No watch - 7.5 miles of SFPA property.


The San Francisco Port Authority (SFPA) spent over $500,000 and more to figure out a way to strengthen its security on property that comes under its jurisdiction. The SFPA security is a joke and its 7.5 mile jurisdiction from Fisherman's Wharf to Pier 98 and beyond totally unsecured from 6 pm to 6 am every single day.

The SFPA may rely on the Coast Guard and the SF Police Department but the matter of fact is that this wide area and more precisely from AT&T Park to Candlestick Park is wide open and with little and mostly no observation and guard. Go figure.

The SFPA talks the talks but cannot walk the walk. The SFPA Commissioners have no clue about the drug and arm trafficking along this area and could not care less. Every SFPA Commission meeting is a joke there is never a dissent - bring a topic to them and they all go with the flow. I have never seen a bunch of idiots behave in such a manner on a Commission that has so much to attain and does so very little.

Against the wishes of the people the SFPA Commission has permitted Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) to build a Living Classroom at Pier 98. Pier 98 is a toxic dump a few feet from the most toxic spewing power plant called the Hunters Point power plant. LEJ brags that it has taken over 10,000 innocent children to this toxic dump. It does not matter that the power plant will be shut down soon - it has polluted the area for over 60 years and there has been no abatement.

Again and again the SFPA has permitted industries that are not aligned to Maritime Uses - operational on Public Trust Land and against the mandates of the Burton Act. The SFPA Commissioners are totally oblivious to mandates and will take orders from politicians to which they give their total allegiance. Again and again non maritime operations are placed on Port Property - an eye sore, foul smelling and defying logic the Darling Tallow Plant at Pier 92. SFPA property contributes to millions of gallons of toxic run off from the rains and other sources into the Bay. While some studies have been conducted to address this situation the reality of the fact is that is it business as usual.

Add to that the 80,000 plus diesel fuel spill by MUNI which is close to SFPA property and the condition of the Bay and watershed is significantly impacted. The Cruise Ships and other ships continue to pollute the bay. This goes on and on and no one is really addressing the Cumulate Impacts of the area under SFPA jurisdiction. Carol Bach purports to try to configure the basics of Environmental Issues and is the most inept SFPA employee. She cannot discern less comprehend complicated issues.

Adjacent to the Alioto-Lazio property for years there has been fuel leaking and polluting the ground water and the most of it going to the Bay where Supervisor Aaron Peskin dips his ass every morning. No one wants to do the right thing instead of taking on the oil company the SFPA wants to penalize folks that earn living working hard and contributing taxes to the City and County of San Francisco.

The SFPA Commissioners bent backwards to work with crooks to give the worst crooks leases without proper paper work - one of them City Tow and even now I could name a few - American Containers is one currently doing business in a manner that defies logic. If one goes by Pier 70 all sorts of illegal recycling is being done all on SFPA property.

Inept and dumb SFPA employees like David Beaupre and Dianne Oshima keep pushing paper totally oblivious to the fact and significant impacts that adverse impact thousand as a result of faulty and ill thought of projects. Cronies that sit on the Southern Waterfront Advisory Committee (SWAC) and on the take like Karen Pierce and Olin Webb have been there for years selling out the community and trying to make deals behind the scenes.

One deal that did not come to fruition was made with Specialty Crushing but when Tom Chasm needed help most the crooks dumped him like a piece of hot coal and pretended that they never knew him. There has been rampant corruption going on at the SWAC with most of the African American representation on that advisory committee. Some folks thought when Monique Moyer came on board that she would right the wrong. I am sure every single day the poor Irish woman wishes she had the luck of the Irish and never ever had opened a can of stinky worms. Her problems are never ending and even as she tries to resolve one problem another one comes to haunt her with more ghosts showing up from the ever ending dark closets found all over SF Port property.

Cresol painted piers, lead, mercury, PCBs, diesel and a host of other pollutants daily contribute to the pollution of the Bay. These pollutants affect all life forms especially the fish and birds. Many folks continue to fish and eat contaminated fish even though signs in very small print state that they should not. Others swim in the Bay and suffer the consequences.

Mayor Gavin Newsom calls San Francisco a Green City but has no clue about the various issues that significantly impact Global Warming and Quality of Life issues. We can aim at being a Green City but first we have to address the obvious - the main factors that fail us and prevent us from even uttering the word.

We continue to pollute the Bay the recent MUNI Woods spills over 80,000 of the worst diesel polluted our watershed and Islais Creek. At Parcel A which comes under the City and County of San Francisco and SF Redevelopment Agency over 400 trees were clear cut. The Mayor should have been fuming much as he did when he learns about the PG&E manhole flying and hurting one single person. That incident at least was not intended to happen but at Parcel A with intent over 400 mature trees were clear cut. Parcel A is in very close proximity to SF Port property.

We see it all the proposed Illinois Street Bridge that will carry millions of vehicles and spew tons of particulates into the air and pollute the land, water and air. Then the 3 Combustion Turbines on Port Property against the Burton Act and Public Trust Act and these Turbines will in turn spew PM-2.5 and harm thousands of people. What is the position of Mayor Gavin Newsom on the 3 Combustion Turbines? We surely do not need them now that we have 2 good transmissions line and another one on the way from the North - the Pittsburg Potrero Transmission. < MUNI Metro East Facility is being built closer to the 3 Combustion Turbines then Pier 98 is to the Hunters Point power plant. No one seems to care about human lives and Quality of Life issues and yet Mayor Gavin Newsom keep shouting from the roof top that he helped sign some Environmental Policies and we are Green City! Both the MUNI Metro East Facility and 3 Combustion Turbines and the proposed Illinois Street Bridge in close proximity are vulnerable and a Safety hazard.

Mayor Gavin Newsom with whom I have no gripe expect that he listens to cronies and advisors from the Department of Environment, Economic Development and Workforce, Department of Community Development that are not savvy enough to be educated to look at issues in a holistic manner. They sure know to follow the Green but in this case it is the money and greed.

Wake up scumbags Climate Change has already impacted vast areas and we in San Francisco are not immune. Witness the recent cold spell and the long rainy season and there is more to come. We cannot afford to disrespect Mother Earth on property that is given to us to take off not pollute and abuse.

Anyone can Spin and use the Media there are those that talk the talk but where are the folks that walk the walk. Where are the folks that are educated on issues and can think and address critical factors that benefit the majority?

The San Francisco Port Authority is polluting the Bay, harming San Francisco, significantly impacting critical operations and most of all a Security Threat to the Nation. Go figure.

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