Concept Plan with no input from the residents.


Lennar Corp simply does not get it when it comes to working with the community. I have heard Kofi Bonner from Lennar make statements that Lennar would like to work with the community but for over a year now - most of the deliberations between Lennar and Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce have been behind close doors.

The issues about the 49ers Stadium has gone before the voters before and we all know that here in San Francisco come House Negros do not decide what is good for San Francisco and San Franciscans in toto.

What Lennar has done is joined forced with crooks mostly Blacks like Luster, Willie B. Kennedy, Linda Richardson, Sophie Maxwell, Doris Vincent, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Angelo King - the same folks that have been on the take. None of them will ever speak for the community and more for San Francisco.

The 49ers have now decided for sure that they have no plans to stay in San Francisco. The 49ers will stay in the Bay Area and that is good. After all, any way one looks at the equation the better richer fans live around Santa Clara and the 49ers play but 8 or 9 games and they know it more then we know it. The National Football League demands some pertinent requirements and standards these can be found at Santa Clara and they cannot be found at Candlestick Park.

Lennar Corp wanted to make use of the 49ers throwing in all sorts of gimmicks. Lennar does not have the financing in place and will never have it unless they learn to be sincere and work with the community. There is no way Lennar Corp can fake it and hood wink all of San Francisco and San Franciscans.

I commend the 49ers and especially Doctor John York for doing what is best for the 49ers. More I thank Doctor York for exposing the evil side of Lennar Corp and the Mayor's Office and his cronies. Look at the conceptual plans and you can gauge for yourself. There is no way such a plan would be approved by sane San Franciscans.

Concept Dream with no fiscal backing.

Fake shopping malls.

A stadium with no standards.

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