We have looked at gas, electricity, water as vital resources and have played long enough with information with all its facets to now called it as the pertinent 4th Utility to garner our resources and make it play a very important role governing sustainability and ruling quality of life issues all over the world.

The Department of Defense (DoD) has had the resources from billions of appropriated funds to develop projects that have been used on many military projects using information technology to further the stability and foundation of the 4th Utility.

As often happen the spill into civilian projects takes time and over the years some experts have captured the notion and put it into motion mostly affecting Energy projects. We saw this with the Internet and now we see it with thousands of products that will project the 4th Utility concept to make our work a better place.

The 4th Utility has now been coined and accepted and software engineers are busy developing models to equip large and small companies to deploy energy saving and other pollution reduction mechanism to address Quality of Life issues.

With the best firewalls being developed and transmission modes using Ethernet, TCP/IP, and even more sophisticated conduits information technology can now not only embrace but unify mundane technologies and take it to the highest level with the best and safer applications.

I love talking to software engineers for with these genius individuals lies the genie that once released will bring about tremendous changes in the way we think, live, and treat our Earth. We are on this Earth to live and leave it a better place for those human beings who should treat it with love and care and leave it a better place. Indigenous people have always learned not to waste and more not to pollute. The 4th Utility will foster this concept for all human beings - that is my thinking be belief. Hardware engineers are bent on making things smaller and more durable. The Army has used equipment lighter, durable, and efficient and made inroads in many areas where cumbersome equipment hindered progress. Information Technology and the 4th Utility Concept go hand in hand.

In years to come we will be talking about 4th Utility Equipment and 4th Utility Facilities. 4th Utility buildings and 4th Utility units all make sense in this day and age when Energy and related communication systems make progress possible.

Opening unknown avenues because so many arteries can lead to so many caparalies and together infuse and bring about a vision hither to unseen as far as possibilities are concerned for very practical projects and even more far reaching uses.

I am no engineer but over the years working with engineers I have seen products from Honeywell, Cisco, Siemens, BASF, General Electric and a host of other companies deliver products that garnered the way for what we will now accept as sound and practical products embraced by the 4th Utility Concept.

Research and development is going on in many countries with China, India, South Korea, Japan, Germany, America, and other developing countries making daily strides. The Universities all over the world and more in countries such as South Korea, U.S.A., Britain, France, Germany, India, China, Japan are making great strides.

Eurotechnology Japan Corp., Alps Electric Co. Ltd., Furukawa Electric, American Superconductors Corp., Siemens, General Electric, BASF and many others are investing billions of dollars to make the best technology to address the needs of human beings. Catering to Quality of Life issues and making smaller, durable, very proficient equipment much like our lap tops, communicating and supplying steady and reliable energy and sound information.

In San Francisco we have the emerging technologies but we do not have the leadership with vision. Those that lead the charge are blind and with blindness come lack of sight and even less insight and no vision. San Francisco talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. The 3 Combustion Turbines that San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) plans to site at Pier 80 will not meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) current standards with it comes to emission of particulates and NOx.

SFPUC with Susan Leal as the Manger of SFPUC and Richard Sklar talk the talk which borders on nonsense and their concepts are so old and they are so clueless that they make a mockery of today's prevailing science, technology, and practical uses. The concept of the 4th Utility is not known to them. This will be their first exposure and hopefully educated these two fools.

I testified before the EPA recently and there is no where SFPUC understands standards when it comes to pollution. No one from SFPUC attended these hearing and that tell you a lot.

SFPUC is the single most culprit that pollutes San Francisco - our Bay waters, Air, and Land - the first culprit that comes to mind are Mirant and PG&E but when you study the Waste Treatment Plants, the leaks in the clean and waste water pipes, the unsanitary reservoirs, the deficient pumping stations SFPUC managers should be sent to jail.

Thousands of homes from Colma, Daly City, Brisbane send this excreta to San Francisco further endangering our Quality of Life issues.

The concept of the 4th Utility has not been announced to Mayor Gavin Newsom. He is very familiar with lubrication of all sorts but slow to learn about Quality of Life issues - less about harmful particulates and even less about Nox emissions. The pollution affecting him daily are the daily particulates his inhales from the cronies that surround him with disinformation.

Some one would really have to have him smell the carbon mono-oxide and hydrocarbons to understand the damage that is done to San Francisco and San Franciscans by lack of enforcement from the San Francisco Health Department, the fake Department of Environment and of course leading the fakeness the Green Czar that now does not exists and of course our very admirable the very fake Mayor Gavin Newsom himself. San Francisco has no clue about the 4th Utility even though we are surrounded by companies that have given the world the best information to better Quality of Life issues.

In San Francisco I represent the Muwekma Ohlone, the First People of San Francisco, on issues such as infrastructure and matters that adversely impact Quality of Life issues and San Franciscans. I am infusing some ideas so that those of you that are intelligent can take this meaningful dialog to the highest level.