics, figure the best modes in other fields that will help us to prevent Pandemics that are due to hit us. They come in cycles.

It is wrong to place with intent inept folks such as Susan Leal. Permit our children to be taken in their thousands to Pier 98 and have some one like Dana Reid Lanza who is married to Parin Shah brag that it is right to take our innocent children to a Toxic dump that is Pier 98.

Health and Safety comes first but in San Francisco inept folks like AnneMarie Conroy, Susan Leal, Dr. Katz, Bhatia, Edwin Lee and a host of others that are not educated on issues fail the constituents of San Francisco. How about Project NO Pandemic.

Ecology, Immigration, Mutation and Death.

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