The Bayview Hunters Point has always played an important role in the making and history of San Francisco known once not long ago as Yerba Buena.

The Ohlone lived in and around Bayview Hunters Point which not long ago was known as South San Francisco.

Chinese fishermen made a good living when herring and other types of fish were in plenty - here in the Bayview. You may not believe it but once there was a Race Course in the Bayview.

Not long ago there were wind mills and three, four, five, and seven miles stops where stage coaches and others could stay a while, rest a while and proceed.

Once in the Bayview Hunters Point there were many farm lands and there were always industries from the early 1920 to the present time.

Some may not believe it but the shipwrights along Innes Street and near by areas built some of the best sail ships that to this day are hailed by many all over the world.

The Navy in the early 1940s took over thousands of acres of land to keep afloat the War Effort and attract many poor Blacks mostly from the South to help the War Effort. Blacks came in the thousands to work at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. These Blacks were not sell outs.

For years Blacks could not live in houses and lived in trailers and other make shift tents in the Bayview. It was only in the 1950s that Blacks could afford to buy a home and live all over the Bayview Hunters Point.

Even as the Maltese, French, German, other European nationalities made a good living and were free - Asians and African Americans were discriminated against. They share a common history and could unite. So should the Hispanics and others that are not kindly looked upon by the Racists. The Native Americans were killed and up until 1924. It was fine to kill any Native American and you could even fetch $5 for a scalp. This atrocity was accepted even as the present day atrocities are accepted when our children mostly minorities are accepted by those that cannot comprehend the affects of pollution by such scum bags as Lennar.

In days past there was a genocide that most do not want to talk about. Today the genocide is subtle but all the same genocide that we must pay attention to in the Bayview.

Making it even worse Black the likes of Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, Sophie Maxwell, Willie B. Kennedy, Angelo King, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Dwayne Jones, other too many to mention. Some jail birds and ruling thugs of yesterday but scum bags today of the worst order - living every day as parasite by selling out the community.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) headed by Marcia Rosen has failed the constituents of San Francisco. Once great harm was done to many Blacks and others in the Fillmore and now the Bayview is in line to suffer at the hands of the evil SFRA and with the help of the Citizens Advisory Committee, the Project Area Committee, and the mostly Black sell outs who until now have not seen the light of day.

One would have thought that slavery and the trials and tribulations would have made the Blacks united to at least save our children and fight the monstrosities of evil corporations like Lennar BVHP LLC.

One would have thought other Black leaders that belong to some National Organization such as the NAACP would have thought this out thoroughly and sided with innocent children and against blatant pollution and adverse impacts by such authorities as the San Francisco Health Department?

Not so in 2007 - some Black leaders who profess to acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have stabbed us all in the back and what is more done everything in their power to harm our children. Such vermin should be adjudicated by the people, shunned, and left to their own to reflect on their evil decisions and love for greed and money. I have said it before and I will say again this City and County of San Francisco is a Racist City. With Mayor Gavin Newsom at the helm of affairs - the Bayview Hunters Point has been targeted to be controlled by scum bags the likes of Marcia Rosen, Jessie Blout, Drs. Mitch Katz and Rajiv Bhatia, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Sophie Maxwell, and others who are in bed with Lennar BVHP LLC.

The Bayview Hunters Point is now on a war path with the forces of evil.

Please do not underestimate the power of the people. The SF Health Department and the SF Health Commission have chosen to fight the people. We went to them with facts and what we hear is that powerful crooks are behind the scene and they just cannot make this Lennar fiasco go away.

In the year 2007 the Bayview Hunters Point will stand strong. We saw the Oakdale Injunction come and go. We are waiting for more injunctions. We have seen sufficient to know what is coming our way.

We saw the power play with far reaching consequences with Rick Bruce forced to retire and Gregory Suhr take a post with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission as a Safety Specialist. We have seen it all. Including the Mayor's Office trying to make it good by giving a raise to the Police Officers but not in a decent manner and without meaningful dialog. Encouraging the Communities of Opportunity (COO) a failed organization from its inception. If the seed is tainted and bad how can the tree grow to produce good fruit?

This City has no Epidemiologist, has no plan against any major disaster, and has no leadership of any proven worth. We can waste millions to bring the 49ers to the Bayview Hunters Point to play 10 measly games but this City cannot blood test our children that are dying. What does this say about our City?

In the year 2007 against all odds the people have spoken and before you know it - this City will remember the riots of 1960s. The people are united and the forces of evil and that include our City leaders most of them are on the run. The reason is very simple they are Spiritually Bankrupt. History will be made on July 9, 2007 at City Hall before the Land Use committee where the Chair of the Land Use will be exposed for all her worth. Her name is Sophie Maxwell and she has been used like a rag and a whore. Money and greed has gotten to her and she has sold out her people.

Surrounded and advised by folks that at not Black this evil woman has lost her wit and her senses. You see evil written all over her ugly face and we have cowards supporting her - many Board of Supervisors that have skeletons in their closets and one or two of them perverts are in bed with her. Time will tell.

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