Balboa High - Victory 27-13.


My friends at Balboa High School are the Warriors from the Traditional Island of Samoa and my other good friends who all play on the Balboa High School football team and are now riding on a wave to success.

I attended the game between Lincoln and Balboa and Balboa lost. During this game by good friend Andrew Vai fractured his arm and I think this loss of a good team player did not bring out the best in Balboa. The game between Balboa and Mission High was another story.

October 20, 2005 at Kezar stadium McLeod Bethel-Thompson, Mape Galvega, Paradise Vaovasa, Oliver Galvega, Peter Vasovasa, Asafo Ia, John Kalave, MacManis Tago, the other Balboa players and in spirit Andrew Vai who was visiting his doctor to check his operated arm did very well. Kudos to the team, the coaches, the teachers, cheer leaders.

Balboa High School was playing Mission High School and the game was much better then the game I witnessed between Mission and Lowell. I know Lowell won that game but the Lowell High School plays were boring and my hope was that Mission should have some how counter attacked the Lowell plays and defeated Lowell.

This article is not about Lowell who I hope will meet a good team like Balboa and learn a lesson or two about good American football. It was difficult for me to figure out the players on the football field as I had no roster to go by. But just judging from the moves and stature of the players I can confidently say that Mape Galvega and John Kalave performed very well for Balboa. I want to say Peter Vaovasa did well but he can do better the next time around. Just kidding brother!

Balboa High School has a good team and a fine line up of some excellent Samoan Warriors. I see that the spurring shouts before the game are heavily influenced by the Haka dance and other Samoan Warrior battle cries. Now what could be a better influence then that to make our youth play better and win? Remember good warriors are well disciplined. Head coach Sully and Offensive Coach John Nauer that have been training Mission High are working very hard. Frankly speaking I loved the game between Mission and Balboa. Mission made too many silly mistakes and Balboa took advantage of the situation and made the best of it.

For some strange reason the Mission Quarter Back DeAngelo could not produce. Instead of running forward; again and again he ran towards his own goal line and was taken down by the fast approaching and fierce attacking Balboa players. DeAngelo did this so many times.

The first touch down came from Mission High and should have set the tone. I saw the Balboa High School team taken a back but then as any team should do they produce the fire that the Mission High School team lacks. There is no way any team can just resign to fate and not play the game without enthusiasm. Mission High School can make good stuff happen but it has to happen with hard work and determined focus.

Again it is time the San Francisco Unified School District invest in the American Football games on the High School Level. It is time San Francisco Park and Recreation and the richer school like Saint Ignatius, Sacred Heart, and the others provide some support to the poorer organized schools. Let us be innovative when it comes to supporting our youth.

It is a shame when the Score Board is not lit up and some one like me cannot follow the precise score. It is a crying shame when there is no announcer to spice up the game and cheer everyone. The so called lovers of sports from the Corporate World could step up but the initiative should be taken by the Commissioner of SF Unified School District for Sports.

The various SF Unified School District principals should address the inadequacies of the essential basic elements that make any sports event interesting. I admire the few staunch parents and supporters that spend their own money to provide some of the essential amenities. It is easy to talk the talk but harder to walk the walk. We see that all over the place when it comes to the San Francisco Unified School District. I wish both the Balboa High School football team and Mission High the best. My take is to facilitate and make good stuff happen on all levels. My wish a good education so that the disciplined football players can say they all played well on the field but that they all strived very hard to get the best education.

I have always admired the coaches and want to thank all the coaches from Balboa High School and Mission High School and all the other schools for doing a very good job. To the principals of both schools I say I understand the underlying factors that face you daily linked to crime, health, safety, poor parental control, lack of money, and a host of other critical issues. The community should work with the High Schools.

To the parents I say love your children and if you say once a day that you love them that will take your children a long way.

To the teachers that work so hard and play hard I say I admire your tenacity to give our young women and men the best you can give. Your reward knows no bounds and good teachers are very hard to find; much less to keep. Good teachers make the best schools.

To the football players that I love so much I say; do your best on the field but even more off field. Each and every one of you can be a model if you do well in class and carry out that same spirit on the field. I have met some fine youth both at Mission High and Balboa High School.

I want to thank the Cheer Leaders of both Balboa High School and Mission High for doing a nice job. I watched you all and noticed the friendly gestures and love that you all share. Football like any other game should bring people together and make us all better human beings. It should educate us to work as a team and to use our talents to make this world a better place.

I am very proud of Mape, Peter, and Andrew from Balboa but I can say the same of Bobby, DeAngelo, and Amataga from Mission High. Give your best and we will support you but always remember guys: we love you all. Now go make those touch downs.

Mission High.

Mape Galvega and Peter Vaovasa with Sports Reporter.

Balboa's Special Offensive Team.


Right Peter. No Mape!

At Kezar Stadium - Mission and Balboa.

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