All over San Francisco Big Developers have been working with the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce and of course corrupt, greedy, Big Rogue Developers to remove certain segments of the population to make way for "gated communities". These ploys and machinations have been reinforced by the drab SF Housing Authority and the SF Redevelopment Agency.

The population representing the "gated communities" will not look like the folks that today live in Public Housing. These jerks will live in market rate housing and berate those that cannot dress, eat, and freaking act as do those that think their shit do not stink. Now it the time to neutralize the forthcoming stink that targets mostly poor people that San Francisco actively seeks to gentrify.

I was at a couple of meetings when those seeking to build high dense buildings let down their guard and began berating the locals from some of the Public Housing sites and I could believe what I was hearing. These jerks, truly have no respect for human beings and if some one does not belong to their dubious class they will do all in their power to steal, rob, destroy, harass, anything and everything to remove large segments of the poor population. This nonsense is called gentrification. It mostly affects people of color. At Hunters View mostly Samoans and Blacks who constitute the majority of the populace will be removed. One has just to witness the numbered of units boarded up. The same will be repeated at Potrero Hill and Sunnydale. Hundreds of innocent folks will be evicted some with cause but many because those that want them out - desire so.

At ground zero Law Enforcement are using Gang Injunctions fostered and initiated by City Attorney Dennis Herrera who should be ashamed of himself. The man thinks he can be the next Mayor of San Francisco and this dictator in the making must be stopped now. If the voters do not send a strong message to this sordid individual with a wrapped mind - all hell will break loose.

Gang Injunctions did not work in Los Angeles where Gang Injunctions first began. Gang Injunctions really have not worked anywhere. Los Angeles Gangs are now all over the Nation controlling a wider turfs and creating much larger problems thanks to the lack of maturity , discernment, ineptness of the City of Los Angeles and their waning Law Enforcement.

San Francisco is unique, not only the demographics, not only our diverse population, the inter-action between say the Mission, the Bayview Hunters Point, China Town, Western Addition on many levels today is more then tight. If some dubious entities, lacking leadership, and filled with GREED want to bring it down - then it is on them. Let the refrain be that the: " the people united cannot be defeated".

San Francisco is a Racist City and it may take the newly appointed George Gascon, the Chief of Police some years to figure that out. This is not Los Angeles and this is not Phoenix, Arizona. This is as many that live here very well know - San Francisco. There is only so much nonsense that we will endure. As one will notice we continue to have killings and shootings. The only change we have seen so far is the lack of drug trafficking in the Tenderloin. Those on the take that permitted such nonsense to go on for too long - will be feeling the pinch. Chief George Gascon will find out sooner then later who the vermin I am referring to are.

Mayor Gavin Newsom, a loser and pathetic leader, lacking a moral compass has no clue how to govern a City - more a City and County such as San Francisco. This Mayor, better known as Mr. Dipstick is in bed with Rogue Developers who have filled his campaign coffers. It does not matter how much money this loser gathers the fact of the matter is that he is a pathetic loser. Newsom thinks and dreams to be the next Governor of California, but he will in the next month or go be forced to throw in the towel and lick his wounds. There is no way a man without sound morals will be accepted to be the next Governor of California. This man has failed San Francisco and is very bad news for California.

San Francisco in recent times has provoked innocent people living in Public Housing fueled by dubious concepts that have been planted by Big, Greedy Developers. The San Francisco Housing Authority and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - both agencies, with a pathetic track record when it comes to serving the constituents of San Francisco and both involved deeply in gentrification.

Chief George Gascon would do well while he is rehabilitating after undergoing a minor operation to fix his knee cap to read the Unfinished Agenda that former President of the SF Police Commission and now Director, of the Human Rights Commission, Theresa Sparks, can furnish him with. Then, Fred Blackwell who is Black and the Director, of the SF Redevelopment Agency can furnish Chief Gascon - the draft of the document in the pipe line - named " Out Migration " linked to the gentrification of African Americans in San Francisco.

Once in San Francisco over twenty five percent of the population was African American. Now that figure is less then five percent and shrinking. African Americans built San Francisco and many Land Marks are named after African Americans. It is not as if African Americans did not contribute to the making of San Francisco. It is sad to see African Americans targeted and removed. To the youth I say, gone are the days when you could just talk the talk and not walk the walk. The time has come to reinvent the strategies in all of the hoods to stall first and then defeat the machinations and ploys of some evil folks that have no compassion. This is the City named after Saint Francis Assisi, well known for his compassion. This City will suffer if with INTENT some in authority will use ploys to convict youth and destroy their lives.

Any City that uses incarceration to send hundreds of our youth to be incarcerated under conditions not fit to house animals. Then, uses Three Strikes and other evil laws to send mostly poor folks to State and Federal jails is plain wrong. I have visited the jails and what I see I do not like. There is a God and if this Nation and this City and County of San Francisco does not want to witness the WRATH of God it better change its way - in a hurry. Injunctions destroy families and ruin the basic and fundamental values linked to humanity.

The Black leadership has sold out the community and I could name some names but it would not help much. It is sad to see the Black Pastors especially those on the take, help the Greed Developers and evil City leaders such as Mr. Dipstick ruin large communities. How many people remember Mr. Dipstick playing Basket Ball at Middle Point? Now, how many have seen this scum bag recently? How what is that you all know about Hunters View and how many of you that use to live in and around Middle Point live there now?

The changes are coming and all this has happened because of the sell outs that have cooperated with Mr. Dipstick and this cronies. The same at Parcel A at Hunters Point and other places and it will get worse. The only saving grace is the present state of the economy, if we had a robust economy, most if not all of those living in Public Housing would be history. Gang Injunctions would be in full force. Some of us fought against Gang Injunctions and will continue to fight, the solution is Community Policing; we have the detail plan read for execution.

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