It has been a long time since this plan visit was but a dream - then suddenly I made up my mind and before you knew it armed with my visa I was in Melbourne, Australia. In the land down under and a sunlight that is unique and reminds me of Kenya..

Melbourne and San Francisco are sister cities. They also share a lot - the tram cars, the beach, the climate, nice friendly people, good food, universities, a couple of nice historic building, stadiums - but I was there to visit my family.

My mother was happy to see me after so many years. It is as if the lost son has arrived so the fatted lamb has to be served and the family watches every move and with it the changes from lost years - but this was a reunion and that was paramount to the gathered family..

I have three sisters all living in Melbourne, a niece who is also my god child, a brother in law, and too many cousins to mention. As often happens every one wants to have your attention and be with you. If I would allow that to happen my trip here down under would be more hectic then the state of affairs I handle daily in San Francisco.

So far I have tried to pace my activities and my visits to the Aquarium, the Victoria Market; a drive through the various neighborhoods has been entertaining and refreshing. In days to come I will see more I know.

Melbourne does not have a thriving Financial District, the China Town, the Golden Gate Bridge, the many varied and plenty of ethnic restaurants we have in San Francisco - but it has sufficient to make anyone well versed with ethnic cuisines dabble and enjoy oneself. There is a significant Greek, Italian, Sudanese, Turk, and of course the Aussies that refer to those not of their ilk as wogs.

I have not got over the jet lag over here it takes a while to bring you back to normal. I still get up early at 4 a.m. Australian time when most of my family are fast asleep. I love the leisure time I have to spend as compared to the hectic meetings and events that I encountered daily in San Francisco.

I have the internet that my sister Eualalia has made available to me and my niece Jacqueline defers to my needs. I love my sisters Dora, Eualalia, Ann, my niece and god child Jacqueline and my brother in law Raymond. Of course the matriarch of the family is Alice Da Costa my mother.


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