All roads led to Sacramento on February 19, 2009 when decent constituents from nine cities boarded buses and drove in their cars to the Capitol. There the speakers articulated issues linked to crime, housing, discrimination and a whole myriad of issues that face mostly poor people.

It has been some months now that some of us have been visiting many Bay Area cities - informing those that are not educated on issues to learn and what is more important act. People have rights that must be exercised.

January 1, 2009 when Oscar Grant was murdered by a Bart Police Officer - we were in a position to address the situation. When some other situation arose linked to Gregory Johnson who was killed. Then the fraternity at San Jose State faked that Gregory mostly likely committed suicide. We were there to help the family and do the investigative reporting.

Sacramento knew we were coming so we did not fear the many Law Enforcement agencies that were prowling around. Complete with SWAT teams on roof tops trying to make some fake assessment - without having any concept what so ever of the situation at hand. The people united were just meeting. What is wrong with that? Perhaps Sacramento is not used to witnessing so many Blacks congregating but what is more articulating.

Those days are over when some in authority were given a pass - no more passes. We the people demand Accountability and Transparency.

The many speakers that addressed the situation facing our community articulated well and we were joined by the Chair of the Black Caucus and the Latino Caucus - both speakers assured us they were on our side. These men represent the Assembly and the Senate members in California as leaders of the caucus.

Earlier that day the California Budget passed after weeks of stalemate. Of course we all know that the Budget will not help those that need help most. Funds set aside for Education and Health will be cut. Taxes will be increased and on the whole those that need help most - will suffer.

The Caravan for Justice is one of many. On our first historical trip everything turned out fine. The weather was great - the buses and the people arrived on time - the speakers excellent. We went inside the Capitol and negotiated on our terms.

Law Enforcement has been alerted by some snitches - you always have these vermin in every community. Some of us spoke to Law Enforcement and I in particular asked them - why were there so many of them and armed? I spoke to one top Security Person who was shocked when I told him about Lennar and how Lennar had wasted $1 billion of CALPERS money. That is the pension fund of the many hard working State of California workers. We were here to defend our rights our women, our children and our elders.

The three strikes law has many innocent people locked up for crimes that are not serious in nature. The present Prison System has been mandated by two Judges to release as many as 58 thousands prisoners all low risk. But, the California Correctional Officers are speaking for the community without permission and say this is a bad idea.

The idea is good - what is bad are the high salaries these scumbags get. These Correction Officers enjoy high salaries and are trained to shoot unarmed prisoners without provocation. These scumbags want to build jails instead of schools. The Prison System is a trillion dollar business. Who says Crime does not pay - Crime and the way Criminal Institutions are run - is a money making system highly priced by certain people with authority and connections.

Thousands of innocent home buyers are losing their homes. Thousands of homes are in foreclosure. Banks will not loan money to those in trouble - in fact they will NOT loan you money - if indeed you have good credit. Right now there is talk to Nationalize many banks - Wells Fargo and Bank of America are some of the candidates spoken about.

This Economic Crisis will bring many leading institutions down. Today the Car Manufacturing Companies are in deep trouble. Companies are laying off thousands and the unemployment line is growing by leaps and bound. It all stems from GREED - some thugs have stolen billions from people who invested in some highly touted investment that turned out to be a PONZI scheme.

These are serious times and there will be riots soon - when innocent folks will NOT have the basic necessities of life. In the interim thugs like Goldman Sacks, AIG, Merrill Lynch is going Scott Free. It is time these scoundrels are put in jail for a long, long time.

Our Caravan for Justice sent shock waves in Sacramento and the Representatives that met us were impressed with our knowledge on issues that they did not fully understand. There is too much money exchange going on in Sacramento - too many crooks lobbying to make money. The common person will not go to Sacramento alone. It is time we go in numbers again and again and again - put things on track.

Our San Francisco Representatives are pussy footing and have been for along time. Wait until I take them on including the inept Tom Ammiano who failed District 9 as a San Francisco Supervisor and now is in the State Assembly. Others that think they can fool - all the people all the time.

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