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Balboa High School put on a grand performance well deserved and are now poised to play Lincoln High School in the championship. They defeated Mission High School 53-20 at Kezar Stadium. I am very proud of my Samoan Warriors they all proved that they can be good at their studies and still make it to the championship.

Earlier on the same day November 17, 2005 Lincoln High School beat 24-22 and I must say this was a bitter kind of sweet victory for Lincoln High School. Better luck Lowell High School next time around and I hope next year they bring a throwing game into the picture.

Balboa High School's 53-20 victory was well deserved and Mission High School for some reason chose on this day to make too many mistakes. Aaron Cox from Mission High School played his best but so many others all well known to me chose not to put their best foot forward. Football is about hard work but also about opportunities. When you get them you seize them and when you seize them you make good stuff happen. Progressive runs and touch downs.

Solomon Webster RB/DB from Balboa made three touch downs and was ready to make a couple of more too. McLeod Bethel-Thomson made two touch downs. Terrill Jamar Vinson one and so did Luther Gary one each. After some time I lost count as I was too busy calling the players when I got the opportunity to take a close shot on this victorious night for Balboa High School and the great cheering audience lead by Robert Tago in the stands.

Balboa threesome Cheering Squad Capricia, Sydney, and Anisha did their best and when I approached them for a photograph were all smiles and surprised. But here you have it girls; you made it happen the three musketeers determined to put your team where it belongs in good standing. Make note of that Principal Gray I saw you around till the very end and I am impressed. Mission's Bobby Edwards, D'angelo Winston, and Quincy Jackson, and of course Aaron Cox (Twitty) all performed as best they could on this memorable day. Next time around we all hope that Mission High do well and put up a good fight. Anyway you look at it this time around Balboa High School had the best and strongest defensive line with my good friends Peter Taamu Vaovasa, Paradise Vaovasa, and Mapesone Galeuga literally sweeping the Mission players off the ground like the swirling wind.

It was a nice warm night with the moon smiling on everyone. I know the players from both teams and they are good to me when I request them to pose for a photograph. Some of them love to visit my webs site and others just surf and appreciate the stuff I write.

Kudos to head coach Sully from Mission High and coach Keith Minor who coaches well at Balboa High. To all the students from both the schools and of course the Principals; thanks for the sacrifice and for all the love.

It was fun watching and may I mention the hot dogs tasted good on this night. Texas Cowboy was at the door and met me on the field after the game. I have known him for the longest time ever.

I drove home with my good friend John Nauer defensive coach from Mission High. Our boys from Balboa High did well he said and I said to myself the better team won. That is what good sports is all about; do your best on the field but remember you have to also maintain your grades. Then you can be proud of yourself and others will say "here is a well grounded person, good at sports and studies too". Thank you for giving me an opportunity to participate in this year High School Football Season it was new to me but very catching.

Turkey Day Championship belongs to Balboa High School this year, the last time they won it was 1984 but this year their hard work will pay good dividends. All the best and this time I say Balboa is the best team. To my Samoan Warriors I say much Talofa.

Chris Pon WR/DB.

Peter Vaovasa OL/LB.

McManus Tago Ol/DL.

Terrill Jamar Vinson.

Solomon Webster RB/DB.

Andrew Vai Ol/DL. Doctor Phil (Field Doctor).

Mcleod Bethel-Thompson QB/LB.

Afa Galuego OL/DL. McManus Tago OL/DL.

Mapesone Galuega TE/LB.

Luther Gary.

Sydney, Capricia, and Anisha (Balboa Cheer Leaders).

Mission High School.

Balboa Head Coach Keith Minor.

Mission Bear in Buccaneer territory.

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