The Bayview Hunters Point has been declared by some crooks to be a Project Area without any meaningful dialog with the Samoans, the Asians, the Latinos, the decent African American, the Whites - in fact those most interested in the Bayview Hunters Point have been kept out of the equation.

Over 33,200 signatures were collected to send a message to San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) to have a meaningful dialog with the community. The matter is in Court and no one including the SF Planning Commission is NOT paying attention.

Suddenly, out the blues comes the dumb, inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Sophie Maxwell. She has a plan to rezone and set certain areas designated as Production, Distribution, and Repair (PDR). An Acronym not understood by any Planning in no part of the civilized world.

The gimmick for this rezoning is simple - invite, polluting companies such as Bio-tech - just those that deal with chemicals and other such toxic spewing projects that the crooks deem fit not to fit in with the rest of the bio-tech companies in Mission Bay.

Nothing good comes from Sophie Maxwell a qualified electrician that rumor has cannot set up the lights come Christmas time. But, she has a flare to garner green and has been on the take most making dubious arrangement with Big Developers - raking in blood money.

There is a mandate that an Economic Analysis is mandated when an area so large some 2568 acres directly and indirectly are affected by any development. As much - as I ask the question, those with poor IQ seem not to fathom the need for such an analysis.

Well, Sophie Maxwell has managed to use her evil charms and stolen Jon Lau from the SF Planning and he now works as her office aide. Sophie Maxwell has connived and with one bold stroke won over with a job and money on the side - some one, to do the devil's work.

There is no Environmental Impact Report and as I said no Economic Analysis linked to the Bayview Hunters Point. We do have a paralysis in the Bayview Hunters Point - with no one leader that understands, much.

We have many that talk the talk but few that walk the walk in the Bayview Hunters Point. Fewer still that walk with a moral compass and with an education that can shame the evil works of Sophie Maxwell and her goons.

There was a time when all the land belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone. And never ever in the making and stealing of the land did anyone think of some one like Sophie Maxwell a wicked witch playing with so many machinations would fill her coffers with blood money.

It comes as no surprise the deals made at China and India Basin. Capping some land at the old Schlage Lock Company to build homes on toxic land and with Big Developers who feed Sophie Maxwell. It is always big developers. Is there no one that can see through these evil deeds? Does anyone know who ran Sophie campaign the last time around - and what connections with what cartels?

There were no real leaders to speak up at the October 4, 2007 SF Planning Commission at 1800 Oakdale - and those that pretend to have some understanding - are bent to work up a frenzy to attain a goal or goals without public whetting and with little if no accountability and transparency.

Aurelious Walker accompanied by some thug walked in. Who would dare touch this man and soiled his hands? There were others including Sophie Maxwell speaking to points that made no sense. The SF Planning Commissioner was neither here or there - but I say what about the Economic Analysis?

And 33,200 San Franciscans could not be wrong - but Sophie Maxwell, Aaron Peskin, Dennis Herrera, and Mayor Gavin Newsom think that 33,220 and more cannot stop their evil machinations.

Are we all going to tolerate business as usual with a she wolf in the chicken coop?


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