It is becoming fashionable for the San Francisco Police Department to kill to shoot when other methods could be enforced without taking the life of a single human being. Life is precious and message that the SFPD fails to understand much less comprehend.

When trigger happy cowards to use weapons as a means to maintain order what in fact follows is disorder, chaos, confusion, and pandemonium. As I said this has been happening again and again and again in San Francisco for the longest time ever. The community is fed up and if something is not done on an emergency or war footing the SFPD will have them to be blamed. I have been following this nonsense for over 10 years and with infinite patience.

Given the circumstance in the case of Big "O" and from eye witnesses there was no need what so ever to shoot to kill when it came of Big "O" aka Olive Leftiti. As far as the Leftiti family is concerned they want justice and this process can start by the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) giving them the Incident Report and help speed the Medical Report. Both these reports after weeks have not been forthcoming and stalling tactics have been used by the SFPD.

Mayor Gavin Newsom should be ashamed of himself for creating divisiveness in the San Francisco Police Department. As things stand today the Chain of Command is in shambles. I know the best SFPD upper echelon officers have no respect for those that are carrying on the policies and the day today affairs within the SFPD at all levels.

It is a very sad day when such state of affairs prevails in the City and County of San Francisco. However, Mayor Gavin Newsom has been busy playing the game of Spin and Media and carrying less about the precious lives of so many that have been the victims of rogue San Francisco Police Officers most of them ill trained and cowards that perk up their courage by shooting to kill victim that are not armed. This was clearly the case when it came to Big "O". One has just to evaluate the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice and see that it is not effective. We have novices from the Windy City trying to fathom and execute policies in the Foggy City. Community Based Organization that having been doing good work has now been told that their funding is cut. In mid-stream policies have been changed to accommodate ulterior motives and a Blue Print that has not been cleared by meaningful dialog with the best parties giving their input when it comes to Crime, Violence, Community Policing, and plain Health and Safety issues.

People talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has no clue about Incident Reports and does not get daily reports to review of incidents all over the City. The BOS are not fully cognizant of the divisiveness and the impact on tax paying constituents all over the City and County of San Francisco.

Oliver Leftiti a Samoan Warrior should be given the common courtesy afforded all citizen by the standard operating procedures well known to the Mayor Office, the Mayors Office of Criminal Justice, the Board of Supervisors, the City Attorney, the Public Defender, the District Attorney, the SF Police Commission, the SFPD, and all Law Enforcement agencies.

If the incident linked to Oliver Leftiti was analyzed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation which it should as soon as possible the world will know that the SF Police Department cannot follow simple instructions and mandates all in place and all very simple to follow by those that are supposed to adhere the law and are supposedly professional. Actions speak to the contrary.

Of course we cannot expect higher standards from imbeciles and ill trained rogue police officers that have no discipline and have no chain of command that they truly respect. At one time San Francisco in the late 1800s and the early 1900s had vigilantes. We still have them now but they wear the Blue Uniform and those reengage police officers should be ashamed of themselves and fired. When over 90% of the San Francisco Police Officers live outside San Francisco it further makes police work cumbersome and the officers lack the attachment of living in San Francisco as did the older generation that truly loved this great City. Today's officers want their salaries and less the police work that they profess is their profession but which is reality is not.

The Mayor Office does not want Community Policing that was in place in San Francisco before. Over the years starting with Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. Community Policing as understood by those that have lived in this City for over 30 or 40 years does not exists. What we have is a police force, some as they may be, that it out to hurt the public as opposed to helping the public and the community.

I have access to the highest levels of Law Enforcement - Federal, State, and Local. Under Mayor Gavin Newsom the local enforcement has reach the pit bottom and there is only one person to blame - Mayor Gavin Newsom. The Mayor's policies are not working and using scapegoats to get his dirty work done is not working. We see this in other departments too but it is glaring when it comes to the SFPD.

One has to be educated on issues to fathom the corruption, lack of accountability and transparency that Mayor Gavin Newsom has institutionalized during his term of office. His Young Turks think they have things under control but judging from the utter chaos prevailing in many sectors of San Francisco - I sincerely hope better sense prevails.

The San Francisco Police Commission is not working as envisioned by Proposition H. The present SF Police Commission today has no clout and no money to carry out certain responsibilities in an independent manner. The SF Police Commission asks for Incident Reports and other pertinent reports to be carried on and delivered by the SFPD in a timely manner - again and again these pleas fall on deaf ears and in certain cases the SFPD acts defiant. The blaming game makes things difficult.

The Public in General does not appreciate this Pussyfooting and it is not for the Public to Ramrod the policies and mandates that should be in place and executed by those in Law Enforcement to better serve the public. After all it is the tax payer footing the bill not the other way around when it comes to constituents of San Francisco being shafted. The Polynesian Community is hurting and the Leftiti family that is Samoan is asking for answers - to date nothing is forthcoming but we do not see any light at the end of the tunnel. The local Press that been printing fabrication with information fed by the SFPD will not help anyone is furthering better relations between SFPD, all parties, but more the victims of the families that are suffering with these rampant shoot to kill episodes that are on the increase in San Francisco.

San Francisco is the City named after Saint Francisco Assisi the Saint who was very compassionate. In San Francisco we will not permit any organization to imitate the Brown Shirts or the Third Reich. SFPD does not have a pleasant history when one studies the statistics going some years back but more since Mayor Gavin Newsom assumed office as Mayor of San Francisco. I am requesting the Federal Bureau of Investigation to look into the shoot to kill incidents in recent years under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Police Department and Mayor Gavin Newsom's corrupt administration.

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