Two hundred years ago there were many folks from Mexico and other Latin American countries in San Francisco and the surrounding area. There were French, Russians, English and others too. There was no hue and cry about the immigration status. There was no need for papers especially that kind that divides and brings about divisiveness.

More then half of those that cry today against the immigrants that work so hard and just want a decent life - their ancestors most probably came here to the United States and then to the West Coast - illegally on some boat, sneaked across the border smuggled themselves because of opportunities.

So, it is quite preposterous for some bastards to just tell the immigrants who are here without any papers that you can wipe your ass with - to go home. Screw that.

Now, the Muwekma Ohlone had their papers given by the United States Government and the Bureau of Indian Affairs and one L.A. Dorington chose illegally to remove the Muwekma Ohlone from the Federal Register. Now, this is a fact that those that make stupid noises could reflect upon.

There is only one entity - Nobel and Deserving that can make any statement as to who can come here, stay and who can go there. That is the Muwekma Ohlone is San Francisco and the surrounding area where they bear patrimonial jurisdiction. The rest with their laws and no laws should shut up and face reality.

For sure, it is totally uncalled for to deport adults and let the children face trails and tribulations without their parents. We call ourselves a civilized Nation and yet it is disgusting how some groups of vigilantes discuss and comment about immigrants - those that come to work hard and seek opportunities. Many from the Latin American countries do not want to stay here forever they want to go home. Back to the pastures, hills, rivers, churches, villages, and memories, to them we wish them well and we will support them.

Some of us in our ignorance have forgotten the rape of Latin American countries. One has just to read the various foreign policies and the role of the Central Intelligence Agency in running the economies of so many Latin American countries and propping up dictators, raping their wealth, propagating the evil will of this Nation.

Here is California 18 treaties were signed between the First People the American Indian and the Gringos. None of them were ratified. Think about that the law that should be fair under the constitution of this Nation.

Up until 1924 edicts were sent by the Governors of California to kill Native American and their scalps fetched a measly five dollars. Those that shout with their evil mouths - should think about these atrocities committed on unarmed and innocent children, women, and men.

Read the Human Rights declaration by the United Nation of the First People and Immigrants. Visit the Statue of Liberty and read the words that welcome those to these shores.

The immigrants with or without papers are welcomed to this land of the Ohlone. And I am sure the other tribes will reflect on what I have written and agree with me. In the context of good will, hard work, decent labor, good intention, given the opportunities to do good - the immigrant now targeted by ICE and those with cold hearts - are welcome.

Of course the fight will go on and the TRUTH always wins. Trials and tribulations go with a good fight and history has always proved that those with good hearts have the SPIRIT on their side.

Mother Earth favors simple immigrants that toil the Earth and we know many filthy rich folks enjoy at their expense. Given the opportunity the First People would favor the keeping of the immigrants. Indian Tribes today in the year 2007 are fighting for their rights that they have enjoyed for thousands of years. The White Men has laws contradictory in every way and there is no justice in that model - if you have money and connection what is blue is yellow.

Let the immigrants stay with or without papers. Let those that stay respect all human beings and Mother Earth. Let the children of the immigrants be nourished and loved by their parents. Let Mother Earth deem fit who should toil this Earth. To those that were here first for thousands of years - established and practicing the unwritten laws of the Great Spirit is given more - power and all for all eternity.

For thousands of years all was good no Climate Change and Global Warming - then came the greedy mongers and just like that in two hundred years - thousands of years of good - the great redwood, the buffalo, the elk, the salmon, the goodness of Medicine Lake, the mountains and the lakes, the frogs and the bees, one of kind native plants, the pristine air, the clean watershed - were all polluted and destroyed.

If this kind could do much damage imagine how evil their hearts are.

Today, we are not far from the destruction of what was given to us as keepers for our children. Study the ways of the immigrants - poor yet rich in spirit, some money yet generosity in their hearts, prayer and spirituality comes first, respect for the elders and family life. They care for the Earth and work hard for their living and opportunities to help those they have left behind in the home land.

In California once live those that bear the names of our Cities and town. With some gold, forked tongue, dynamite and arms - the land was taken and laws broken that today have not been ratified.

Now, turn to those with the evil mouth uttering vulgarities about the immigrants. Their kind has no place in hell. Check it out for yourself - they tried to take me on and failed. I am for the poor and the immigrants. I am for those that are simple and have genuine love in their hearts. I am for the simple villager and innocent child, woman and man that seek good opportunities and respect Mother Earth. Aho.

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