Blessing Nauer.


Blessing will be five December 26, 2005. She has been the soul of any event, meeting, or party that we have had as All Islanders Gathering As One. Today was especial we had a Birthday Party that we had for her at Saint Paul of the Shipwreck in the Bayview.

So many relatives and good friends gathered and it was a joy to see the youth running about and enjoying themselves. The food was plenty and delicious and everyone was smiling and having a good time.

Blessing Nauer is the daughter of my best friend John Nauer. I am not one to go for parties but Blessing Nauer is special so I tried my best to socialize even though as times I wondered in my own world and some one would call my name and I would try to pretend that I was not day dreaming.

I had my camera and through the eye of the camera tried to catch the fleeting moments of the Birthday Party. Children were having a ball and the Elders were too. Vai Nauer who is Blessing's mother was working very hard with her crew of lady friends making every one feel good.

John Nauer's sister and husband Mr. and Mrs. Siataga are my good friends, their children Jennifer, Gaynor, David, Xavier, Kristin, and Ann my dear friends - also members of All Islanders Gathering As One.

John's brother Francis Nauer was there and so was Idriss the coach at Saint Paul's of the Shipwreck. Coach Idriss works with youth and is doing a great job. It was fun to see the children and adults play basketball and then come up for some good food. Then eat and go play and finally come up to the place where the food was all set for more food and good tasty birthday cake.

It was a pleasure to meet Coach Idriss' wife and her sister. Meet the family and share the joy of the holidays. Coach Idriss is our brother who also coaches with the Brown Bombers - we all are one happy family. Coach Idriss and John Nauer serve our youth with love. Blessing Nauer was all excited and happy to see so many good friends. I wish all the kids had such a wonderful birthday party. I even heard some parents wish they had the time and money to have such a great birthday party. I am glad I went to Blessing Nauer's birthday party and it was a great pleasure to meet so many nice people.

It was nice to see Wilma Nauer and Theresa, John, Max their father Francis Nauer who is the brother of my very good friend John Nauer and the two young siblings. Wilma was there for a quick minute so I had to click and was happy to get a nice family photograph.

Blessing you are a wonderful child
Often you bring joy to our world
We especially love you in prayer
We feel so blessed in every way
Wish we had more youth like you
You keep it real and I know why
It is all because you are a Nauer
Mommy Vai loves you too
And so does daddy John
And you know girl - the world around
Loves your company
Thank you for the memories
Thank you for the joy
Thank you for being real
The Island Pearl you are
Years from now - you will visit
This website and say
Wow — how great it was to be just six
How great is was to be in the pix
Daddy loves me and so does Mommy
Justin loves me but so does Francisco
Love you Blessing
Grow up to be a good person
And keep it real
The smile and the action
To make this world
A better place

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