There is a buzz all over this City and County of San Francisco. This web site has been the talk of the town just because the TRUTH has been told. Some evil sell outs Blacks and other exposed for what they are.

Black pastors such as Aurelious Walker have been declared leaders of the Bayview Hunters Point without any meaningful dialog in the community. No one gave any permission to Aurelious Walker to represent the people. The world knows that Aurelious Walker a man of the collar has taken blood money from Lennar BVHP LLC.

It is a shame that some Black leaders could not think better when it came to taking money from Lennar BVHP LLC. As I said before we have the names of all those on the pay roll and will not hesitate to reveal all the names - if that is really warranted to make a point.

Money they say is the root of all evil. But in the case of the Bayview Hunters Point some Black leaders have just realized they have slept with the devil again and again and again. The reason being they have never been sincere with themselves - they have lost all respect for themselves and so have over the years sold out the community for some little blood money and with it their souls.

At the last Land Use meeting one Nigerian woman, very despicable decided of all the places to sit behind me and begun making some unfavorable comments. She made the advances not me. I had to silence her and I have it on tape just in case she wants to run her mouth and spread the lies that are embedded in her DNA.

As I said many times, some Black men of cloth have done the Bayview Hunters Point the most damage. These scum bags have not studied the Bible and have immersed themselves in the cesspool of lies, betrayal, accepting money left, right and center, immersed in mundane stuff, doing the devil's work, and most of all denial of the truth. They are so call shepherds that have NOT been good to their flocks. Black newspapers such as the Reporter have chosen not to do investigative reporting and have failed to expose these scum bags. They prefer to portray these so called middle class Blacks at some mundane dinner or lunch, overly dressed and with grins of their faces. You never see these so called rich middle class Blacks, overly dressed, grinning involved with the welfare of poor Black children at Middle Point, Kiska Road, Oakdale Avenue or the many projects where most of their Black relatives live.

Some so called middle class Blacks think once they make some money and move far away they are some what better and tend to look down on those less unfortunate. I have met such vermin and many of them work for Lennar BVHP LLC. And that includes Luster with Robert and Laura doing this community of Bayview Hunters Point great disservice.

Lennar BVHP LLC is the worst Real Estate Developer in the Nation. It is amazing how ONLY so many Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point chose to work with this evil company. Boyd, Linda Richardson, Aurelious Walker, was mentioned by the Lennar Public Relations man as chosen leaders of the Bayview Hunters Point. This statement is a lie and will come to bite each one of the individuals in the butt.

I can understand working for a company to do good for the community. But, it has been years and we have said it too many times - you are sell outs and you do not listen. Including in this list, thugs of yester years who think we are NOT watching them. Enough is enough and no matter what you scum bags think you have done wrong and have too much blood on our hands. Our children are dying and you are to blame.

What makes these scum bags think they can speak on behalf of everyone and what makes them think they will not be taken to task in a democratic way and exposed for all the evil they have done behind close doors to the community at large. That includes Sophenia Maxwell. The time of recall is now and the third time will be a charm. There is only so much damage you fools can do. You cannot fool all the people all the time - and so your day has arrived and it is time you fess up as they say or forever hold your truth. This community will NOT tolerate crooks especially when we name them - complete with all the wrong they have done to the community that has already suffered too, too much.

These scum bags have not read Article 31 of the San Francisco Health Code. Have not participated in the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A. A legal document and I would know if I saw their asses and their black faces. These sell outs jack asses have no clue about the Precautionary Principle. Have not read the Final Historical Radiological Report linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Have no clue about Cumulative Pollution.

A few days ago there was a reading of over 41,000 structures of Asbestos per cubic meter and not much of a stop work on Parcel A. Imagine the pollution when the other parcels are developed and how Parcel A will be covered with the worst type of pollution.

Fundamentally, we have some Black who have immersed themselves with greed and money and have forgotten their roots. Others, thugs think no end to themselves - one has just to listen to their remarks again and again. Often times they will say that Lennar is about jobs — well the truth be known Lennar BVHP LLC is about DEATH.

On Tuesday, July 17, 2007 there was a demonstration at the Main Gate at Hunters Point by the Lennar Trailer. Out came the Lennar Public Relation person making false statements and proving once again how vicious Lennar is and how bold for them to make statements that are completely false.

Well, the truth be known — we, the people will drive Lennar BVHP LLC out of this community. And of course we will be singing and remember the SINGER and his false words. Enough is enough.

Lennar is fail at Hunters Point and Lennar will fail at Treasure Island. Lennar has fallen flat on its evil face and the SINGER and other singers will not be able to revive the dead jack ass. You have done yourself in and you can sing the blues and repent for the rest of your evil lives. Money cannot buy TRUTH.

Mayor Gavin Newsom, Jessie Blout, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Mitch Katz, Amy Brownell, Kofi Bonner the weasel, others too many to name know that they are up against a very strong opposition. This time God is on our side so if the forces of evil want to challenge us - let us state to all you scum bags - your days are numbered.

The best thing you scum bags can do is leave town including those that have harmed the community and live in the Bayview Hunters Point. We will take this matter to the highest court and we will win.

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