Rudy Corpuz, Abraham Menor, and Francisco Da Costa took the Amtrak all the way to Fresno. There in Fresno, they were met by a teacher from the Chowchilla Valley Women's Prison, who hosted us at his home. Mr. Paul Adams, his wife and two sons welcomed us and made us feel at home. We thank them.

We left Oakland around 3 pm, November 11, 2009 to arrive in Fresno at 7 pm. The train ride gave us all the time to think what we would do the next day November 12, 2009. We arrived at the Chowchilla Valley Women's Prison early in the morning to address the Women Inmates in their respective classrooms.

This was not the first time we had been to Chowchilla Valley Women's Prison. It was the third time, I was there. Rudy Corpuz and Abraham may have visited the prison more times. We were introduced to the inmates by Paul Adams and before you knew it - the three of us were at work. At various times we showed a video of the work done by Rudy Corpuz in San Francisco - addressing gang violence and helping the youth and others get out of gangs and gang banging.

It is a strange world getting into these class rooms. Being a former teacher - I took a good look at the posters and other educational material displayed in the classes. The materials were outdated and reminded you of the early fifties and sixties. The education books reminded you of a time long passed but what was I to say?

The California Correctional System needs a complete over haul. One of the fundamental areas to be addressed is the fat salaries given to the Correctional Officers who pride themselves that they make fat salaries. It is not uncommon for a Correctional Officer to make over $125,000 and some as high as $175,000 with benefits. Other take $250,000 with over time - galore.

This year the Governor of California affectionately called the TERMINATOR has designs to cut off funding for Drug Rehabilitation and Education. He could not give a rat ass as to what happens to the inmates. And while three Federal Judges have mandated prisons be released because of over crowding, other Safety reasons - the Governor is working with Correctional Officers to keep - the present inmates in and reduce the intake of new prisoners. It all sounds good but I just do not comprehend how the details will be worked.

Incarceration is the new type of "plantations" associated with slavery. Today, in many prisons and the new ones built costing the tax payers millions of dollars - the whole industry is recognized as a trillion dollar industry with Wall Street making money from innocent victims that are given no opportunity on Main Street and the ghettos of which there are many in California. California incarcerates thousands of innocent people and cares little for the innocent. Its Three Strikes Law is a JOKE and must be changed. What is more its author jailed.

Our State Representatives be they Senators and Assembly person from California have failed to address Quality of Life issues. These scumbags with midget brains passed the Three Strikes Law without thinking and addressing the details. Thousands of innocent folks with one strike are in jails having had two strikes added to them - and many are spending over 25 years incarcerated.

It cost over $40,000 to feed and clothe one inmate and the jails are over crowded. Women inmates at Chowchilla are stacked - Eight in a cell that is meant for two or three. Our lazy Representatives do not give a damn and encourage victims to be sent to prison. Senators and Assembly person think nothing to receive BLOOD MONEY from Correctional Officers whose time has come for their wings to be clipped. Reduce their salaries to say $40,000 and all will fall in place. After all, the tax payer pays these salaries - the same should apply to the Senator and Assembly Persons - who grown fat on salaries that come to them easy.

Every time once goes into these places where folks are incarcerated - you hear horror stories. It is not uncommon for thug women inmates to rape other women inmates. For men in authority to take advantage. You hear other stories and they end result is not very pretty.

The paradox stems from the Parole Boards that work closely with the Governor of California and often times inmates that have paid their dues - are kept longer while the Governor who was born in Austria and folks say his father has links with the Nazi s - behaves worse then the Nazis. I know personally of five cases - where, after paying one dues the inmates could be released but some jackasses want to persecute them so that Correction Officers can make more money.

The Chowchilla Valley Women's Jail is the largest in the world having the capacity to house 3000 women inmates, built in 1995 - but the real fact of the matter is, it houses over 4000 thousand. Then there are other jails close by all housing thousands of women and using them like slaves, working the near by farms and producing other things without the inmates being paid fairly for their labor. Using sweat and blood to make the innocent inmates work their asses off while the Correction Officers and the State of California reaps the benefits.

There is KARMA and few see it this way - no wonder the State of California once the sixth largest economy in the world is swimming in the CESSPOOL of its own making. The Senators and Assembly persons talk the take but the bastards cannot pass a Budget on time. Their primitive system encourages two thirds to pass a budget and this takes months over the dead-line each and every year. All the same for their lousy work these skunks are paid and this is a crying shame. I know many of them and I think it is time to call out their names each and every one of them that help the Correctional Officers and feed off the BLOOD MONEY.

How can some one in authority reduce money for Drug Rehabilitation and Education, Health and Quality of Life - when Correctional Officers and the Senators and Assembly Person give themselves a pay raise when they do not deserve a nickel. These rotten folks that purport to know and act should rot in hell. That is what KARMA dictates.

The Wardens live of the fatten cows be in at San Quentin, Folsom, Chowchilla - in most of the Federal and State facilities of Incarceration. I have visited these places and what I see I do not like. The bottom line - changes should have been made many years ago - now, it is too late. Where one inmate should make one's bed - three and four are stacked one on top of the other. They share one toilet, one everything, and Society has no clue about the hardship they endure. What is most disgusting some in Society do not bother, until their loved ones are INCARCERATED and then all HELL breaks loose?

I have been monitoring the various so called experts going places and talking nonsense. Leading the pack one Kang who talks like a jerk without getting his facts straight. Kang is a novice and will never understand the working of any gang, less the Asian Gangs that are monitoring this good for nothing weasel. In life learn not to talk from both sides of your filthy mouth and less if you are a Kang a despised as a weasel in the hood where life - matters.

Anyway you look at the fiasco linked with incarceration and intentional suffering imposed on innocent human beings in all of our California jails especially the ones managed by the lousy State of California - many of them your Mothers, your Sisters, your Relatives, your friends - fall prey to the ploys and machinations, employed "thug", Correctional Officers - one of a kind.

I am not stupid to think all Correctional Officers are mean and evil - but suffice it to say the majority are. Most prey on inmates and enjoy getting the pleasure of playing mind games and exploiting the inmates. Given every single opportunity the evil ones will take advantage of the weak and innocent. I know what I speak of and have been monitoring the sad state of affairs since 1990.

Human beings cannot prey on other human beings for long. One sign is the poor economy that has hit California and there is more to come. Many of those that torture innocent human beings and that includes the Wardens, the Parole Board Members, Representatives that are supposed to represent - will burn in HELL for eternity. They will ask why and the reply will be simple - " when you could have helped your fellow being you helped to prey on them ".

It is sad to see so many Polynesians incarcerated and so few family members visit them. Many Native Americans have no relatives to visit them. Sent here in the early 1950's to California and given a one way ticket. Many did not know what to do. Many resorted to drinking alcohol and taking hard drugs. It was not their fault but today they linger in jails - while the strangers that stole the land - make money using them like chattel.

Few know that as early as 1924 any one could murder a Native American in California and receive $5 for a scalp. Think about that. Then you could steal the land and put a claim and the land was yours. Thieves, murderers, evil folks took from the First People what was theirs - for thousands of years. Today these one of kind jerks make rules that favor - gentrification.

It is this same murderers, rapists, evil folks of a kind that are now using laws to created modern slave facilities- operating them and making trillions of dollars. Human beings that commit crimes that are petty are not meant to be jailed for years - given a disproportionate sentence that does not deserve an innocent person. Animals are treated better in California then incarcerated human beings.

God sees it all and as I said it is already happening. Soon it will be better to be a SKUNK then to be a Correctional Officer. Society is observing and what they see they do not like.

Here are some photographs from our trip to Chowchilla by Amtrak:


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