As long as we have clown like Dr. Mitch Katz floating around and creating problems our health care in San Francisco will continue to be in a mess.

The San Francisco General Hospital has a $1 billion plus budget and every single year - folks like Doctor Mitch Katz fail to provide a health and safety net for the constituents of San Francisco as an important need linked to quality health care for all San Franciscans.

Key people from the San Francisco Health Commission have jumped shipped. One or two were removed without reason. Mayor Gavin Newsom - a Racist Mayor has been working with Mitch Katz to adversely impact all of San Francisco and defying logic.

One has just to evaluate the nonsense that has been going on at Laguna Honda and tie that with the various clinics all over this City that comes under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco General Hospital.

Mitch Katz has no business plan and for sure has no time lines with holistic goals. He does have some drab ideas but there are few in the audience that will challenge him because he can wiggle out of any situation by penalizing those that are vulnerable. In this case hospital workers and many a times patients that are at his mercy and need treatment.

Mitch Katz saw nothing dumping drug addicts among Senior Citizens at Laguna Honda. I went there a couple of years ago and saw a drug addict trying to bully a senior citizen. When I interceded the punk retreated but not before he uttered a hundred expletives. The nurses around were afraid and the management were held hostage to the stupid, dumb, policies of Mitch Katz.

This clown knows little about policy making and he should have resigned a long time ago - but now that he has not - the time has come to force this jackass to resign.

It was Mitch Katz working with another weasel Dr. Rajiv Bhatia that favored the Lennar Corporation and permitted this Rogue Company to poison our children and Elders with Toxic Dust and Asbestos Structures.

The Disposition and Development Agreement stated the policies agreed by Mitch Katz and Lennar - but with intent they did not enforce the policies - adversely impacting our children and elders.

It is the same with the thousands of AIDS victims. Had it not been for the Meals on Wheels Program and other dedicated groups that are given loving care by visiting the patients at home and in home care facilities - most of them would have died a long time ago.

I have been following the home care operations since the early 1980s in San Francisco. I admire the noble work done by many. Many lesbians going out of their way to bring so many AIDS patients back to recovery. Some novel or films must capture these facts - for a lot of sacrifice has gone into many a recovery and healing patient. Other nurses, relatives and friends stepping and doing what is best for the patient or patients to help the patients.

Then of course the significant others of the AID patients that have stood up and made the sacrifice with little help from hospice, hospital, clinic, and other medical resources. All most folks want is a little help and not the stress that seems to come out of certain quarters at the SF General Health Hospital.

What Doctor Mervin Silverman and others stood for when they were at the San Francisco General Hospital - Mitch Katz has on purpose destroyed. This jackass must be let go or the people have to force the jackass to leave town. This man has destroyed the lives of hundreds and no one in their right mind thinks about the pain and sorrow he has caused.

There was a time that the General Hospital in the 60s had but the brick buildings and thousands of patients came and has to wait in line. It was not uncommon for folks and especially Black folks to be given a pill and with some instruction to drink some water - sent packing, after waiting for hours.

The newer San Francisco General Hospital was built by the constituent of the Bayview Hunters Point but no one gives the Bayview Hunters Point constituents any credit. When I mention this fact the listeners think I am lying then the check on the facts - and report to me that they are shocked that the newer wing of the hospital was indeed NOT built by the City and County of San Francisco.

In fact there is a model of the hospital in Texas after which the SF General Hospital was patterned. Once the hospital was built under the auspices of a non-profit organization the SF City and County took the hospital over and the rest is history.

It is time SF Board of Supervisors learn their own history and help the people they represent. For too long have some representatives been in a position where they think they know it all. For too long the Elderly and those that are challenged suffered - just because they are patients and ill.

Doctor Mitch Katz can look at you straight in the eye and lie and this is not right. For too long some after protected this weasel because he can fabricate and tell long stories with a straight face. Put a red ball on his nose and this jerk makes a perfect clown. He has not done much for children - especially the children from the Bayview Hunters Point.

Millions of dollars have been spent to collect data and write reports but the bottom line - nothing much has been done to help San Franciscans as only we can. We have the heart and the attitude that practically no one has in the Nation but, time and again jerks like Doctor Mitch Katz stymie the process and bury good ideas just because he thinks he is right - when he is completely wrong.

Health Report of the Bayview - 2006

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