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Glen Cove situated in Vallejo is in the news and this time it is about one of the largest intact shellmound considered and respected by the Ohlone and other First People as Sacred Burial Ground on this Earth.

The Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD) proposes to implement the Glen Cove Waterfront Park Master Plan at a fifteen acre site located in Southern Vallejo, on the north side of the Carquinez Strait, owned by the District since 1983.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) plays an important role in the proposed Environmental Impact Report linked to this project. A review of the process points in the direction that is flawed because prior to doing meaningful outreach to the First People and especially to the Vallejo Inter-Tribal Council that has taken a lead in this Sacred Matter led by my good friend Wounded Knee, the authorities with intent had prior models in mind that were not discussed in the open and in a meaningful manner.

There are models and plans at the GVRD office within plain sight of the public that clearly points the direction of the GVRD more towards Open Space with recreational amenities - complete with restrooms, path ways, benches, bike trails, and a gamut of other plans in clear violation and disrespecting the First Peoples Cultural and Sacred Values.

The paradox is that the same Vallejo that murdered thousands of California Indians, the same Vallejo that the town is named after, after all these years still continues through some misinformed City Officials to adversely impact the Ohlone and their few Sacred Shellmounds .

The White Man will not ponder to think and remember that 18 treaties signed between California Tribes and the United States Government was never ratified. That millions of acres were stolen from the California Tribes including the Sacred Land belonging to the Ohlone. California Governors issued Edicts to go kill the California Tribes in return for monetary rewards as little as $5 for a scalp. All this took place until 1924 and after and we are now in the year 2007. Nothing much has changed and the discrimination and injustice done to the Ohlone and to other First People goes on even today. I see it, I hear see, I feel it, but I will tolerate the nonsense.

The White Man will use CEQA and some flawed Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to better suit his needs that are engrained in greed, waste, corruption, no spiritual values, mundane values - a cesspool. History is his story and the history rewritten to plot and control, steal, loot, and covert.

Shellmounds the Sacred Burial Grounds have with stood time immemorial - some that have been carbon dated have stood intact for fifteen thousand years, yes 15,000 years. For thousands of years the ecological balance was kept and the rivers, hills, watershed, the air, the land, the trees, the plants, the fish, the birds and all that moved and was living and that stood in place was pristine.

The Ohlone lived in peace and traded with their cousins the many tribes that lived within the reachable distance of clean transportation. It was all good and the abundance of food and other simple amenities that helped regeneration. Spirituality was all pervasive and a key hub and foundation of all living, ceremonies, and every day actions.

It is shocking how the White Man in less then two hundred years destroyed all that was pristine and continues destroying and polluting and contributing to Global Warming and the destruction of our Earth.

No CEQA, no EIR, and no law less adjudication can begin to revel the mysteries and Sacredness of the Shellmounds. These healing points placed and nurtured by the Shamans helped create a balance and honored Mother Earth. Mundane thinking cannot comprehend this.

Shellmounds are deep some hundreds of feet and within these huge mounds lie thousands of remains and other artifacts sentimental and Sacred to the Ohlone. No one should touch these remains and artifacts.

There are laws that protect the remains in the books and Acts that mandated repatriation of remains. Yet thousands of remain lie at University of California, Berkeley. These must be returned - now. Only the White Man will dare disturb the remains of the dead. All over the world the First People and that includes the California Native Tribes always respect the dead and more the domain of the remains.

How ever the White Man for some unknown reason will dig graves, remove remains, disturb the spirits, and propagate desecration with intent to gratify his greed and ego.

At the end of this article I will post Senate Bill 18. This California Bill sees to it that Open Space, Shellmounds, other ceremonial sites are preserved and special consideration given to the Recognized Tribes and those that are not.

In California over sixty percent of the California Tribes are not recognized and are treated like second class citizens. All this happening in 2007 and we call ourselves civilized. We could not be further from the Truth.

And yet we want as a Nation to go to Iraq and forcefully imbibe our undemocratic ways on the Iraqi people. We have killed thousands and wiped out the Middle Class in Iraq. We want the OIL badly and have soiled what ever little ethics, morals, fortitude we have remained.

At home we fail to respect the First people. We stole their land, killed them will intent exposing them to diseases like Small Pox and Venereal Diseases. Then we tried spirituality on them using demonic practices and abetting with the devil with satanic practices all the while chanting and praying to a god that has no connection with immorality and high handedness.

Our First People are God's Children and will always be so in the eyes of the Great Spirit and Mother Earth. From the Four Directions the forces of Evil will meet the Forces of Good. There will be turmoil and great tribulations but in the end the Forces of Good on the side of Mother Earth will win. One has just to understand the prophecies of the Hopi. No good comes from any source that is linked with Greed and Disrespect. The sages have repeated that for ages. No good can come from those evil mongers that love to desecrate in the name of monetary gain. Leave the Shellmounds alone.

Shellmounds are Sacred Burial Grounds no one should disturb them. No CEQA, no EIR can comprehend the spirituality of the nature of the Patrimonial Sacredness, Healing Points, Ceremonial Grounds, chosen by those that were in touch with Mother Earth and the Great Spirit.

Those Greedy forces that desecrate will suffer in this life time. Just like the signs of Global Warming linked to pollution are awakening millions to the plight of their own destruction.

Polluters continue to clear cut our forests that clean the air, pollute our rivers and lakes, hundreds of frog species and other living beings are wiped out through the fault of the two legged Homo sapiens. Daily the climatic changes are a warning of the days to come.

Stay away from the Shellmounds big or small.

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