Margaret April DeOcampo-Eisenbise was born April 18, 1952 and passed to the Spirit World September 21, 2006.

Hundreds of people from all walks of life came to pay respect to Margaret affectionately called Maggie and to many others Aunty Maggie. The Ceremony and Reception was held at USA World Classic Event Center, 1525 Sonoma Boulevard, Vallejo.

In life Maggie was a friend to those that needed help most. She lived a full life enjoying out door sports, a deep appreciation for her indigenous Me-Wuk culture, helping others especially Native American foster children, her good deeds go on and on and on.

Maggie graduated with a B.A. from Sonoma State University. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 1978 with a Masters in Social Work (MSW). She received her Masters in Public Health (MPH) in 1984.

Maggie was a UC Berkeley Recruiter/Counselor in Native American Studies and a professor at San Francisco State University in Social Welfare.

She was also a Social Worker at the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland, California where she touched many lives.

Maggie married Ralph Luke Eisenbise on May 23, 1972. They were married for 35 years. Maggie has two children Melissa April and Siskana (Non) Hiema Eisenbise.

Maggie was a Foster Care Social Worker for Indigenous Nations Child and Family Agency. She worked countless hours recruiting families to care for foster children who had been placed in foster care. Maggie would spend hours with foster children and with the foster parents. To this day they all have a deep appreciation for Maggie. Maggie participated in The Longest Walk in 1978, the 500 Mile Spiritual Run, the 24 hour run, the Sacred Shellmound Peace Walk, the Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz and volunteered with the Vallejo Intertribal Council and the Sacred Sites Protection Rights of Indigenous Tribes (SSPRIT).

When Maggie found time she enjoyed traveling, gambling, walking, hiking, jet skiing, snowmobiling, soap operas, shopping, and eating out.

Maggie was active in many causes that continue to create change for the survival of all people and Mother Earth. Coming from a Big Clan, family and cultural traditions were very sacred.

Maggie now lives in the Spirit World and she has the powers to watch over us. In life as in death she lives closer to Mother Earth and watches the actions of all of us - those that are faithful and those that pretend to be faithful to the teachings of the Great Spirit.

As a teacher, care giver, mother, counselor, educator - Maggie shared her life as best she could so that other could have hope and live a full life.

At the Ceremony I had the privilege to say a few words and to listen to the many speakers that tried to convey a message of love and hope of understanding and compassion and I think they all fell short. Actions speak louder then words.

Maggie helped hundreds in her life and she goes to place where she can watch over us all. She cared for Mother Earth and left us a message to care for Mother Earth and for her children that respect Mother Earth.

Many that had gone astray and were touch by Maggie testified that Maggie brought them hope. Foster children will remember her kind words, her smile, and her loving actions for a long, long time. The good that she left is an inspiration to all of us.

Maggie has five brothers and two sisters. I am a friend of her brother Wounded Knee. Ah Ho.

Ceremonial Altar.

Wounded Knee.