Most of us have our favorite Chinese or Japanese Herbal store. Herbs have served humans for thousands of years for all sorts of ailments. Favorite of mine are the teas and the herbs that address some unique ailment.

When I was young I was fortunate to understand another medicinal science known to the world as Ayurvedic Medicine. The doctors that practice this medical field are well versed with thousands of prescriptions and a keen sense of the pulse and body signs.

I am aware of some doctors that practice this medicinal science in the United States and some of the best are here in the Bay Area.

At Han Hing Herbs Company there are a couple of doctors that practice Chinese Herbal Medicine. I also know of other Chinese Herbal Medical Doctors from other parts of San Francisco. Some speak good English and so I can share my experiences and also ask pertinent questions.

It is nice to have a rapport with some of these Chinese Herbal Medical Doctors. It is nice to have a good relation with the staff that prepares the herbal portions that the Chinese Herbal Doctor writes down. The prescriptions written in Chinese always fascinate me.

I will watch the Staff that work go here, there, in the store and bring the various herbs. There are portions of stuff that will take pages to describe but to me this is interesting. Chinese herbs and the practice of acupuncture and other healing methods go back thousands of years.

Han Hing Herbs Company attracts so many from all over San Francisco. It is fun to see the Buddhist monks visit the store from time to time. I wait till they come out and then talk to them.

Every morning I pass by the Han Hing Herbs Company - and stop and say, " Good Morning " to Sergio Lee and if I do not see him his wife Helena Lee. Han Hing Herbs Company is an asset to San Bruno and San Francisco.


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