Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) started over two and half years and is growing stronger each and every day. Guess what - even people around the world are now interested in our Movement.

When we started two and a half years ago - we clearly stated our Movement was a Spiritual Movement - not a religious movement - nothing fanatical about our Movement - but Spiritual.

A Spiritual Movement embraces everyone - so when folks attend our Town Hall meetings held at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church - people are astonished to find Christians united with Christians and other denominations. You will find Samoans, Latinos, Asians, Whites, Blacks, Native Americans - the whole diversity is present and everyone come on their own accord.

Our children are right there with us and they listen to what the Leaders have to say. Now and then they will voice their opinion - some of us make it a point to focus on our youth. I do, given every opportunity to say something - worthwhile.

Lennar is a Rogue Company that came into our community and caused a lot of damage. Notably, it adversely impacted our children and elders when it bombarded the victims with toxic dust laden with heavy metals, radiological elements, dangerous particulates and even large amount of Asbestos structures.

Recently, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) fined Lennar Five hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. (See BAAQMD fines Lennar.) The community thought that given the fact that Lennar was fined for three hundred and eighty days - and the BAAQMD proclaimed they should be fined the maximum - the average totaled at that time was more like thirty eight million dollars.

The fact now remains that there is a legal document that has fined Lennar for five hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. And reading the judgment and the agreement signed - there are provisions for Lennar to be fined more and taken to Court on other counts. Lennar has broken many Federal Laws.

Of course Lennar the Rogue Company that it is - does not want to apologize to the community at large. But, in the interim - Lennar has chosen to sue one of its sub-contractors saying they are to blame because they really were hired to do the monitoring of the dust and asbestos structures.

Lennar is a Rogue Company that chose with intent to bombard and adversely impact our children and elders. We are monitoring Lennar every move - and that too - of the many Black sell outs that are now jumping ship. Proposition G that sold a bunch of rotten goods - promised jobs, parks, and housing. The Black sell outs and the predominantly Black Pastors - do not know what to make of Lennar and its devious ploys. Those on pay roll have nothing - coming.

First came the bankruptcies the many bankruptcies - there was one at Mare Island, Vallejo, California - after ten years of vague promises and nothing to deliver - but a bag of dead worms. Then came Richmond, California - followed by LandSource in Southern California. Then Lennar sold thousands of homes sitting vacant for forty cents on a dollar in Florida.

The recent financial crash involving Lehman, Goldman Sacks, AIG, - other rogue financial institutions have forced Lennar to drown in a cesspool of its own making. Lennar will never, ever succeed at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. I said that many years ago.

Daily about two hundred homes declare fore-closure in California. Thousands have declared fore-closure in California. On an average the price of homes has fallen forty percent - here in California. Right at this time - very few have money to spend - the middle class in hurting - very badly.

Lennar has a rabid ass mentality and thinks that it can build homes and facilities on toxic land prone to liquefaction and that people will enjoy living in the middle of Chernobyl. Lennar is a failure - an utter failure and more so with Kofi Bonner at the helm of affairs.

On every front Lennar is suffering. Lennar went begging for some fifteen million dollars to the State of California - only to be told to take a hike. Lennar has no respect all over the Nation. Lennar is famous for building inferior homes and more homes on toxic land. Lennar is anathema.

Our Spiritual Movement is growing stronger. Daily, decent constituents are joining forces with us - and soon our Movement will march and move to every front we choose. The coming conference on October 24, 2008 will involve California State Legislators who will listen to the community and hopefully lead to a Congressional Hearing.

In this fight every decent person counts. We, in our Movement have no doubt that we will win - we said that from day one. I said it in the hundreds of articles that I would write daily on Indymedia and other internet blogs. We have God on our side so we are not afraid of the many other forces that provoke God.

Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) we defeat Lennar and bring its demise.

Here are some photographs from our latest Town Hall Meeting:


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