We all remember the days when we heard about the slogan shock and awe and the grandiose plan to steal oil and teach the so called terrorists in Iraq a lesson. Bring Sadam Hussein to his knees and offer Iraqis that hate our guts democracy on a platter. No detail thought went into this drab execution and most of all there was no exit plan.

In the bargain the Nation and especially those that favored the war and still do have blood on their hands continue to make hay while the sun shines. 9/11 pointed clearly to Saudi Arabia and we could have gone there and bombed the living hell out of this nation. But no, the Bushes are in bed with the Saudis and do that would be anathema. We had no right to go to Iraq - just like it would be folly to bomb Saudi Arabia.

We chose to go to Iraq and messed up everything for all the wrong reasons. The most important lesson to learn forever is never going to war without thinking every detail. The first factor the Nation must weigh in the future is Vietnam and now Iraq. In both cases we did not have an exit formula. In both cases we did injustice to the populace.

I was part of Desert Storm and Shield and thank God that war got over within a month. The lessons we learned there were short lived. Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco that did most of the logistics was deactivated soon after this short war. We down sized our Army and thought we had it under control only to be reminded of our hasty miscalculations and unpreparedness for any serious eventuality.

Today, we have put the burden on our service women and men and we must compensate them in large measure. We hear a lot about the discrepancies at Walter Reed Hospital, lack of caring and help, families put in harms way, our service women and men sent from one station to the other without help, red tape that this Nation should be ashamed of, families torn apart - while all the time our service men and women suffer acute trauma. This is wrong and this stupid President better right it with increased compensation to our service women and men. Iraq is the land of Abraham the Father of all Nations. Iraq is a civilized nation and our nation in the most uncivilized terms of brutality and bombing inflicted harm on Iraq without any justification. Where are the Weapons of Destruction and who will pay for the lies? Even Hitler did better in World War II when it came to justification. Research the facts and one to one this Nation will fail - especially since we now have state of the art technology and at the ability to discern and act with sound intelligence gathering mechanisms.

We pride ourselves bombing the living hell of our enemy. But, we have failed to understand international and human communication. We think we are Number One and may be in some of our minds we are - the rest of the world laughs at us.

Spiritually we are bankrupt and that is the cause of all this confusion. This Christian Nation with growing non-Christians in the fray should never engage a far of Nation in war. War is no solution not with all the weapons of destruction we have in our arsenal. We must stop pointing our fingers at others and look to the Native Americans for guidance.

This Nation the United States of America is the only Nation that incarcerates millions without due justice. So many minorities linger in our jails. Today this Nation has made secret arrangements to permit jail mates to fight for our Nation and unshackle themselves from their jail terms to engage in an unjust war aboard in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This Nation the United States of America is the only nation in the world to put the Native Americans on Reservations - the indigenous people of the United States of America - where is the Unity and the Sensitivity?

This is a crying shame. We learned a lot about our present democracy from the Native Americans. The Iroquois Confederacy practiced Democracy before our fledging Nation for thousands of years - yet few of us will admit that fact.

Our Founding Fathers took a lot of the language and principles from the Six Nations - the Iroquois Confederacy and incorporated it into our Constitution. Today, we want to import democracy to Iraq while at home we have failed the Native Americans and more our Great Nation. Closer to home we have failed the Muwekma Ohone in California. We talk the talk but we cannot walk the walk.

We cannot talk of war when we do not provide the best to our troops. The stories where we at home have to send stuff including equipment to our troops should shame Congress and our Senators - the White House and all those lying policy makers.

Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield have blood on their hands and the sooner we bring these two rascals before the Court of Law the better. Middle America has chosen to listen to the lies and Middle America should pay the price.

The trillions of dollars the Iraq War is costing us could have helped our Senior Citizens and those that need help most - most tax paying citizens. This Nation could have spent the money on Health, Safety, and Education. We could have built our aging Infrastructure and address our Communication System. We could have done much but who is to say - when we permit liar to take us places and bring our downfall.

There are hundreds of cities and towns that have no money while we keep bleeding the economy of this Great Nation.

We have a White House that is in limbo - spending so much money on borrowed money and with far reaching harmful consequences to the American People.

The Iraqi people are fed up with this Nation. The people of Iraq in large measure have no place that is safe. Most of Iraq lacks clean drinking water. There is practically no steady electricity. Education facilities are constantly bombed or targeted and children try to learn with constant fear of the unknown. How have we benefited Iraq all these years?

Practically every child living in Iraq has seen death in very close proximity. The blood, crying, wailing, and pain are too much to bear. We must remember the children of Iraq have been harmed by our Nation. We have blood on our hands and that includes the White House and especially President George Bush Jr.

This Nation has adversely impacted thousands in Iraq in large measure. Islam is a beloved faith that has embraced all faiths if some of the educated care to read and know about Islam and its impact all over this world. Islam embraced all philosophies during the reign of Akbar the Great reminiscent of the Taj Mahal and intellectuals from all over the then known world. The same in Spain and before that in Egypt and in a hundred other well known cities throughout history and civilization.

Christianity and genuine Christians can learn a lot from Islam. President George Bush Jr. is confused jumping from one Christian denomination to the other - trying to grope with his own fears and faith while jeopardizing the lives of millions all over this world.

President George Bush Jr. and with him as the head the Republican Party has seen fit in many quarters to pity one religion against the other, pretending to be the party of the rich and with my shit does not stink attitude - has brought deep decisiveness and divided our Nation.

Iraq has never being an island to itself. Once it was large and expanded as an Empire. The ruler of Kuwait the ruler of Syria, the King of Jordon, and the dictator in Iran and beyond know this. The King of Saudi Arabia fully understands the role of the Sunnis and fears the hidden atrocities meted out through devious ploys on the Shiites.

We have no business interfering in Afghanistan and backed a Jihad when the Russian invaded Afghanistan that has come to bite us in our butt. We have no business over throwing so many governments in Latin America and elsewhere - because what goes around comes around. Some of our so called stupid leaders at the White House have led us down the path where money and greed have been used as decoys.

A true Christian shuns war and embraces everyone. There is no one word or sentence in any well researched theological document that encourages the killing, maiming, destroying of life and property, bombing the living hell of human beings and habitat in any Christian teaching. True followers of Islam from the days of the Crusaders and before and after know that Allah bestows blessings in good deeds, fasting and prayers. There is no Islamic theological document that endorses jihad - killing for the sake of killing.

Our Religious Leaders at the very top have failed us and God will not allow turning away from the TRUTH to go unpunished.

There has been a lot of talk and President George Bush Jr. believes that God talks to him and has led him to take this Nation to war. He believes he is the Commander-in-Chief and has not served this Nation's military honorably. His father the Senior George Bush may have.

It is a disgrace to humanity to see the way we permitted to taunt and hanged Sadam Hussein. I do not approve his actions when he was the President but two wrongs do not make a right.

The White House today is crumbling with lies and ploys that continue to take the citizens of this Nation for a ride. The least we can expect from our leaders and policy makers is the Truth. The Truth will free us but not until we have realized that war, killing, maiming, bombing, lying, stealing, defrauding, incarcerating, depriving, discriminating, shunning, and a whole host of ploys shared by the devil is not becoming of this Great Nation. Aho.

To the First People to whom this land belongs I say the Great Spirit predicted the coming of those with forked tongues. The prophecies of the Hopi and other Sacred Teaching are there for us all to understand the ways of some folks that embrace materialism, greed, and evil concepts. Climate Change and Global Warming stem from greed.

This Earth, all of it was given to us to take care of and hand it better to the next generation. How can we bomb Mother Earth pretending that we are killing human beings and not affecting the land, the water, the earth and life in general? Where is the logic and where is the humanity?

The thieves that stole this land and who today have not put back hundreds of tribes on the Federal Register think nothing about decency, truth and justice - they look you straight in the EYE and LIE. The laws of this land and those that control it favor money and clout. The moral conscience of this Nation is in limbo. We use the Media to Spin and tell lies and these lies repeated become fake facts.

We owe the Iraqi children and women an apology.

We must go on our knees and beg for forgiveness. This Nation the United States invaded Iraq. There is no Court in this Nation or in the World given the facts that will state in very clear terms that the United States has any right to bomb, kill, and destroy the civility in Iraq.

After all these years Iraq is worse off then it was under Sadam Hussein in general. True some have found freedom but what is rampant is license - anyone can kill anyone and there are no laws that govern normalcy.

Our service women and men are confused. More they fear that serving their Nation is not in the best interest of humanity and that their family members will have to deal with the scars from their service and if hurt or maimed the reality of the truth every single day of their living lives.

My past military experience has permitted me to see deeper then most lay folks do. The military - so called experts have no solution linked to Iraq. They are playing by the fake book and are really demoralized. The shock and awe has bitten them in the butt once too many times.

Where are the journalist embedded in the ranks as the war stories were revealed with half-truths? Today, not one single journalist can move around freely. So much, for telling the truth and being sincere to this Nation and to the tax payers. The journalist use paid story tellers and from such reports try to fabricate some drab stories so that we read them and the jerks think we are fooled by their fibs.

What goes around comes around. The harm done to Iraq and the land of the Father of all Nations will leave a scar on this Nation's conscience for all eternity. Let the truth be told in all detail and let us face the consequences because we asked for it. We owe the world an apology.

The present White House has failed this Nation and the sooner we do something about Rice, Bush, Cheney and host of other crooks the better.


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