BMagic IN THE HOUSE (8/25/07)

Jeff Adachi the Public Defender who should stay close to my side especially these days when Injunctions and Petty Missiles are thrown at one that may or may not be side of the political tracks that are corrupt, so more under this administration.

BMagic was formed in the year 2004 and this site was there to support BMagic much before any of the Community Based Organizations supported the concept and the folks behind it. We do that when we consider after much deliberation - family.

More then twenty percent of the youth live in the Southeast Sector. And many of the youth are not well to do - so when the Public Defender does what he can to support the youth - we say right on Brothers and Sisters. Bayview Hunters Point can do with BMagic and others that can help our youth.

For years we have been writing and speaking about the California Juvenile System and we are glad the Terminator has seen it fit to bring an end to that system and transfer incarcerated youth to closer home.

I did see the current head of the SF Juvenile, Sifferman and his side-kick Allen Nance last year - doing well with water melons but they were missing this year. I suppose they are busy waiting for the youth in the other systems to join their brand new facilities and I hope their sojourn is for a short while. I also hope the guys from the Windy City have adapted to the Foggy City. We surely do things different here but may not have the hot dogs found in and around Chicago.

I have attended the BMagic meetings and have heard the suggestions and statements made. I cannot attend the meeting on a regular basis because on Tuesdays I am at City Hall attending the Board of Supervisors' Meeting, the SF Public Utilities Commission meeting, other meetings like the SF Unified School District meeting. All very important and linked to the work I do.

BMagic stands for Bayview Hunters Point Mobilization for Adolescent Growth in our Communities. And prides itself that it is more then an organization but aims at mobilizing the community around children and families.

I hope they count me as one of their ardent supporters. One thing I do look at is their annual resource guide and it does mention Environmental Justice Advocacy, the organization I founded, nurture, and I am very proud of. EJA has taken a stand for environmental issues locally, Nationally and Internationally. EJA has worked with you all over this world and supports youth programs when it affiliates with such youth and their organizations.

BMagic, mostly thorough Jeff Adachi has been very good to the Bayview Hunters Point community. He has been extra good to our youth. Some how he understands the dynamics and especially the youth that belong to homes where there is no father.

Our community, in the Bayview Hunters Point has contributed to the world and that is good. How ever today our community is suffering from gentrification and the bombardment of the most toxic dust and asbestos structures. A large development has come in and messed our community.

So, when I saw Nsoah Chionesu from Health and Environmental Resource Center (HERC) talk about Asthma, I challenged him to contact me so that I can take him to one or two affected areas and reveal to him the plight of our children and Elders.

In fact HERC is now at 828 Innes Avenue the ground zero of Asbestos Bombardment. So, let me see how my new contact to the sudden awareness - reacts when if ever he contacts me. I have work for him and his organization that gets money from Nancy Pelosi and others.

I could not spend too much time but as you view the photographs you will notice I did meet and talk to those that not only talk the talk but walk the walk. In our community very sad to say many Community Based Organizations love to talk the talk.

If a million dollars were given to the Nation of Islam they would do good work. Every single student that graduates from the Muhammad University up on 195 Kiska Road - goes on to college. Very nice. Also, the students are very well behaved, well dressed, and talk to you as good students should. Kudos to Minister Christopher Muhammad and Dean Leon Muhammad.

Ideally, BMagic should be working with schools in the Bayview Hunters Point on a long term basis. We have issues and one of them is health. Poor health affects attendance in schools. Poor attendance attracts trouble and trouble attracts the attention of the Public Defender.

I know how it feels when a mother and father find out that their daughter or son is in trouble. I get those calls and I have to do what it takes to make good stuff happen. I reserve the very serious cases to Jeff Adachi with an e-mail, followed by a telephone call. How ever mostly I deal with the issues myself as I do have contacts that do come to the assistance of our youth.

I saw the Brothers from the Community Response Network. I talk to them and ask them what is happening at ground zero. They are in the mix and so they feel the pulse and can report to me who is chillin and who is not. I am cool with that.

I am not cool with the killing and the Black on Black killing - this nonsense must stop. Killing youth and thinking that is cool is something deplorable and the Black Pastors that have been raking in money on the side on Real Estate deals - must walk the streets and bring about peace.

If God is on your side - no one should fear anyone. But no one wants to mention God and no one really loves to pray and think about spirituality. This is made all the more difficult when Mayor Gavin Newsom has no Moral Compass - doing this, that, and what not with his best friend's wife. And you know what stops you droopin when you see this fella? And you that play hoops and hoopla with him should be ashamed of yourselves. Let me keep it real USOS this man is something else.

I did see Pastor Aurelious Walker at the event and he did say hi to me even as Theresa Nauer, a youth offered me Samoan welcome kiss. I chose the kiss and I hope the Pastor understands - youth come first.

I recently visited Melborne, Australia sister city to San Francisco. I tell you one thing the general health and facilities given to youth there is great. Our San Francisco Department of Health has a one Billion dollar budget but does not invest in our children. We must visit the goons that run this hospital and demand our share of the pie. Demand time in now and for too long, have too many, slept and forgotten what is really due them.

You may be shocked to know the people from the Bayview Hunters Point built the newer wings of the San Francisco General Hospital. Talk to the Elders and they will tell you the truth. Call Espanola Jackson or Shirley Jones and they will vouch for my statement.

I did not see - not one single City Official - oh, I am sorry they all are on vacation. Some one should have been there on the Bayview/KC Playground. Let me tell you watch out for these very corrupt City Officials that really do not care for the youth. Remember, twenty five percent of the youth in the City of San Francisco live in the Southeast Sector.

I took a photograph with Jeff Adachi. As the years go by I really cannot spent too much time chllin - time is of essence, especially since I am not paid and have been dealing with some major issues. I do try to make it to some events and did go out of my way to spend a few hours at the BMagic event - I did not even say hi to Yvette Mari Robles, some one I enjoy talking too.

All the best to BMagic to Jeff Adachi and his family, to all the stakeholders, May God bless you all for all your sincere work. To our youth I say support that which nurtures you and do pray for all youth that you all may contribute to society the best that is in you.


Here are some photographs that I took and I hope they reflect the event and bring back some cool memories:


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