Dog and Pony Show.


Those that read my articles know for a fact that I have nothing in common with the inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Sophie Maxwell. This woman purports to represent District 10 but often will venture into District 9 to do her dirty deed.

The Portola District has some of the best homes in San Francisco. Once we had living in these homes Italians, Maltese, French in short the Europeans. We also have Latinos, Middle Easterners and East Indians. In recent years we have been flooded by Asians mostly Chinese that has taken over the Portola District. I have known folks from all over the world living in the Portola District during the many years I have lived in this area.

I have been watching Sophie Maxwell who has divided our community. She has partnered with some divisive Whites and one makes money off the back of poor Chinese offering English Classes and other poor child services on San Bruno Avenue. Once we had a nice hardware store called Portola and now we have some lesbians preying on straights.

Sophie Maxwell has a way of getting information and trying to use it for her own gain. She has a way of making money off FedEx, UPS, developers, Lennar BVHP LLC, anyone that can give her money and she sells Accountability and Transparency ever so often and throws them into a cesspool of corruption. Sophie middle name is Corruption.

Sophie Maxwell has never ever written any legislation her corrupt cronies do that for her. She is for all purposes illiterate on important and critical issues and cannot carry a decent conversation. When she is cornered Sophie Maxwell will throw her fit or tantrums. The woman is some one that I have watched carefully. As long as you play her game she is all yours but if you have your own opinion the woman goes berserk. At a recent town hall meeting November 5, 2005 there were very few constituents that wanted to have anything to do with this corrupt District Supervisor. Sophie begins by saying that she is interested in quality not quantity. I hope she realizes this during her next election when she loses because only a few cronies vote for this corrupt woman.

Sophie Maxwell thinks that she can play her games in the Portola District. The time has come to put this corrupt woman on notice. It is a shame that some in the Portola District still volunteer in her office and rub that corruption all over the place.

Sophie Maxwell's aides Sarah and Greg have no clue about the Portola District. Sarah claims that her parents live in the Portola District I have yet to meet them to know for how long. I know for a fact that Greg knows little and still believe about the na´ve ideas Sarah has about the Portola District.

Sophie Maxwell is a manipulator and is a product of the Haight Asbury area. She is NOT welcomed in the Portola District and she better stick to the drunks, the whores, the drug addicts, that ply their trade near her home on 3rd Street and Jerrold Street very near the KFC.

I have taken great pains to keep my area clean and have worked hard to bring some Quality of Life issues to the constituents of the Portola District. I am not about to give up the good things that have happened by allowing a corrupt person like Sophie Maxwell walk in and shove her finger in the pudding. I know a joker when I see one.

The November 5, 2005 meeting from 10 am to 12 noon was pathetic. Practically no one showed up. As usual the Dog and Pony show had the newly appointed Police Captain, MUNI, Recreation and Park, the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Work Force. None of these folks have helped us on San Bruno Avenue or the Portola District.

We do not want a fake and corrupt person like Sophie Maxwell screwing up our peace of mind. We do not want a Starbucks on San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco nor will we take the crap from the old White hags that have lost their senses and think they live in the past. We have five coffee shops all Asians but that is the trend. Part of San Bruno is District 9 and our Queen has not been here to support us.

The very few at the Town Meeting.

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