Those of us that are old enough to fully understand the Civil Rights Movement may understand it better because we witnessed and experienced the adverse impacts of racism, blatant abuse of people of color, lack of opportunities - in short respect that now is available to those that are educated and given the opportunities - America.

It comes as no surprise when many young Americans cannot go there and have forgotten the opportunities available to all now. It is not all perfect but it was hell in the 1950s and more so just before certain Civil Rights was made available to all. It is not all rosy today but at least we can unite and take it to another level. But have we?

If one carefully listens to the words but more the deeds of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we cannot but ponder and notice the deep influence left on him by reading the works of Mahatma Gandhi. The principles of non violence are not easy to follow and especially not in a culture that is germane and totally American where lynching and gun toting comes easy.

When the Whites first landed in America many had White Slaves. And those that had Black slaves also known as Negroes mostly had them as indentured laborers. They worked, paid off their debt and were free. It may come as no surprise that they were some rich Negroes that had both White and Negro slaves but as I said they were indentured.

The divisiveness brought about by the Whites mainly was rooted in the false interpretation of the Bible and a fake notion that the Whites were superior. In fact the White men suffered an inferiority complex that force him to create a model that best suited him and his evil projects.

Very little is written about this inferiority complex because it takes a deeper understanding of the Psyche and more humanity and the universality of the human race. In this case religion and the false interpretation of the Bible screwed the World Order. The Six Nations and the Iroquois Confederacy reigned supreme much before the United States had a constitution. The Founding Fathers read and learned much from the Six Nations and incorporated much of what was noble and refined wisdom into our Constitution. The Six Nation practiced democracy for thousands of years. They had no Slaves.

In Africa which is a Continent and has 54 countries today - civilization in terms of huge buildings, irrigation system, and civility as gauged by Western Terms did not exist every where but it did. In North Africa many African countries were civilized when the so called European Nations were barbarians. When the pyramids rose high Europe was low in civility and culture.

When Babylonia had scholars and many of them African most Europeans did not have an alphabet. Westerners did not have a number system nor did they practice medicine. They surely knew nothing of species and good eating and we could go on - suffice it so say that they were Barbaric. They had poor hygiene and that is a known fact.

While much has been made of the slave trade this did not happen without the Arabs playing an important part. The Dutch, the English, and the Portuguese could not have imported thousands of African Slaves without the help of crooked African Chiefs, Arabs, and many go betweens. Much as we have sellouts today in our contemporary times.

It may sound paradoxical that many ships from the Continent of Africa to nearby islands, destinations, and Slave Trade Markets were piloted by African Navigators and Arabs - the owners of the ships being the Dutch, Portuguese, English, and some others. The Navigator understood the winds and the currents by intuition handed from father to son. These Navigators took their work seriously and money and wealth too. They did not pay keen attention to Slavery, Slaves, and the inhumanity.

Slaves landed in England, Portugal, in Europe, the Bahamas, Cuba, Brazil, in America and substituted the indentured system primilarily because the White Christian Landlords and Rulers made an interpretation that suited their evil ways, greed, and money. They used the Bible when the Bible did not in any way lead humans to evil and hell. Negroes, Blacks, African Americans find it difficult to trace the evilness of Slavery but it exists today in America in many quarters - one has just to look for it. In the year 2006 depending on the intensity of the pain and suffering - most everyone is a slave in general.

Even today while we do not want to admit it many folks are indentured to some evil system. In general many are indentured to their Credit Cards Master Card and Visa have the same owners or Slave Masters but few know about it. Time to take these Slave Masters to task and abolish the huge interests rates that millions cannot pay back.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for Civil Rights he liberated many and gave millions opportunity to work and improve their standard of living. Today, many Middle Class African Americans feel bad if you call them a Negro. They pay attention to a word but not to being slaves of the system created by those that are constantly controlling the system.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. opened doors and the President of the United States signed Executive Orders that gave every one rights and certain protection. Many took the rights for granted and have NOT stopped to think to take humanity to another level.

The Courts heard cases and protected Civil Rights. The Equal Opportunity Commission and other Commissions made good stuff happen for millions. Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Factories, the Government opened doors and helped millions of Americans there was to be NO COLOR BAR.

Mahatma Gandhi took on the British Empire by ordering all Indians not to pay Salt Tax. Salt could be got free from the Ocean but the British forced the Indians to pay Salt Tax. The British took cotton from India all the way to England spun cloth - brought it back to India and sold it at a premium. Mahatma Gandhi created institutions where people could spin their own yarn and make their own clothes.

We cannot get out of slavery in today's world unless we control our destiny. We cannot do it today unless we are united. We surely cannot do it with the many Black sellouts that sellouts the community. Some say African Americans are worse off today then they were in the 1960s. At that time you saw a snake and knew what to do - now we have snakes that smile and when you are off guard they will strike you and kill you with deadly venom. This is a fact of life and it happens every day.

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today he would not tolerate the Black on Black violence. It is happening while hundred of Church Leaders are making money but are not in the streets united as a front to stop this senseless taking of life.

In Black Neighborhoods others makes money selling alcohol and other junk food. Blacks have forgotten to cook when they were the world's best cooks. No one knows how to make good gumbo and forget about a healthy breakfast. The fast food chains have taken over and rule at the dinner table.

There is lack of spirituality and the family values have gone out the door into the cesspool of turpitude. Remember the day when an Elder spoke and there was silence because behind that voice was wisdom. If one is shallow how can one fill anyone's cup with wisdom?

This year that was no march on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in San Francisco. Some one just decided to have it another way. Jesus walked with that Cross just as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched and with the singing, clapping, and unity a bond was made that has stood the times of despair and brought progress on many levels.

We cannot sit on those fancy chairs and let false pride take over. No love comes without sacrifice. There is no easy way like fast food and TV dinners that can substituted for fresh cooking and healthy smiles. Nothing is of any value with spirituality. We are losing it because we cannot take the teaching of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to the next higher level with credibility in the year 2006. We still have six states in the Nation that do not want to join the Nation and respect this day as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - a National Holiday. Only Presidents Washington and Lincoln share this unique distinction Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led the way- there are those that talk the talk but only a chosen few that spiritually can walk the walk.

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