I often hear many politicians refer to the American People as some entity that they think they represent all the time and that is not so. Donald Rumsfeld is no more - he was fired - good riddance of very bad rubbish. As the Defense Secretary this man has caused too much harm to too many people and it will come to haunt this Nation for a long, long time.

We as a Nation had no business going to Iraq. Today, this Nation by its action and interference in the affairs of a sovereign nation has wiped out the Middle Class in Iraq. Imagine the Middle Class that is eroding in the United States of America completely wiped out?

This Nation has NOT learned much from Viet Nam and before that the Korean War. We have had a policy to bully some small nations in Central and South America. Endlessly interfered in the business of sovereign nations in Africa and Southeast Asia and for the last 40 years thought we could not be harmed at home.

The incidents leading to 9/11 were of our making. If we did not aid the so called warriors against the Russians in Afghanistan - we would not have created a Bin Laden. We created a Bin Laden and we chose to fly the Bin Laden family to Saudi Arabia soon after the 9/11 incident. Most Americans are very na´ve - after all these years they have little clue as to the history of the Kurds that live in modern Iraq.

Ask any average American the difference between the Sunnis and the Shiites and you get a piercing glance of ignorance. Most Americans have no clue about the Bedouins and the Assyrians. Less, of the Syrians and the Iranians in the context of geography and long pressing connecting history of Iraq. International culture and cultural exchanges are low on the totem pole of any average American. In today's world this is pathetic to say the least as the world shrinks and communication is measured in split seconds. We, as a Nation chose to put thousands of young women and men in the service of our Nation in harms way. Today hundreds suffer - many have lost limbs other will suffer psychological trauma for life. We know many of them as our friends and relatives.

History will not be kind to President George Bush Junior and especially to Condi Rice and Donald Rumsfeld. We should shun war and only as the last extreme measure embrace war knowing full well that in the past we have suffered immeasurable consequences. If we have no EXIT policy then we should shun putting thousands in harms way.

This Nation went to Iraq more for oil and got nothing. We aided and abetted criminals like those working for Halliburton and like companies.

This Nation rewards criminals such as Donald Rumsfeld. His actions have led to thousands dying in Iraq. Iraq is the place where Abraham the Father of all Nations lived. The Babylonian Civilization contributed immensely to the civilization of this world. This Nation has scared Iraq forever and traumatized its inhabitants over and over and over again.

Today, we supposedly call ourselves a Super Power but cannot control our own destiny both at home and aboard where some White House leaders have led this Nation to doom by lying and fabrication of so called facts that have not be proved. Weapons of Mass Destruction a figment of the imagination of those that are in charge of our Intelligence Gathering. The same folks that created hundreds of Bin Ladens in Afghanistan and have screwed things in that country today.

Billions of dollars could have been spent on our youth and education right here in America and at home. More on our seniors and health. More to address Quality of Life issues.

Of course Middle America praised the Shock and Awe sensation that made headline when we went to war in Iraq. We praised those embedded as journalists as our troops invaded Iraq and reached Baghdad. As every month ends the toll increases and our service women and men are put in harms way while at home vain statements at made from the White House. Some one some where has blood on their hands.

President George Bush is a joke and considered one all over the world. We have intelligent people in the United States but they cannot speak out - or they will be targeted by Homeland Security which is as insecure as the affairs going on in Iraq.

Daily millions of good Americans are treated as second class citizens at airports and as they enter State and Federal Buildings - they are searched as any criminal would. The White House has created Fear Models to brain wash Americans. Some Americans have chosen to target innocent immigrants that they think look like the Taliban or people they hate and kill but have no clue about the international community, universal humanity, compassion and justice.

This land will call America belongs first to the Native Americans - fondly known as the First People. This Nation has chosen to place the First People on Reservations of Death depriving them of their rights, services, and facilities. Yet, we choose to gift Democracy to other countries that do not like our system of government and more the mores of our culture and unethical behavior on every level at home.

Those in the White House today have no respect for themselves. One has just to watch the President speak and watch his actions both at home and abroad. His massaging of the German Chancellor was an eye opener and his unearthly words when the mike was on and he was unaware.

Middle America still thinks that President George Bush talks to God and that he is a Messiah. So far he has led us to doom and the sooner he fades way to his ranch the better.

Donald Rumsfeld is gone and that is good - we look forward to Condi Rice fading away and then of course the day President George Bush clowns no more.

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