Naiveté has broken down safety on the streets and in the neighborhoods in San Francisco and it all stems from ignorance from those that are so called leaders but in fact are idiotic managers. In today world you find time dime a dozen - paper pushers and makers of fake policy.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

In San Francisco and especially at City Hall we do not have good leaders but we do have idiotic managers. Mayor Gavin Newsom imports managers based on life style and foreign experience that do not fit nor does it fully apply to the conditions we have and will experience in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Police Department has been reduced to shambles because some one in the Mayor's Office fully believes that the Mayor can manage the Safety and the Health of this City by having meetings behind close doors and making decision without any input from the informed Public and more from those that are experienced.

Recently the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice de-funded a number of Community Based Organizations that deal with crime and violence at ground zero. The Mayor was not cognizant of this fact and now that he has been informed he wants to make back room deals to restore some of the funding.

Allan Nance a manager from Chicago appears to be a good man but that is what he is a good man - he is a lousy manager and a very poor leader.

Chicago is a very corrupt City and the Mayor of Chicago has a large population in the millions and crooked cronies that can manipulate and make things happen for the filthy rich crooks. In Chicago poor people are out of sight and suffer much more then the poor of San Francisco. In the Bayview Hunters Point thousands live day to day and hundred sleep in vans and cars and with relatives because they have no where to go. There is no system that will accommodate poor youth and folks that do not have health insurance. There is no system that will offer succor to those that do not have an address.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is that Ultimate Racist - he talks the talks but cannot walk the walk. He will fight for same sex marriage but will not fight to right the wrong that poor people experience every single day. Mayor Gavin Newsom will spend more time grooming his hair and his poodle and less time paying attention to the needs of those that need help.

Some members of the San Francisco Police Commission have been consulting the Mayor and making wrong choices. SF Police Commission has strayed away from Proposition H and folks like Tom Ammiano have nothing to say because even Tom Ammiano has little if no experience when it comes to understanding Law Enforcement.

It may shock the world that the SF Police Department has the worst track record when it comes to Human Rights. It is important that every San Franciscan understands the rights as laid down by the United Nation. San Francisco was where the United Nations was born. It is further of great value and importance to understand our Nation's Constitution that values human life.

It is shame that in the last couple of years hundreds of young men and women continue to die - many of them killed by the SF Police Department and no one has any guts to speak the truth and bring about mechanism to stop the shoot to kill policy that favors the military and war on the enemy as a last resort but has nothing to do with good policing.

Community Policing has been relegated to the back burner. The reason is simple the Racist Mayor does not want his polices, his behind the doors machinations exposed. Some times he is very quick to say that he will appoint a Blue Ribbon but all that has come out is - hog wash. It does not bode well for innocent youth to die at the hands of cowards armed with guns. Take away the gun and the cowards will run away or shy away from doing true policing.

No one is zeroing on the number of Police personnel that do not live in San Francisco. The police come to San Francisco- they earn their salary in San Francisco - they make tons of Over Time and then they move away, far away to the suburbs and speak ill of San Francisco. Such vermin should be fired because these scum bags use San Franciscans and work for money and greed. They are detrimental to Quality of Life issues.

This year if nothing much is done the record will be broken as far as deaths are concerned linked to crime and violence in San Francisco. At the rate young folks are dying in San Francisco we could surpass Oakland and our Board of Supervisors are still pondering what to do. The most disgusting Boards of Supervisors Jake McGoldrick, Michaela Alioto-Pier, Bevan Dufty, and Sophie Maxwell.

It is time Police Chief Heather Fong to make some drastic changes. We cannot continue to see the divisiveness within the Police Force. Too many Captains and Lieutenants owe their allegiance to others and not the present Chain of Command.

I have seen this all over San Francisco - time and time again. Of course Mayor Gavin Newsom can cover the asses of those departments like the SF Fire Department, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission but with the SF Police Department it too, too open and glaring for everyone to see and reflect. This adversely impacts thousands and it a very sad reflection on San Francisco a world known tourist destination.

San Franciscans have good leaders and many of them do not bow down nor acknowledge the stupidity that prevails in City Hall and more linked to Room 200. The cronies surrounding Mayor Gavin Newsom have much to answer and soon they will fall on their faces. What goes around comes around. This City permits so many to die, young folks that should live and contribute, you cannot write off a generation of worthy contributors and keep backing crooks of the worst order and more the worst head of Racism that appears all over San Francisco. Naiveté has broken down safety in San Francisco.