The Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (BVHP PAC) is an illegal body and has been illegal for the last 7 years. During the last 7 years it has not had fair elections. If the BVHP PAC really represents the people of Zip Code 94124 the PAC should have noticed all the constituents and it has not done so in the last 7 years.

During the first two years when the BVHP PAC met up on the hill by Hunters Point it noticed the constituents and fair elections were held. When it moved to 1800 Oakdale at the Southeast Commission Facility it failed to carry out its due diligence. Cronies met and cronies made deals.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency are using the BVHP PAC as a ploy to bless the SFRA and the Project Area. It is using the PAC to bless the final Environmental Impact Report (EIR). It is using the PAC which only agreed to approve the final EIR after it was approved by the joint SF Planning Commission and the SFRA in Room 250 at City Hall on March 2, 2006.

The initial Blight Report was not done properly and over $80,000 misspent. Dan Blout one of the former PAC members took upon himself to use a Polaroid Camera and created a Blight Report complete with photographs that he perceived were buildings that met Blight. This whole process was and is screwed up.

I appeared numerous times before the BVHP PAC and each time I attended the meetings the PAC members talk and talk and did not want to listen to sense and to the community. They do not represent the diverse community and think that the whole of Bayview Hunters Point in controlled by Negroes. This is plain wrong.

I never ever saw Angelo King at the PAC meetings 4 years ago or 3 years ago. He came on the scene two years ago with a hidden agenda - he wants a piece of the pie and wants to make a fast buck. He is backed by friends that have been to jail and want to make hay while the sun shines. He is transplant from the Western Addition and does not have the respect of the Bayview Hunters Point community. Time will tell. If the SF Board of Supervisors allow the SFRA to take charge of the Project Area the SFRA will use Eminent Domain for one simple reason the Supreme Court has favored Eminent Domain is all of its recent cases. One case just two months ago.

The SFRA has adversely impacted African American in the Western Addition and will adversely impact everyone including some Negroes that favor the SFRA and its dubious activities in the name of jobs and development. The SFRA is not about jobs and never has been.

Eminent Domain is a real threat in the Bayview and already many businesses have been visited by inspectors and others unannounced asking for permits and other documents. Such idiots were never to be seen before and many businesses are asked to leave and their leases not extended - landlords hoping to sell block and blocks of land to filthy rich developers.

Eminent Domain permits SFRA to push the button and it is time for those that deal with SFRA to fight fire with fire. It is also time to put the BVHP Project Area Committee on notice. All those that sold out should know that we are watching them and that they are not respected by the community.

Some Negroes have not forgotten the days when they were slaves and to this day they will pander to the Whites when it comes to selling out the community for some bread crumbs. These bastards do disservice to the Black Panthers and other noble Black Organization that fought for the rights of those that are poor and of color.

Eminent Domain is a real threat to the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

I can speak with authority because first I paid my dues and attended the meetings and told the BVHP PAC that they should not trust the SFRA. I told them to be carefully of the EIR and to address Quality of Life issues. The Cumulative Pollution, the over 400 hotspots, the Cultural Resources, the traffic analysis, the proposed 3 Combustion Turbines, Open Space and Community Benefits and 40 other key elements that the Final EIR linked to the Bayview Hunters Point did not address in detail. I represent the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco and the EIR does not address fully Cultural Resources. Homeowners better gather in force and take this matter to Court. In Court the details will be evaluated and adjudicated. Right now Eminent Domain is a threat and no one should wait one day longer without acting and fighting for their rights. Do not trust SFRA and Marcia Rosen, Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, Dwayne Jones, and Mayor Gavin Newsom.

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