Senator Leland Yee is a long time good friend and supporter who has supported many causes and projects linked to helping people in San Francisco and beyond. We have been good friends and have worked with his office on projects for the best interests of the constituents that come under his jurisdiction and where I can play a role to bring about fair play and justice.

April 10, 2010 in the Sunset which is in the Avenues in San Francisco - where the fog is ever present and with some added light sprinkle from the heavens - Senator Leland Yee kicked off his campaign for Senator. Senator Leland Yee has the distinction of serving his full two terms in the Assembly and now embarks on his final term in the Senate - throughout his stay in Sacramento he has been a champion for those that need help most - through some quality legislations.

It was not too long ago that we went to Sacramento and his first election to the Assembly was reported on this website. In fact for a long time I would get calls from many sources to enquire about then Assembly Person Leland Yee - pointing to the fact that I had reported on him on his election to the Assembly and so might enlighten them more on the now Senator and then Assembly person. It has been my pleasure to enlighten those reporters and others - because I follow what happens in the Senate, with the Governor, and of course the Assembly.

We have two Assembly persons and both of them are good to the community. We have two Senators and Senator Leland Yee has been a good friend of the community. Not too long ago Senator Leland Yee, Assembly person Tom Ammiano and Fiona Ma signed on the removal of million of tons of toxic soil - much of radiological and contaminated from Parcel E and E2 on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the Bayview Hunters Point area. Some of us went to say thank you today and will in the future support our good friend.

Our Assembly person and Senator must represent the better interest of the community. I have found Senator Leland Yee to do just that. I have access to him, his office, and his aides and when I must contact him - I do. Today, some of us, remembering Senator Leland Yee help - reminded him that "a friend in need is a friend in deed".

There were many politicians at this one of kind Campaign Kick-Off - and many a political speech was made. But, when Senator Leland Yee spoke - it was all ears - Senator Leland Yee stated that he must work for those and fight hard for the poor and those in need. He felt that if he did not do so he could not face his constituents. And rightly so one must pay attention to the constituents - that vote you in - so now most folks know - who to vote for because if they do vote for Senator Leland Yee they can reap some benefits and what is more get quality representation.

I have taken some photographs and would like you all to enjoy them:


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