The time has come for UNITY - unity backed with sound information and knowledge on issues that affect the Black community especially and those of color. Those of us that attended the February 19, 2009 - Caravan For Justice - were proud of the - representation from the community at large.

The last time around Oscar Grant and the related issues were fresh on our mind. We gathered on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento and each and every speaker articulated - well. Oscar Grant and the circumstances surrounding his death were addressed and linked to the issue - on going discrimination and brutality from Law Enforcement in our neighborhoods.

We addressed the failing Three Strikes Law and announced that it was time to STOP the criminalizing of Urban Youth. Proposition 209 has filled the jails with thousands of young men and women - or charges that do not deserve twenty five year plus sentences. What are we doing about this tragedy? Are we helping the families that need help? Who is really addressing this trauma inflicting on thousands of families and friends?

Many of us are fully cognizant of the fact that the Prison Industrial Complex is a trillion dollar business. The Prison Complex is nothing but a modern day Slave Plantation - this time around some evil people put their heads together to do the devilšs work. We must expose the evil folks for what they are.

Our youth incarcerated are fed up with Society pitting youth as good for nothing - while all the time - the youth are not given - opportunities. More prisons are built then good schools. Go figure.

In the Bayview Hunters Point, in Oakland, in and around Martinez and in other places in the extended Bay Area - we have the worst type of toxic hot spots. The Regulatory Agencies are mandated to Protect the people but agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency - has shafted the constituents living in all these areas. We have not been helped by the Health Department and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

We the people will NOT stand by and permit our children to suffer. Our children are suffering from bloody noses, migraine headaches, throats that itch, many cannot sleep and yet are forced daily to live and continue with their lives attending school - living in pain each are every day.

Our Mothers and women suffer from Cancer of the worst kind and die in the thousands. Our children suffer from Respiratory diseases and pass away. The foul air laden with mercury and the worst particulates - enter the lungs and slowly kill our people. At Hunters Point we have to deal with - radiological elements.

Caravan For Justice Two is slated for April 8, 2009. Thousands will gather in Unity and once again Sacramento will be surprised to witness thousands of people of color - stand tall and proud and express themselves as FREE citizens of the United States of America.

Then we will meet with leaders of the Black Caucus, the Latino Caucus, and the Asian Caucus and negotiate. We are not going to Protest we are going to Lobby on our terms.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. We have heard all the drab, empty talk for too long - now we want those that can walk the walk - take a stand and join us on the Caravan to Sacramento. We are calling on the Warriors - women and men - to take a stand and show the world what we truly mean. Who will heed to this clarion - call?

We cannot go to a better place unless we have a moral compass. Each one of us has something good to offer - now is the time - even if it means just standing in Unity and showing your support.

This is a clarion call going to HOODS and those in other places - mark your calendar and join us as sisters and brothers - to stand UNITED in this fight for our survival. Time is running out and we have business to take care of.

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