Fiona Ma.


City Hall is an interesting place and one learns a lot about the many levels of government. One cauldron of a kind is the Chambers at 250 within this August Chamber sit the Board of Supervisors (BOS). You have characters representing the 11 Districts and one of them is District 4. Fiona Ma represents this District and is now running for State Assembly Seat that will be left vacant by Leland Yee who is running for the California Senate seat left vacant by Senator John Burton.

Fiona Ma is a Certified Public Accountant and brings this expertise to the BOS from time to time. Early on she worked for my good friend John Burton the brother of Phillip Burton who wife was Sala Burton. The Burtons did a lot for those folks that needed help and I hope that Fiona Ma has a little of that magic rubbed on her. We want her to win and win big time and represent us in Sacramento. We really want her to work with Leland Yee who is running for John Burton's vacant seat and together fight for the people and restore the glory days when things were really democratic and benefited those that needed help.

Fiona Ma does not like the lime light too much but she is feisty and tough and has been a player of contact sports and done well. She loves to coach basket ball and volley ball and even as she can juggle figures she can make those quick moves on the field. She is a bundle of joy when you meet her face to face in a quiet setting and debate her on issues. She may not know everything but she is a quick learner. She is a people's person and this is what really counts when it comes to politics.

It is a pity that some Districts in this case local districts 9, 10, and 11 do not have quality representation - especially District 11. We hope that both Leland Yee as Senator and Fiona Ma as our representative in Sacramento and in the California Assembly will represent us well and bring us the required benefits that those that preceded them attained.

One may not like to acknowledge it but Willie L. Brown as the Speaker in California saw that San Francisco was well taken care of and of course he had former Senator pro temp Senator John Burton to back him all the way to the bank and bring smiles to San Franciscans and beyond. Fiona Ma will represent not only San Francisco but Daly City. Fiona Ma wants to represent every segment of the population and working closely on some key issues has learned the ropes that she can now apply when she is elected to represent us in Sacramento. All Islanders Gathering As One will support Fiona Ma and work hard for her victory.

Recently she brought in the girls and well as the boys of Sacred Heart High School basket ball teams and honored them for their success at the State level. She did this at City Hall before the Board of Supervisors. Sacred Heart girls won the finals on Saint Patrick's Day and the boys lost in the finals. It has been a long time since both a girls as wells as a boys team from the same school has had this distinction of reaching the finals. This act may be a small one but it represents a major segment of our love and commitment to the youth. Honoring the youth to do well and encouraging them daily is what we all should do. Fiona Ma understands that very well.

The Asian community and people of color in San Francisco have a great opportunity to vote for Fiona Ma and for values that she stands for. I have not agreed with her on every issue but I respect her for holding her ground, listening to sound advice and respecting what is sound and good for the majority of the constituents of San Francisco.

Fiona Ma is very sensitive to the Elders and to this growing population all over California and especially here in San Francisco. More and more younger couples are leaving San Francisco and we need a representative in California to really represent the Baby Boomers and those full of wisdom but getting there in age. Heath services, transportation, supportive services are being cut and we need some one to stand for the Elders and those in need like the physically challenged.

We need someone in Sacramento to understand the plight of the youth. It is not only about violence and crime but about good education and better facilities in our schools. We are concerned about health issues and Fiona Ma understands that too. Our youth should be prepared to go to college in greater numbers and learn skills to earn more and raise their standard of living. San Francisco needs help with our aging infrastructure and we need some one like Fiona Ma that is not only good with figures but can put a package together with fiscal astuteness that can impress her colleagues but more attain our goals and bring needed money to address the issues at hand to the constituents Fiona Ma will represent. We will support her in this especial endeavor and work very hard for her.

Fiona Ma has that smile that can charm anyone but she goes beyond that smile and works very hard. She does not like to sit on any issue. It is like that volley ball game when the ball is set she makes that critical pike that wins the point and may be the game.

The State of California has good representatives that work hard to give us all the best Quality of Life standards. We have no doubt that Fiona Ma will stand tall and fight for us all for Quality of Life issues. Towards that end we all that stand behind her will back her and rejoice in her victory. Every single vote counts because the voter has it in her or his unique power to make a difference and bring and deliver the best victory of the year in the California Assembly Race to Fiona Ma.

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