Andrew Vai.


A group workshop or retreat has been used by many organizations to bring out the best in the individuals of any group or organization. The comments here are my subjective opinion and so I do not want anyone to come to any conclusion nor conclude that I have any particular Retreat or Group Workshop in mind.

In past retreats or workshops I have observed that the best Retreats or Workshops were preceded by sound preparation. Of course it goes with saying that if we the participants meet on a regular basis and follow the mission objectives of the organization the group we will function well and the understanding of inter-personal relationship on many common levels will be the very best.

It is of paramount importance when the group consists of participants from various age groups the dynamics involved are subject to complex issues. Good facilitators, moderators, speakers can bring about change by focusing of issues that impact all ages by focusing on positive aspects of values, life experiences, sharing talents, evaluating goals and objectives.

Again and again good workshops with sound and meaningful dialog can bring about the best results. Good facilitators make a great difference. The dynamics of group discussion may vary but if the group shares many common life experiences genuinely - the dynamics in that particular group will near be the best.

I recently attended a Retreat at South Lake Tahoe and though I did not participate very actively in the particular Group Retreat, through observation using my past experiences I learned a lot. The group mostly consisted of Polynesian Youth and it was a privilege meeting and sharing ideas with the youth.

Two good friends.


The shot.


The Perfect Smile.

He sees she smiles.

Timo and his buddy.

The cool one.

The Champ in Bed.

Wholesome Three.

Ice Cream for me.

So much Talofa.

The last drop for me.